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Author's profile photo Sriram Rokkam

SAP S/4HANA EWM <=> Advanced Production Integration => Production Orders

Integration of Extended Warehouse Management into PP

You can use SAP EWM in conjunction with the following PP application components:

  • Production Orders

  • Process Orders

  • Repetitive Manufacturing

  • Kanban

There are few important integration points to generate an PMR in EWM with Production Order.

1. Define Production Staging Areas in ERP System ( PK05)

Define new Production Staging Areas (PSA) in ERP. In general these PSA will be equivalent to the number of Work centers defined to perform the production process. The storage location


Plant Supply Area Description Stor.Location Responsible
PL01 PSA-001 1 – Printing AFS 001
PL01 PSA-002 2 – Cutting AFS 001
PL01 PSA-003 3 – Fold lay AFS 001
PL01 PSA-004 4 –  Binding AFS 001

2. Replicate these PSA to EWM ( In case it is decentralized EWM) – (CFM1)

Use CFM1 tcode for Transferring the PSA from ERP to EWM ( in case it is an decentralized EWM).

The same will be available in /SCWM/PSASTAGE in EWM where we assign a new PSA – Bins for each work center in EWM along with other paramerters like WPT, Staging Method Type.

3. Maintaining EWM Control Cycle ( LPK1). 

With the EWM control cycle, you specify the EWM-managed storage location from which the material required for production is to be withdrawn and the production supply area in which this material is to be staged. In addition, you specify the staging type.

The following control cycle categories are possible in conjunction with SAP-EWM:

  • Control cycle for EWM

    This Control Cycle Category indicates that the source and destination that you specify in the control cycle are EWM-managed. You can use this control cycle category for production and process orders only.

  • In SAP EWM Advanced Production Integration, Staging and Consumption are two different steps for Production Planning Integration.

  • Staging and Consumption by Production orders. 

Staging and Consumption for production is performed on the basis of a production material request (PMR) in SAP EWM.

The PMR is created during WM material staging in SAP ERP and sent to SAP EWM. It represents the manufacturing order in SAP EWM.

Material Plant PSA Stor.Loc Whn Stag.Ind. Iss.Plant Stor.Loc No Container Quantity UoM Whn
PL01 PSA-001 AFS W01 5 PL01 AFS W01
PL01 PSA-002 AFS W01 5 PL01 AFS W01
PL01 PSA-003 AFS W01 5 PL01 AFS W01
PL01 PSA-004 AFS W01 5 PL01 AFS W01


4. Configuring ERP Integration for Production Material Request Processing.

4.1 Mapping of ERP Order Types to SAP EWM Document Type for Production

In Customizing for SAP EWM choose Extended Warehouse Management -> Interfaces -> ERP Integration -> Production -> Map Sap ERP Order Type to SAP EWM Document Type

OderTypeERP Business System Doc. Type

 4.2 Define a Product Group Type and Product Group ( Optional)

In Customizing for SAP EWM choose SCM Basis -> Master Data -> Product -> Product Groups -> Define Product Group Types

ProdGrType Description
PS Production Supply

In Customizing for SAP EWM choose SCM Basis -> Master Data -> Product -> Product Groups -> Define Product Groups

ProdGrType Product Group

Mapping of ERP Order Type to SAP EWM Item Type for Production

In Customizing for SAP EWM choose Extended Warehouse Management -> Interfaces -> ERP Integration -> Production -> Map Sap ERP Order Type to SAP EWM Document Type

Item Cat. OderTypeERP Business System Product Group Doc. Type Item Type

Trouble Shootings and Checks.

  1. Upon releasing the Production Order, delivery is not created.
    1. Check the Plant and Sloc Combination in Production Order.
    2. Check the Work center and Staging Area linkage in ERP
    3. Check if the components are maintained in both ERP and EWM.
    4. Check the distribution model activation status in ERP<=>EWM Integration.
  2. Upon releasing the Production Order delivery is created but struck in Queue.
    1. Check ERP<–> EWM Document type Integration.
    2. Check ERP<–> EWM Item Type Integration.
    3. Check Goods Movement Bin determination for PMR.
    4. Check PMR Number Ranges.

hope this helps to understand Advanced Production Integration in detail.

