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Developing Next-Gen Mobile Apps Becomes Easy With AI, How?

The skyrocketing evolution of Artificial Intelligence into technology areas is going far and wide; shaping up to become the next big thing across the globe. Now can you tell me what’s so common about Shazam, Siri, and Migrane Buddy? Of course, they all are apps created by multimillion brands. Apart from this, they operate on artificial intelligence technology. And this shows no sign of slowing down in future.

With the upsurge of digitalization, machines will behave like humans taking personalization to the very next level. And this is just the beginning as hundreds, and thousands of linguists and software engineers are seen dedicating countless hours to building these services that act more like responsive personal assistants such as Siri, Cortana, Google Assistant and what not! Introduced in 1950, AI technology has evolved all these years- expanding its presence everywhere right from healthcare, education to the entertainment industry, traffic problems.

Technically speaking, AI is all about constructing intelligent machines that not only work like humans but are also capable of reacting like them. Although there isn’t anything like intelligence in a machine because no matter how hard you try it can never be imbued with the intelligence of a human being. Activities like learning, performing, speech recognition, problem-solving can be easily performed- all thanks to this emerging tech. How you may ask? There are detailed algorithms due to which these AI systems can perform, behave and respond like humans; or maybe more effectively than humans.

Why Artificial Intelligence?

A few years back when mobile technology had just hit the globe, things weren’t easy for anyone to flow along. But after a while, ecosystem changed- all because of its constant and consistent upgrades. In today’s ever changing scenario nobody is interested in surfing desktop all day long as they have their smartphones to access apps. As a result, device and OS manufacturers have begun adopting new development strategies to improve on it. For example- making use of AI to develop next-gen mobile apps. This simply led to:

• Improvement in navigability & convenience- Mobile users can easily navigate through apps without having to launch things separately. In fact, several renowned apps such as Facebook App links, iOS URLs, and Android intents will be including deep linking features in no time.

• Improve user experience- With the advancement in IoT, machine learning, AI technology, people are found making use of connected devices such as sensors, lights, TVs, watches, computers, and phones to complete simple tasks. Gone are the days when people loved to pass through multiple devices at a time.

• Better understanding consumer behavior- Without a shadow of a doubt, consumer behavior is changing now and then. Predicting without guess words becomes impossible. Businesses, on the other hand, have started incorporating artificial intelligence to guess what their customers’ needs were and where they might be located before launching their product or service.
Predicting without facts and figures is a crap. Let’s take a look at some real-life examples where AI tech has helped in making a massive difference across the globe.

#1 Business Realm
Artificial Intelligence takes businesses to all new level irrespective of the domain a particular business belongs to. With consumer needs getting more and more complex, companies have started figuring out some personal approach to determine their exact needs and wants. It may also interest you to know that AI can provide support in every aspect that the business requires ranging from logistics to manufacturing, making supply chain efficient and what not! Overall, AI benefiting businesses are limitless.

#2 Home Automation
If you think that AI is restricted to businesses, then you are totally wrong! AI has touched our personal spaces in the form of Google Assistant, Apple Siri, Amazon Alexa and so forth! Serving as a push point for different kind of mobile-based apps, and as far as the home operations are concerned- AI has come out as a boom. Smart devices these days are designed to make life easy like never before.

#3 Healthcare industry
Healthcare is one of those sectors that comprises of its own rules and regulations in comparison to the outside world. Patients dealing with critical situations and technology become a matter of life and death. AI has already made its impact where the detection of diseases like Alzheimer’s and depression with about 82% or more precision. Apart from this, blood sampling, read CT scans, preparing medical reports of X-rays, support in identification and diagnosis of lesions, heartbeat monitoring, and exercise assistance, and all these duties are performed by machines.

#4 Cybersecurity
With the entire world going online, cybersecurity has become a major concern. Due to advanced algorithms and emerging machine learning concepts in AI, the tech can recognize patterns to a great extent. Right from identifying any suspicious activities occurring day in day out to occurring out of the blue- Artificial Intelligence helps in the preventing any penetration on the system by attackers or hackers.

#5 E-commerce
As I said before, personalization has become a significant concern, especially for the service industry these days. Ecommerce industry is striving hard to provide custom-made experiences to each individual; of course, keeping that particular person’s shopping behavior in mind. This is no magic- the entire credit again goes to AI technology.

Take a look at AI-powered chatbots like Alexa, which make the entire user experience very interactive and being able to provide answers and assistance for questions that are asked by the way of voice recognition.

Most important of all, integrating AI in any mobile app will give a new impetus to new opportunities:
• Smart Interaction
• Deep personalization
• Special opinion
• Intellectual answers

Final Word
Mobility is no longer an option; it has taken everyone by storm. Amalgamating with Artificial Intelligence, mobile apps would improve regarding interaction and aid businesses to grow. More and more companies can easily analyze the AI insights and help to obtain this information is a significant factor in maximizing Income.

So are you ready to enhance your transactions, customer experience, happiness, performance and many more aspects in the customers buying journey?

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