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How to construct a Deep link URL for C4C Business Objects using Business object ID?

In this blog post, you will learn How to construct deep link URL for C4C business Objects.
Deep link URL  is a predetermined URL through which a specific business object instance can be opened by clicking it directly without any manual navigation inside the system. For the user, this saves the time taken to navigate to a specific business object instance by simplifying the process to a Single click.

The Deep link for a specific  Business Object can be Included in the content/template of a Mail based Workflow for Approvers/Reviewers/Managers. With the help of the Workflow placeholders, it will be possible to send out a link that will direct to the business object instance which triggered the workflow.

How to construct a Deep link URL?

You can consider the below URL  as a template which can be used to deep link any Business Object[x]&param.Type=[y]&sapbyd-agent=TAB


NNNNNN – Tenant ID in the URL of your C4C system
[X]            – ID of the business object instance that is expected to be opened on click of                     the URL
[Y]            – Technical name of each business Object


In case if you are using SSO based log on, Append the parameter “&OBNRedirect=X” to the above URL.

Let’s construct an URL for Tickets object

Replace the [X]  and  [Y] in the above URL with the Placeholder #ID#  and the  Technical name of the Ticket “COD_SRQ_AGENT_TT”   as below

The snip “sapbyd-agent=TAB” is not needed if you intend to use the Deeplink for a Browser-based usage.

Now all you have to do is create a Workflow with the above link as a part of the mail Template and maintain the Placeholder (#ID# = Ticket ID).

In a similar way use the below available URLs for the respective business objects

For Leads:

Maintain the Placeholder (#ID# = Lead ID)

For Opportunities:

Maintain the Placeholder (#ID# = Opportunity ID)

For Sales Quotes:

Maintain the Placeholder (#ID# = Sales Quote ID)

For Sales Orders:

Maintain the Placeholder (#ID# = Sales Order ID)

For Accounts:

Maintain the Placeholder (#ID# = Account ID)

For Contact:

Maintain the Placeholder (#ID# = Contact ID)

For Products:

Maintain the Placeholder (#ID# = Product ID)

For Tasks:

Maintain the Placeholder (#ID# = Task ID)

For Appointments:

Maintain the Placeholder (#ID# = Appointment ID)

You can also use the UUID of the business objects instead of the BO ID but the URL has to be constructed in a different format for that. You can add the above links directly to your template by adding your tenant ID and the corresponding placeholders.

You can also refer this SAP Help Center document link for additional info regarding this feature.

I hope this helps in simplifying the navigation and reduces the time taken for the Approvers/Managers to review the Business Objects.

Best Regards,


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  • Great blog Arun.

    I have one query here, if we want to use this link in SSO (single sign on) then what additional info need to add in this URL? for example Opportunity we want to add SSO, so that User no need to sign in to open C4C through using this existing link.

    Thanks in advance.




  • Hello Arun,

    I have added SSO details after tenant ID and it works. But the link is not landing on the BO directly, its landed in Home page. Please note I maintained correct Placeholder.Can you please suggest am I missing something here in the below URL.

    Thanks in Advance.



  • /
    • Hello Murugesan,

      The link that I gave should work fine. Somehow in your case, the workflow is messing with your Link and changes "&para" to "¶" .

      Check if this is caused by your Mail template or if you think workflow is causing it, raise an Incident with SAP to determine at what point the link gets messed up.

      Best Regards

      • Hello Arun,

        SAP suggested to using the <a href> tag before the URL to avoid this behavior like “&para” to “¶”

        We tried and the issue resolved.

        Now we want this functionality in Mobile App. Like users using outlook app in their mobile device and received email notification for Opportunity or Lead with deep link URL. If they click that URL then it should open in Mobile C4C App and should land in relevant BO. But it is not opening through C4C Mobile App.

        So in the above case I think the deep link URL is different than the existing one. Can you please provide the if the URL is different for Mobile App? or suggest your views.

