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How to connect existing installed diagnostic agent on JAVA system to another Solution Manager ??

How to connect existing installed diagnostic agent on JAVA system to another Solution Manager ??

Scenario : 

Your manage system currently connected to solution manager XYZ (Assumed SID) but now customer want to connect that system to another solman named as ABC (Assumed SID).

Solution :  Instead of uninstall existing SMD agent and install new SMD agent for different solution manager system follow below procedure to avoid extra efforts.

Procedure : 

Here i explained step by step procedure to change currently installed SMD agent settings to connect different solution manager.

Took backup of existing SMD agent dir

Now change SMD agent settings :

change from SMD agnet configuration.

Please follow this path : /usr/sap/<SID>/SMDA90/SMDAgent/configuration

Change below mentioned properties :




Now take restart of SMD agent to get effect of newly made change.

Next step :

Now go to NWA portal >> then click on configuration >> then go to infrastructure >> go to destination

Click on destination

Click on SLD_Data supplier  and change url and logon data

Current url and logon data :

Test existing destination ping test to confirm ping test was running before change and now we have to test the same after changing it.

Now changing url and log on data :

Click on save and do destination ping test

Next step :

Now chainging SLD data supplier in SLD

Go to SLD >> click on administration

Then click on data suppliers

Change existing data supplier entry if already exist. If no entry exist then add new entry

Go to Administration Check data supplier log after that as well as logs

Now push data from os by using following commands :

Go to path : /usr/sap/<SID>/SMDA90/script

Run commands in script path

In below command hostname, user can be anything

./ sldconf hostname=”<hfgsmhdbci.domain.local>” port:”<50000>” user:”<SLDDSUSR> ” pwd:”<password>”

./ managingconf hostname:”sapms://<hfgsmhdbci.domain.local>” port:”<port>03″ user:”<SMD_AGT> ” pwd:”<password>”


You will be got below results

After done above configuration go  to SOLMAN_setup and browse system, If your SID is still not visible then change SLD_client in below screen

After change click on  collect and send in for this step >> nwa>> configuration >> infrastructure and click on below SLD data supplier confutation

And click on collect and send data

Take restart of SMD agent once for safe side

After changing sld_client and sld_data_supplier settings we need to wait for 2 jobs to run

Jobs are as follows :

SAP_LMDB_LDB_0000000001 SLD >


Next step

Perform host configuration

Now step number “Assign diagnostics agent” will be green in manage system configuration.


Conclusion :

In order to save time and effort for connecting a managed system which is already connected to an existing solution manager, but now needs to be connected to a new solution manager. follow the procedure described above as the standard procedure (uninstall and reinstall SMD agent) is much more complicated and time taking.

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      Author's profile photo M. Lele
      M. Lele

      Nicely explained! Thanks Parikshit!