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SAP GUI for Windows 7.60: New Features & Lifecycle Information

Hello Community,

Update (25.02.2019): SAP GUI for Windows 7.60 is now available
Here is the URL to SAP Support Launchpad:

With this Blog I would like to provide some general information on the lifecylce of this release as well as information on the new features coming with 7.60.

Our main focus areas were:

  • Offering Belize for all SAP products for a unified user experience
  • Finishing the Belize theme implementation by adding features which did not make it into release 7.50 (like High Contrast Themes, Accessibility, Belize for SAP Logon and SAP GUI Options Dialog)
  • Improve usability (input history in editable ALV and more)
  • Close gaps in SAP Screen Personas Scripting

Basically this is a preview of the release notes document that we will provide soon.

Due to the huge effort required for this, we could not implement multi-monitor DPI awareness in time, but this is one of our next main focus topics. Additionally we will continue our work on SAP Screen Personas features to close even more gaps compared to SAP GUI for HTML.


SAP GUI Lifecycle

SAP GUI for Windows 7.60 was created with Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 which is in mainstream support by Microsoft until 12th of April 2022 (see also

Therefore, SAP GUI for Windows 7.60 is supported until 12th of April 2022.

The chart below shows the current dates (on 2nd of January 2019) for the lifecycle of SAP GUI for Windows releases 7.40 up to 7.60. For the latest information always refer to SAP Note 147519.


New Features in Release 7.60

Belize Theme for all SAP Products (“Belize Without Fiori Features”)

Belize can be used for all SAP products which are presently supported by SAP and is now the default theme for all SAP products. Since certain “Fiori Features” are only available in SAP S/4HANA products, these features cannot be activated when using Belize for other SAP products (“Belize without Fiori Features”).

This screenshot shows a VA01 in an older ERP system:

The following features (among) others are not available when “Belize without Fiori Features” is used. The impact of the absence of each feature is mentioned in the second column of the table.

Feature Impact when Fiori Features are not active
Automatic wide rendering of UI elements No element is automatically enlarged. Screens are displayed just like in older SAP GUI themes.
Bigger screen metrics The screen metric (line height) is smaller than in standard Belize to show a good amount of data on the screen also in applications which have not been adjusted to Belize. However, it is larger than in themes like Blue Crystal.
View Switch The View Switch is not available. Items in a View Switch are displayed as buttons in the header toolbar.
Displaying buttons with text All buttons in the header of the main window and in the footer of popups are displayed as specified by the application. This means that buttons are displayed with their icons again.
Hiding certain buttons from the UI The paging buttons, the “New GUI window” button and the “Generates shortcut” button are displayed in the header toolbar.
Visualization of errors / warnings using a red
/ orange border around the fields
Errors and warnings are indicated via a changed text color only.
Right-alignment of labels Labels are by default left aligned and are connected to the respective fields via an underline.

Thus, in “Belize without Fiori Features”, SAP GUI behaves almost like when using older SAP GUI themes, but it is coming with a modern Belize look and some advanced features like the merged input history / enhanced search.

You can decide using Belize without Fiori Features for all SAP products including SAP S/4HANA if you want to reach full UI consistency.

Belize Theme: Improved Visualization of SAP Logon and SAP GUI Options Dialog

  • SAP Logon (Pad) and all SAP Logon dialogs are displayed with a full Belize visualization. Since the SAP Logon dialogs are also used in SAP Business Client when SAP GUI Connections are defined, the display when running SAP Business Client with Belize is now much more harmonized.
  • SAP GUI options dialog shows a full Belize visualization.

Belize Theme: Improved Usability and Visualization in Main Window

  • The buttons in the header of the main window and in the footer of popups are displayed with icons if configured by the application (just like in other SAP GUI themes). In SAP GUI for Windows 7.50 such buttons were displayed with text only. See the image below for a comparison of a sample application (SE80, at the top without icons, at the bottom with icons):
    This feature is activated by default but can be turned off via the SAP GUI Options Dialog.
  • Scrollbuttons for scrollbars have been introduced so that fine-grained scrolling is possible.
  • Borders around group boxes have been introduced to simplify the recognition of the structure.
  • Fiori Re-Use Components (SAP UI5 applications embedded in SAP GUI) can now hide the footer bar of SAP GUI for Windows so that only a single footer bar is displayed instead of two.
  • The default proportional font of Belize is now “72”, a font specifically developed for Belize. Previously Arial was used.