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      Author's profile photo Matthias Gröhl
      Matthias Gröhl

      Hi Sriram,


      I hope you can help me with an issue I’m having with Best Practice Script 1VB (“Production Integration – Component Consumption and Receipt in Warehouse”. In fact we are using a “fully activated appliance 1809”, so all BP packages for S4HANA are installed, configured and activated.

      In script 1VB I’m supposed to release production orders which then create PMRs in EWM. This works fine – The PMR is created.

      But the next step fails: The system does not create warehouse tasks when I execute /SCWM/STAGE for this order. All I’m getting is the message /SCWM/PWR504 “All staging proposal quantities are 0; no staging needed” when I enter the production order.

      Setup in transaction /SCWM/PSASTAGE has been made properly (according to BP script 2AI). The BADI /SCWM/EX_MFG_STAGE_INFO is not implemented (meaning the SAP fallback implementation is executed, which I check in debugging, it is going in there, but the exit selects nothing... (ET_ITEMS)). Stock has been uploaded to storage bins by doing an initial stock upload as described in script 1FU.


      When I read documentation, I find nothing about that PMRs need to be released or something before the warehouse task can be created. Correct? The PMR has (just like the script says) status “Not started” and the production status is “Released”.


      Can you pinpoint me to what could be missing here in the setup? Thanks in advance!



      Author's profile photo David EGEA
      David EGEA

      Hi Matthias.


      If you didn't solve yet your issue.

      Check /SCWM/PSASTAGE.


      Have a good day.

      Author's profile photo Jaimin Desai
      Jaimin Desai

      Hi Matthias,

      I am going through the same boat, have 1 question.


      Where can I find BP script and our system is not fully activated so where can I find all BC sets that requires to apply and activate in order to get it going.


      Author's profile photo Matthias Gröhl
      Matthias Gröhl

      Dear Jaimin,

      please log on to the SAP Launchpad with your S-User and check out the site - then choose SAP S/4 HANA tile and whatever solution package you are looking for.


      If your system is not fully activated I can only guide you to the SAP website - I can 100% recommend the fully activated appliance which will also provide you with a "ready to activate" client. Please don't ask me any more system questions 🙂 I am just using the system but how to get it and set it up - I have no idea but your basis team should know.


      Here is the link to a blog explaining the Fully Activated Appliance - a lot of information, great site:

      Have a nice day.


      Author's profile photo Matteo Dalla Rosa
      Matteo Dalla Rosa

      Hi Matthias,

      I think you solved but this can be useful for other people.

      If the error “All staging proposal quantities are 0; no staging needed” comes, please check in the selection screen of the /SCWM/STAGE that the "Time period for Requirement Start" should be after the start date of the production order.

      If still, it does not work, Fiori App "Stage for production" (/SCWM/MFG_STAGING) can be useful to perform staging for single production order position.


      Author's profile photo Matthias Gröhl
      Matthias Gröhl

      Hi Matteo,

      thank you for your comment. To be honest, it has been a while since I encountered this issue, roundabout 3,5 years... I don't exactly recall how I solved it but I think I had to work around it or I could just not show it to the customer. I do believe I checked /SCWM/STAGE thoroughly back then and tried many options, but could not get it to work.

      I think I will just have to go through the script again now with a fully activated 2021 FPS01, if I still run into the same issue. Will update this post then with the result. Thanks again!

      Author's profile photo Max Mamai
      Max Mamai

      Hey Matthias,


      the reason why you are getting WHT and Item PMR quantity (please chekc it too) is that Avalibility check in PO was not done. Please check the buttons Go-To in PO.

      you can also automate this check in the prod scheduling profile.


      this screenshot is done even after WM staging was performed. but the commited qty is still 0. that is why PMR Item is 0 and WHT is 0.