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Is it Worth Considering the Integration Framework Version 2?

With SAP Business One Release 9.3 PL04, we released the integration framework version 2 (also called B1if 2.0). This is a new and more sophisticated approach for the creation of integration scenarios.
Benefits of the Integration Framework Version 2

  • Run the version 2 in the cloud and on premise
  • Install version 2 on single board computers e.g. Raspberry Pi. As an edge component, it connects sensors and processes Internet of Things (IoT) scenarios
  • The version 2 processing is up to 10 times faster at runtime
  • The user interfaces for integration scenario development are available in an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that most developers are familiar with
  • Scenarios from version 1 can be migrated to version 2, almost fully automated

Running Integration Framework Version 2 in the Cloud

  • Use integration framework version 2 as a Platform as a Service tenant (PaaS) for partners. A partner can develop, run and administrate integration scenarios for all customers, in a truly multi-tenant approach.
  • The Scenario Package contains Scenarios and Scenario Steps. This gives the flexibility to administrate and deploy scenarios and scenario steps individually for each customer.
  • Changes of scenarios or individual steps become valid immediately after generation.

Why Providing the IDE?

The different elements to develop an integration scenario are now available at one place and improves the developer experience:

  • The Navigation Tree shows all needed artefacts and related elements simplifying the navigation and handling of scenarios
  • The Design Area offers all elements to develop scenarios on one screen with faster access to relevant integration elements
    • Authentications can be easily entered at the individual steps to secure system access
    • Details appear when clicking on an element to get more insights of each step/element and to enter required information
  • The Notification Area shows information if anything is wrong or missing when saving the scenario step to get fast system feedback
  • Multiple tabs open in parallel such as step design, monitoring etc. to increase the user experience

In Case You Wonder about the Coexistence of Version 1 and 2
Both framework versions, the previous version 1.x and the new version 2

  • Are automatically available in the SAP Business One installation
  • Can be used in parallel because they run independently of each other
  • Can be accessed within each version – 1 and 2

Start using version 2.

Best regards
Annemarie Kiefer and Miriam Rieger

Want to get more information on version 2, check out this blog Integration Framework Version 2 – Essentials.

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