Belize Theme: “Color Settings” and “Colors in System”

The features “Color Settings” and “Colors in System” can now be used for Belize. These features allow users and administrators to configure SAP GUI / the SAP System so that different colors schemes can be used for the SAP GUI window when logging on to the system (see SAP Note 2571622 for more information).

Blue Crystal Theme: “Colors in System”

The feature “Colors in System” can now be used for Blue Crystal Theme as well. This feature allows the administrator to configure a default setting within the SAP System which defines the color scheme used for the SAP GUI window when logging on to this system (see SAP Note 2571622 for more information). 

SAP GUI Accessibility: Belize

The Belize theme is released for usage in Accessibility Mode with a Screenreader software (minimum requirement for the SAP Screenreader Extensions is patchlevel 51).

SAP GUI Accessibility: Belize High Contrast Black

Belize now offers a “High Contrast Black” version:

For using this, you also need to enable a Windows High Contrast Black theme.

SAP GUI Accessibility: Belize High Contrast White

Belize is the first SAP GUI theme to offer a “High Contrast White” version:

For using this, you also need to enable a Windows High Contrast White theme.

SAP GUI Accessibility: Audio Feedback

The audio feedback in SAP GUI can be configured via a dedicated page in the SAP GUI options dialog. The default setting for the SAP GUI sounds was changed to “On” in case the accessibility mode is activated. The page in options dialog allows selecting the most suitable sound from 4 new sound schemes or from the hard-disk. An administrator can roll out dedicated sound files via adding them to the SAP GUI installation (see SAP Note 2724540 for more information).  

Grid View (ALV): Input History for Editable ALV

The Grid View Control now offers an input history like edit fields or table control cells already do. The input history is persisted per column and allows an easy re-use of values which are frequently entered by the user.

SAP Screen Personas: Multiple Updates

Various improvements have been implemented for the support of SAP Screen Personas in SAP GUI for Windows. See SAP Note 2080071 for more information. 

Especially in the area of scripting a lot has been done that is very difficult to reflect in the SAP Note mentioned above. What we have not been able to achieve with release 7.60 is to support the Belize specific features in SAP Screen Personas.

SAP Business Client Integration: Branding Logo

When running an FLP connection or a Business Client connection, the SAP Business Client 7.0 (or newer) can propagate a branding image contained in a custom theme to SAP GUI. SAP GUI displays this branding image just like it would display a branding image defined via SAP GUI options dialog. If both are defined, the image coming from SAP Business Client is displayed.

SAP GUI Help: Multiple Improvements

  • The SAP GUI end user help and the SAP GUI Scripting API help are no longer delivered as .chm documents, but as a collection of HTML documents. This improves the usability of the SAP GUI help and allows adjustments of the help if needed (see also SAP Note 487546).
  • SAP GUI for Windows now offers a product page on SAP Help Portal. The product page contains links to all relevant SAP GUI documents and will be made public shortly prior to the shipment of SAP GUI for Windows 7.60.
  • Administrators can decide not to install the local SAP GUI help, but instead use the help from SAP Help Portal or a help deployed on a local web server. See SAP Note 487546 for more information.

SAP GUI Options Dialog: Restore & Clean-up

A new page (“Restore & Clean-up”) in the options dialog allows restoring SAP GUI default settings and delete locally stored files conveniently. The previously existing “Restore Defaults” button in the footer has been removed.

Connection to Message Servers

The new API provided in SAP Note 2576243 (“List of application server and logon group with full qualified hostnames”) is supported. This means that SAP GUI gets the fully qualified hostnames of the application servers from the message server. With this approach, sometimes incorrect “guessing” of domain extensions no longer happens.

