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System unresponsive while creating user in SU01 with ‘ThINoResetBuf, reset no buffer’


While creating a user via SU01 the system became unresponsive and I was not able to move further and screen froze. The WP goes status becomes: SAPLSNR3 <client> <USER > Direct Read of DB NRIV



I am using a kernel with 753 version.


I could see this was also getting affected to UPD work process.

In SM50 I could see :

33 DIA 4.980 Running 00:00:06 102 High <NUMBER RANGE BUFFER> 000 Direct Read of DB NRIV

Also you can find entries in SM50 as:

28 DIA 6.752 On Hold Internal Response (Number Range) 00:00:35 4.629 SAPLSNR3 010 <USER>

Next thing was to check the corresponding trace file ( dev_wXX )

The trace file entries were as:

A Tue Jan 1 03:03:30:673 2019
A *GENER* request remote generation: CL_HRPADRU_IT3330_ELN_USAGE===CP.
M Thu Jan 3 13:03:02:531 2019
M SecAudit(rsauinit): WP attached to existing shared memory.
M SecAudit(RsauShmInit): addr of SHM for Audit.. = 0x7fa5d2dd0000
M SecAudit(RsauShmInit): addr of RSAUSHM…….. = 0x7fa5d2dd1000
M SecAudit(RsauShmInit): addr of RSAUSLOTINFO… = 0x7fa5d2dd3700
M SecAudit(RsauShmInit): addr of RSAUSLOTS…… = 0x7fa5d2dd3710
M Thu Jan 3 13:03:03:832 2019
M ThNoGet2: Return number range rc 4
M *** WARNING => ThNoGet: get from object (cli/obj/subobj/range = 010/SO_OBJ_FOL/ /01) returned rc 4
M ThINoResetEntry: reset entry 010/SO_OBJ_FOL/ /01
M ***LOG R0P=> ThINoResetBuf, reset no buffer (1 ) [thxxnum.c 2128]


Here notice the entry :  returned rc 4

return code 4 stands for “4 (number range object not present): The specified number range object does not exist “

More information regarding meaning of different codes can be found in SAP note # 633980 – Error messages from number range buffer


I checked whether or not this object exists in my system. This can be found in transaction  SM56. 

In SM56 the entries are:

010 SO_OBJ_FOL 01 2019 00000000000000000001 00000000999999999999 3 00000000000000000000

Here notice the client and the object name (both in bold ).



I will mention the steps that need to taken to resolve the issue :

  1. Check in SM56 to see if the object exists.
  2. From the output of SM56 check the client and object , ensure that client  shown in SM56 must match with the entry that we got in dev_w XX trace file.

    PS: number range objects are client specific. E.g. SO_OBJ_FOL needs to be maintained for each relevant client in your system. SNRO is not client specific though, it uses the client you’re currently logged on only. 

  3. In case the object exists in other client and that is not shown in SM56 then please follow the SAP note # 2696703 – NUM: missing COMMIT after NUMBER_RANGE_UPDATE_CLOSE


If none of the above steps solve the issue , please apply the solution from SAP note # 2725610 – NR: TIME_OUT dump during automatic interval creation


Once I applied the pack (as per the SAP note #2725610 ) , my issue was resolved 🙂


Let me know in case any queries.


Kind regards,

Manjunath Hanmantgad

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