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SAP Innovation Services: Unlocking Supply Chain Potential with Intelligent Technology

Every business wants a product flow that is faster, more reliable, and more cost-effective than ever before. And this strategic vision is only gaining more momentum and speed as individualisation, globalisation, connectivity, mobility, social responsibility, and resource sustainability become top concerns for supply chain leaders.

In theory, intelligent technologies – such as artificial intelligence, Big Data analytics, blockchain, the Internet of Things, machine learning, robotics, and 3D printing – should make this evolution of supply-chain operations easier to achieve. However, according to Accenture’s report “Drive Your Own Disruption”, less than 25% of supply chain leaders are taking advantage of new technologies across all areas of the supply chain, leaving the brand vulnerable to competitive and market pressures.

The digital disconnect between the supply chain and the rest of the business can be quite profound. Every day, we see organizations outside the supply chain paving the way to business growth, improved finances, and simplified processes with the latest technology. But once these efforts reach the supply chain, the full potential of any progress made is never fully revealed.

How to wake up a digitally sleeping supply chain

As I reflect on our customer base, there’s a clear indication that applying and deploying intelligent technologies is helping companies of all sizes and industries make the most of their existing assets. More importantly, they are entering new markets that were previously inconceivable and experimenting with new business models and processes with precision.

Regardless of the innovation pathway, it is important to check the feasibility, scalability, desirability, and viability of the solution from the very beginning throughout every step of the innovation journey. This helps to ensure companies can bring new ideas to life as scaled implementations and to go beyond the prototyping face.

Businesses can accomplish this feat by exploring the possibilities represented by intelligent technologies and reimagining how their people, processes, and customer experiences could work better and deliver more value. They can also validate those ideas by creating prototypes to flush out unnecessary complexity and test the real-world viability of the innovation to scale and transform the implementation across the entire business.

For supply chains, getting on board with this approach to digital transformation can become the moment when they become a critical business partner. The function can leverage intelligent technologies to save the business substantial time, money, human emotion, and frustration when supporting growth. By accelerating the flow of high-quality products, supply chains can help the business keep up with demand and deliver on expectations on time, every time.

A company that is demonstrating the tremendous power of a digitally intelligent supply chain is Schnellecke Group, which is putting its customers at the forefront of efficient supply chains and value-added logistics operations. Tapping into the expertise of SAP Innovation Services, the internationally operating, family-owned business implemented its unique just-in-sequence process based on Internet of Things technologies that run on SAP Cloud Platform for its own supply chain.

Now, Schnellecke Group has digitalized its core business processes and access to real-time data – creating a foundation of innovation flexibility that is shaping the future of logistics today and for years to come. The company’s approach to efficient supply-chain and logistics models is empowering its customers with transparent, reliable, and efficient supply chains. Now, its customers can detect disruption early on to prevent downtime, decrease the cost of production and distribution, and monitor the end-to-end supply chain in real time.

“Using SAP Leonardo* Services, we were able to implement IoT technologies on SAP Cloud Platform to create our Just-in-Sequence supply chain process and build a road map for future development. ” Karsten Keil, CIO, Schnellecke Group AG and Co. KG

*Offering name has changed to SAP Innovation Services as of Jan 2019.

Where innovation confronts the supply chain’s toughest challenges head on

Schnellecke Group is a prime example of how SAP Innovation Services helps businesses navigate the world of the intelligent supply chain. It’s now possible to create an end-to-end solution that covers all cycles of the operation – from order management, sourcing and procurement, and product design and development to manufacturing, warehouse management, planning, service management, and transportation.

The business advisory, innovation, prototyping, and implementation services from SAP power supply chains, as well as the rest of the company, to position themselves to produce better outcomes. Our customers can optimise, extend, and transform processes through a range of intelligent technologies and industry innovation kits that deliver integrated capabilities to solve critical industry problems.

Regardless of the starting point and visionary destination, your supply chain can acquire the intelligent capabilities it needs to match the trajectory of your business and scale and transform production operations.

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