        Thanks in advance.






        • Hello Murugesan,

          I am not sure if the navigation  to app on click of a link is possible. 

          I am checking on this. I will update as soon as i have a response.


          • Hello Arun,

            I am also interested in the topic if a link to mobile app or to windows app is possible. Do you have already an information about it?

            Many thanks, Best Regards


          • Hello Jasmin,


            The link to the mobile app is possible.

            If you click on the link, the app should open with the relevant BO instance.


            Best Regards,


  • Would anyone happen to know the parameters for a deep link to an Incident?

    We have a workflow rule setup to email us when there is an update to an Incident.  We would like to include a link to the Incident directly in the email to make for easy navigation to the Incident.



    • Dear Michael,

      There is a way to deeplink Incident, but it can't be used in Workflow.

      I think this might help.

      Best Regards,


  • For Visits:



    #VISITID# - is the "short" Visit ID, not the "long" Technical ID

    XXXXXXXX - is your Tenant ID

  • Hello Arun,

    Maybe you can help me. We need to create a link to a document in the library. For example in form of a scoreboard on homepage.


    Any idea how to achieve this with deeplink.


    Thanks in advance,



    • Hello Pankaj,


      I don’t think it is possible. Even if you are able to navigate to the Library WCV somehow, it will not e possible to  uniquely identify the documents using the parameters available in URL. Also the line items themselves do not have a View.

      Do comment if you are able to figure out any alternative way.

      Best Regards,


      • Hi Arun,

        Thanks for the reply. I don't have any solution as of now, but will do share if something comes up in the near future.



        • Hi Pankaj Sharma,


          With the New Library Workcenter view, It is now possible to get a deeplink for each library document.

          Click on one of the document entry => More ( 3dots at bottom right) => Share

          You will get a pop up with the deeplink which points to the respective library entry.

          Best Regards,




          • Hello Arun,

            Thanks for your help. Its really great, but the best would be if I could download the document directly. Right now I takes my to the folder where the document is located.


            Thanks again, its better than nothing.



          • I am also getting an error message when I click on the document, that I otherwise don't get while passing through the library workcenter.


            Its in german though.

            Service nicht erreichbar

            Was ist passiert ?

            Der Aufruf der URL wurde abgebrochen, da der entsprechende Service nicht verfügbar ist.

  • Hello Colleagues,

    Is it possible to retrieve via deep links the activities e-mails and phone calls?


    EDIT: Also, is it possible to go to the screen which shows all information? For instance, navigate to the screen of All Tickets or All Sales Quotes.

    • Parameter types for Email and Phone call are

      COD_Email_TT & COD_PhoneCall


      With deeplink, you can only navigate to the respective TIs. Further navigations can't be controlled.


      Best Regards,



  • Hello Everyone,


    These links just work fine. I have a similar requirement , I want to navigate to C4C Account TI screen form SCP application. Where SCP  application is working as a mashup in C4C.


    Just for the prototype , i created a HTML mashup with the HTML code.

    <title>HTML Links</title>

    <h1>OPEN ACCOUNT</h1>
    <a href="">Account</a>


    Mashup View


    When Click on Account


    What I am looking for is to navigate to C4C Account TI Screen not to Open. If anybody has any Idea please share.


    Thank you

  • Great Blog Arun, many thanks!

    For standard objects this works perfectly. I’ve tried this for an custom object I created. Unfortunately it does not work properly. The TI opens, but without data. Is there something special I have to consider? Maybe an specific InPort within the TI or TT of the custom object?


    Many thanks in advance 🙂

    • Hi Arun,

      I was able to access my Custom BO with UUID:
      Now I am struggling with the standard business object "Promotion":
      The TI opens but without data. Do you know how to solve it?
      Many thanks and regards,
    • Hi all,

      I asked SAP Product Support and it was resolved.

      The format is given in the Help Center Documentation:

      InstalledBase is "COD_IBASE_TT"

      Best Regards.