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SAPPHIRE Now and ASUG Conference 2019: Meet SAP’s UX and Design Experts

In 2019, SAPPHIRE NOW and ASUG Annual Conference already take place on May 6-9 in Orlando, Florida. As in previous years, user experience and design will be featured very prominently in 40+ sessions and on multiple stages.


Create a Future-Proof User Experience for the Intelligent Enterprise

Alexander Lingg, Head of SAP User Experience, holds a theater presentation on “Create a Future-Proof User Experience for the Intelligent Enterprise” scheduled to Thursday, 3:00 – 03:20 p.m. in Theater 3. Together with Thomas Mendy, Director Direction Codex Solutions, Vinci Energies, he will explain how the right user experience (UX) can help your enterprise move from digital aspiration to digital realization.

Hear how the evolution of the SAP Fiori UX lets you deliver an integrated and consistent user experience for the Intelligent Enterprise. Learn how VINCI Energies is relying on SAP Fiori to successfully implement its UX strategy.

The below list covers just a few of the most important UX and design sessions at the event, which we also introduce in our below short video (1:20 mins length). There are many more in the session catalog, so please check there if there is something else you are looking for by a specific customer or on a specific topic.


Session # and title




Innovating the User Experience of the Intelligent Suite: SAP S/4HANA and SAP C/4HANA

A gold-standard user experience is key to the success and rapid adoption of the intelligent suite. Learn how components and features of the SAP Fiori user experience and design principles deliver a consistent, personalized, and exceptional customer experience spanning all SAP products and back-end systems.

Keith Fischer, VP, Product Management and UX, SAP

Sven Krueppel-Berndt, VP Fiori Portfolio and Consumption, SAP

DI86230, DI86458, DI86226, DI86274

Implement the New UX for SAP S/4HANA Out of the Box

Help developers and users become more efficient by offering a single access point to all innovations in SAP S/4HANA. Adopt best practices for quickly implementing the new SAP Fiori user experience (UX). Discover SAP Fiori tools designed to accelerate implementation, such as the content manager and out-of-the-box task lists for rapid activation.

Sven Krueppel-Berndt, VP Fiori Portfolio and Consumption, SAP

DI86442,  DI86443, DI86444

Design Exemplary User-Centered Applications with a Cutting-Edge UX

Harness the new user experience to develop applications that are optimized to support employees more effectively in their daily work. Get started with SAP Fiori UX and learn about the processes, methods, and tools that help you build applications that truly meet your users’ needs.

Emil Voutta, VP, SAP Design

Michael Krenkler, Senior Design Manager, SAP


Modify Apps Quickly and Easily Without Coding to Reduce Development Costs

Streamline app development to deliver value to your business users with fewer resources. Build SAP Fiori apps without code, without any backend changes, and without a break in UI consistency, using SAP Fiori elements and the visual editor for SAPUI5. Achieve the target design and behavior of your apps through simple drag-and-drop actions.

Katja Zoch, VP, UX Engineering, SAP


Maximize Productivity by Realizing the Future of Human-Computer Interaction

Empower users to communicate and interact freely with software through innovations in machine learning, hardware, and analytics. Examine and influence our vision of the intuitive user experience (UX) for the intelligent enterprise. See prototypes based on the SAP Fiori UX that embrace the latest technologies to achieve unprecedented experiences.

Vanessa Micelli Schmidt, Director Strategic UX Innovation, SAP

Michael Falk, Global Head of UX Customer Office and Product Manager of SAP Fiori


Explore Big Data Intuitively in the Intelligent Enterprise

Facilitate sound decision-making by empowering business users to easily navigate, process, and analyze ever-increasing volumes of Big Data. Free them to focus more on exploring data than on finding and accessing it. See how the SAP Fiori user experience supports natural ways of human-computer interaction. Vanessa Micelli Schmidt, Director Strategic UX Innovation

DI86243, DI86229, DI86232

Optimize End-to-End Processes with a UX for the Intelligent Enterprise

Create a delightful and productive work environment for end users. Learn about the SAP Fiori 3 user experience (UX) and discover how integration scenarios and user-interface consistency across multiple SAP solutions improve decision-making and productivity. Michael Krenkler, Senior Design Manager, SAP


How to Pick the Right User Interface Tools and Technologies for the Best User Experience

Do you know the tools and technologies for developing the best experience for your users? Would you like to hear some recommendations? Understand the options you have and connect the dots to make the right choice for your concrete use cases.

Nis Boy Naeve, VP, SAP

Ingo Deck, Director Product Management, SAP Cloud Platform UX services, SAP


The Future of SAP Fiori and Human Computer Interaction

Explore the importance of digital ethics in business software to gain your customers’ trust. Learn about SAP’s perspective on enabling the ethical behavior of artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies.

Guido Wagner, Chief Dev. Architect, SAP


Combining SAP Screen Personas and SAP Fiori Elements to Optimize User Experience and Minimize Costs

Join this roundtable discussion to discuss balancing tradeoffs among functionality, performance, time to value, development cost, and maintenance costs. We will cover the latest SAP technologies for delivering the SAP Fiori user experience, including SAP Screen Personas, SAP Fiori Elements, SAPUI5, and native development tools.

Peter Spielvogel, Senior Director Product Marketing, SAP

Sebastian Steinhauer, VP UX Engineering and Chief Product Owner, SAP Screen Personas


Drive innovation with SAP Leonardo, SAP Build and Design Thinking

SAP provides several ways to design beautiful enterprise mobile apps using the SAP Fiori design language. The presenters discuss the merits of native development versus SAPUI5. They also talk about the mobile development kit and explain how to accelerate mobile application development and how to drive an intuitive and consistent user experience. Santosh Kikkeri, Product Manager, SAP


DI86236,  DI86250

Take Your Business to the Next Level with Augmented Reality

Increase efficiency by enhancing business applications with augmented reality (AR). Experience how emerging technology is shaping user experience. Learn about a new prototype that builds bridges between the physical and data world. See how it enables navigation-free access to personalized or contextual information using AR technology. Guido Wagner, Chief Dev. Architect, SAP

These are just a few of the most important UX and design sessions at the event. There are many more in the session catalog, so please check there if there is something else you are looking for by a specific customer or on a specific topic. My colleague Vera also shared her recommendation around SAP Portal, SAP Fiori Launchpad, mobile, and further UX sessions here.

See you at SAPPHIRE and ASUG Annual Conference 2019!

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