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From Business Change to Smart Evolution: A Well-Supported Path to the Intelligent Enterprise

“In a world of constant disruption, standing still is never an option.”

The search for new ways to accelerate growth, revolutionize processes and operations, engage an increasingly diverse and digitally oriented workforce, and create experiences that customers truly desire is endless and relentless. And making sense of data and processes has become a significant part of delivering on the brand promise and achieving market-leading competitive advantage.

In the second half of our year-long series, “Together, We Make It Happen,” we explored a wide variety of SAP software offerings, services, tools, and technology platforms that are helping companies all over the world move forward as intelligent, innovative enterprises. No matter their stage, we deliver the services and support our customers need to get moving forward – Because the Best-Run Business Run SAP.

Take, for example, Stara S/A Indústria de Implementos Agrícolas (Stara). By using our enterprise support services as a critical pillar of its continuous growth, the Brazilian agricultural machinery supplier is ensuring that its implementation of cloud-based HR solutions improves data consistency, transparency, and collaboration among its 2,000 employees. More importantly, this initiative is helping Stara to set the stage for feeding a world population that is expected to surpass 9 billion by 2050.

While Stara’s experience may seem unique, it’s one of thousands of transformational stories that we hear from our customers. I invite you to read this entire blog series to discover the opportunities ahead for your business and share them with your colleagues and friends:

1.The Transition to an Intelligent Enterprise: A Journey of Visionary Collaboration, Focus, and Agility

By Nancy Lyons Callahan, Global Vice President of Strategy and Growth, SAP Digital Business Services

With data and intelligence at the center, business models can improve incrementally over time, realizing benefits quickly and reducing the risk of disruption. Each of these digital movers and shakers is what we call an intelligent enterprise.

2. SAP Transformation Navigator: Moving to a Digital Core with Confidence and Visionary Purpose

By Wiebke Thelo, Head of SAP Roadmaps, SAP

While the road forward may be complicated, our customers are finding that a free, self-service tool is making it easier to prepare for their journey to a new digital core, as they ultimately move forward with confidence.

3. SAP Model Company: Expediting a Move to a Digital Core with Less Effort and Greater Intelligence

By Arend Weil, Portfolio Manager, SAP Digital Business Services

By simplifying and accelerating the adoption of SAP S/4HANA, prepackaged, ready-to-use, end-to-end reference-based services allow companies to control and structure their adoption of a digital core and guarantee a wave of positive change.

4. SAP Value Assurance: Securing a Digital Core for Purpose and Profitability

By Margaret Anne McPhee, National Vice President for SAP S/4HANA, SAP

By securing the digital core from which processes and data are necessary to run their business, healthcare organizations can safeguard the heart of what makes them run more effectively while driving out complex challenges.

5. SAP Enterprise Support: Run and Innovate Intelligent Technology with Momentum

By Mohammed M. Ajouz, Senior Vice President and Global Head of Product Support, SAP

A foundational service of collaboration, empowerment, innovation, value realization, and mission-critical support allows organizations worldwide to continuously master change and increase the caliber of their business outcomes.

6. SAP Preferred Success: How HR Realizes the Potential of Intelligent Talent

By Miguel Alfaro, Product Manager of SAP Preferred Success for SAP SuccessFactors Solutions and Business Networks and Applications, SAP

Tapping into a range of communities, enablement activities, best practices, reporting, and training is empowering HR organizations to create a culture of intelligent talent that values continuous upskilling, open-minded digital experimentation, and data-driven operations and insights.

7. How to Find the Most-Promising Investments to Further Your Path Towards an Intelligent Enterprise

By Wassilios Lolas, Vice President, Global Head of Customer Value Experience, SAP

Free of charge for all customers with maintenance from SAP, a personalized report of recommended improvements, innovations, and services is helping organizations optimize the value of their SAP systems, while preparing for a move to the latest technologies.

8. How SAP is Orchestrating Intelligent, Always-On Support for Live Business Growth

By Mohammed M. Ajouz, Senior Vice President and Global Head of Product Support, SAP

With the right resources, expertise, services, and tools, businesses can get ahead of potential problems and resolve issues proactively. And for many SAP customers, the combination of the Next-Generation Support approach and SAP Enterprise Support services is delivering the real-time, always-on care they need.

9. SAP Leonardo Services: Balancing Profit and Purpose with Intelligent Technology

By Maggie Buggie, Senior Vice President and Global Head of SAP Innovation Services, SAP

Representing various sizes, legacies, and industries, many brands are taking on the mantle of social contributor and engager by experimenting with intelligent technologies and answering the “why” behind their innovations to fulfill their purpose profitably.

10. SAP MaxAttention: Solving Complexity with Intelligence

By Silvio Bessa, Senior Vice President of Digital Business Services, Global MaxAttention and Solution Support, SAP

By encompassing 10 focus topics such as innovation services, co-design, architecture planning, analytics, data management, implementation support, and safeguarding, our customers’ front offices have the baseline foundation and momentum to realize their vision of the intelligent enterprise.

11. SAP Preferred Success: The Fast Track to an Intelligent Future

By Christina Hamilton, Global Director for SAP Preferred Success, SAP

A tailored experience is clearing a path to rapid and meaningful adoption, learning, and advanced support of SAP cloud solutions – helping companies intelligently and innovatively optimize resources, deliver new business models, and transform the user experience.

12 SAP Innovation Services: Unlocking Supply Chain Potential with Intelligent Technology

By Maggie Buggie, Senior Vice President and Global Head of SAP Innovation Services, SAP

Regardless of the innovation pathway, it is important to check the feasibility, scalability, desirability, and viability of the solution from the very beginning throughout every step of the innovation journey. This helps ensure companies can bring new ideas to life as scaled implementations and can go beyond the prototyping phase.

Happy Reading. It was a pleasure.

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