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Pump-up the volume

Looking for new ways to accelerate your volume business with SAP Business One Cloud? This article is for you.

With the ongoing growth of SAP Business One on the cloud, more and more partners seek for a way to automate the process of tenant provisioning and avoid manual work.

To answer this need, the ‘Tenant Configurator’ – a service that streamlines the tenant provisioning process in the cloud has been recently released. This service is targeting SAP Business One cloud partners who sell pre-configured solutions, such as:

  • OEM Deals
  • Packaged Solutions
  • Vertical/Micro-vertical solutions


The concept in all these cases is the same – the partner provides the customers a web-based on-boarding process for the cloud environment and although the on-boarding process may vary between partners and solutions, the tenant provisioning part is similar. To save partners the effort of developing this generic part, SAP provides the “Tenant Configurator”, a component that partners can integrate into any on-boarding process.

For example, in OEM deals, there are the three parties: the OEM (such as a Bank), the OEM customers and SAP Business One partner who is working with the OEM and responsible for the onboarding process:


As illustrated in the diagram, the customer experience is as follows:

  • SAP Business One application is offered via the OEM web site
  • From the OEM web site, the customer is redirected to the partner web site to start the onboarding process – part of this process is customer provisioning and this is done by Tenant Configurator
  • After the tenant is created, the customer completes the on-boarding process, receives an email from the partner with a link to the cloud environment, and can start working.

Integrating the Tenant Configurator to the on-boarding process automates the process for both the customer and the partner. It allows partners to increase the volume of their business and accelerate the overall process.


How does it work?

The Tenant Configurator consists of two main web-based user interfaces: an interface for the partner cloud operator for configuring the tenant provisioning parameters and an interface for the customer to configure their own business parameters.

User interface for the partner (Tenant Configurator wizard) – here the partner configures the tenant creation according to pre-defined parameters:



The interface for the customer (customer configuration page), integrated in the on-boarding process:



Using the Tenant Configurator consists of three main steps:

  • Prepare Pre-configured template, using the Tenant Configurator wizard
  • Build on-boarding web pages
  • Integrate customer configuration page in to the on-boarding pages


In the coming articles, I’ll dive into more details of how to best utilize the solution. In the meantime, you can download it and experience it.



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