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Intercompany integration on a new basis: B1iF 2.0 (updated Oct 1 2020)

Attention, update note: I no longer maintain this blog as my responsibilities at SAP have changed.
Some information may become outdated or inaccessible.
Please refer to the other documentation, rollout and enablement materials on the topics addressed here. Kind regards, Peter



As part of our product and technology strategy, we adopted the integration framework 2.0 for the intercompany integration solution. SAP’s own add-on for intercompany is  revamped with B1iF 2.0 since April 2019 in PL32.
You can get more details on the integration framework 2.0 in this blog, and its benefits in this blog.

For intercompany we have these concrete advantages of using this latest technology:

  • Significant simplifications and improvements in performance (>40% overall) as well as in TCO
  • Multiple Intercompany landscapes (e.g. live and test databases with Intercompany on running on the same server)
  • As above, for cloud deployment in context with Cloud Control Center (CCC) for SAP Business One

With latest Patch 40 of intercompany integration solution, only B1iF 2.0 is supported, no version 1.x anymore. Please see related materials and information.

Please also check SAP Note 2781395Intercompany Integration Solution supports B1iF 2.0.

We are extremely excited about this big step, this is a new chapter of a much faster and easier intercompany solution. The realization of this fundamental change required considerable efforts, but also reflects the importance of this SAP add-on and aligns the solution to the future.

I will use this blog to support you, customers and partners on this, for collecting news around the topic, linking details, and creating a comprehensive overview that can be pulled anytime.

Any comments or questions are welcome!

Best regards, Peter Hartwich

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  • Hi Peter,

    This is good news!  Would it be possible to have multiple Intercompany Landscape with B1iF 2.0. (i.e. we can configure live and test databases with Intercompany Add on running on the same server)?

    Thank you!





    • Dear Saad, no, not yet. We plan to deliver this with PL32 of the Intercompany Integration Solution.  I'll update this blog in any case as soon as available. Thank you for your interest.

    • Hi Samuel, unfortunately we do not recommend/support this, we cannot support this direction of compatibility. From today’s perspective, i can only recommend PL32 from Intercompany because of the option to use B1iF 2.0, so to upgrade SAP Business One to PL09.

      Best regards, Peter

      • Hi Peter

        With regards to performance improvement will the SAP Note 1975033 - Run Multiple Instances of DI Proxy help on a SAP Business One PL06 HANA ?


          • Hi Peter

            Thanks for the information.

            I am constantly having this problem on my Admin console.

   XCE001 Nested exception:
   BPE001 Nested exception: XCE001 Nested exception:
   BPE001 Nested exception: XCE001 Nested exception:
   XCE041 Cannot perform operation. A background process has temporarily deactivated adapters; wait and try again.
            XCE206 Resource unavailable
            Any reason why this is happening and any possible remedies.
          • If this happens on 9.3 PL06, this looks like a general performance/throughput issue in that landscape. So check Proxy Setup first as discussed.

          • Hi Peter

            I have check the proxy Setup and have build proxy groups. Now I have another issue on the IPO Step status Panel. I have to manually activate some of the step is that normal?

            I thought its suppose to automatically start when you restart the server.

          • Hello Samuel,


            Some ipo steps are per deployment deactivated. If an event is in processing and you restart the proxy services, this ipo step would be deactivated as the B1if dosen't know the real status on the processing. Then you have to activate this ipo step manually.


            Best regards,


  • Hi all,

    we get errors installing PL32. It looks like U_CTX_PAASID and U_CTX_SLDGROUP does not exist.

    Logging into Intercompany Integration Platform under "Upgrade to B1if 2.0" there is a new field called "SLD Category" without entries, so the upgrade is not possible.

    Inside SAP B1 on starting the Add-on it shows an OBCD Error with the above mentioned two fields not existing.

    Running B1 9.3PL9 on SQL.

    Anybody experiencing this issue.



    • Dear Stefan,
      not the ideal channel but maybe we can help quickly. It looks like an environment-specific issue, as if there was an intermediate ICO add-on has been installed. Please try to remove the record from UDT @CTX_CONF, and reinstall the add-on.
      If this doesn't work, let's follow up in an incident.
      Best, Peter

  • Dear Peter,

    Thank you - appreciate the quick response. That makes the Add-On available.

    SLD Category is still missing or only showing '--'. Any suggestions where to set that up ? Could not find any documentation on it.

    Thank you


    • Hi Stefan,

      In case you are opting to use ICO Solution with B1if 2.0, only then SLD Category is required.

      And SLD Category can be created on SLD Page in B1if by right-clicking on B1i Server, and selecting Create Category option.

      For ICO Solution, all participating branch companies have to be in a single SLD Category, and after selecting the branch companies.

      For more information on this, check the Admin Guide of ICO Solution.



      Yash Rastogi