Extended Platform Support for Individual Components

  • Desktop Office Integration supports Office 2019 (see SAP Note 722513)

Changed default settings

  • The “Workspace View” is the new default view in SAP Logon (Pad). This view is best suited for the usage of SAP UI Landscape files (which may contain multiple workspaces). “Default view” means that if no other selection has been made by the user or via installation settings, SAP Logon (Pad) will be displaying this view. It also means that a user selection that differs from the previous default view will be respected during an upgrade.
  • The default setting for Secure Network Communication for newly created connections in SAP Logon is now “On” if
    • An SNC product is installed on the client PC (environment variable SNC_LIB is defined) and
    • The SAP system supports Secure Network Communication.
  • The default setting for the display of warning messages when a central landscape cannot be loaded, but a valid file can be retrieved from the local cache was changed so that end-users by default no longer get a warning message. See SAP Note 2257512 for more information.

No longer supported / available

  • Enjoy / Streamline / Tradeshow / SystemDependent: These themes have been removed from the delivery of SAP GUI for Windows as of release 7.60. You can instead use one of the other themes (like the default theme Belize). If Enjoy or one of the other themes mentioned before was selected prior to an upgrade, the default theme (Belize) is used instead.
  • ini: The saplogon.ini format is no longer supported as of SAP GUI for Windows 7.60. Since SAP GUI for Windows 7.40 a new connection format (“SAP UI Landscape”) is available. This new format became the default format in SAP GUI for Windows 7.50 and replaces the saplogon.ini format. See the “SAP Front End Installation Guide” or the “SAP UI Landscape Configuration Guide” for more information on how to use “SAP UI Landscape”. In release 7.60 the functionality for creating and reading saplogon.ini is still available for compatibility reasons with other components, but the usage in SAP GUI for Windows is no longer supported.
  • Visual Enterprise Viewer: This component is no longer part of the Presentation DVD. If you need the Visual Enterprise Viewer, you can download it individually from SAP Support Portal and add it to an existing NWSAPSetup Installation server. Then you can create an installation package containing both components. For more information, see the SAP Frontend Installation Guide.
  • The component “SAP Audit Management” is obsolete and has been removed from the SAP GUI Installation (see SAP Note 2185469 for more information).


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  • I am looking forward to trying out the Belize theme.

    Looking at the screenshots: am I correct that the menu bar is hidden behind another button like in SAP GUI for Java / HTML / Business Client? Or is there a setting for this? I always found that annoying and stayed with SAP GUI for Windows. Especially in transactions where all navigation is done using the menu items and the screen is empty (thinking of VOFM/VOK0/FIBF).

    • Hello Fabian,

      yes, in Belize theme there is no menu bar anymore. The menu has been moved into the overflow menu which is hidden behind the "More" button.

      This is part of the design of the Belize theme and basically the idea is that applications should not require massive usage of the menu, because the most important functions should be directly accessible for the application toolbar or the system toolbar (in Belize the header toolbar or the footer toolbar).

      Best regards,

      • Hello Frank,

        thanks for the response! I guess for web based applications it makes sense not having a menu and having new applications provide their main functionality in the toolbars is a good idea. However, with Belize now being available for "older" non-S/4 ERP systems there's still lots of transactions that heavily rely on the menu (and I assume in S/4 as well). So I would have liked it being included, possibly not enabled by default. (Looking at the screenshots the space seems to be empty anyways...)

        • Yes, I agree with these considerations, almost 90% of customizing transactions use an SAP UI interface in "old" (but non very old!!) style, that before this Belize UI was more usable. It would be superficial not to consider it.

        • I agree with this! Our customers need that menu bar. The new theme will not be used unless the old menu bar is offered. Simply add an additonal option for that purpose. That would work fine. Anyways the Belize theme looks very good!

  • According to the above...

    • The component “SAP Audit Management” is obsolete and has been removed from the SAP GUI Installation

    However, this component used to be called 'CRM Frontend Add-on' and is needed for some CRM transactions. See SAP note 2487539:

    Has the required CRM functionlity been merged with the main GUI component, or is there now another component for these CRM functions?

    • Hello Mark,

      besides the sapgplmp.dll the CRM Add-On contained:

      GIS Viewer -> sapmap.ocx
      Stage Control -> sapstage.ocx

      Both files are now part of the core GUI installation.

      Best regards,



    • Hello Sven,

      I am not responsible for SAP GUI for HTML and therefore my answer is not worth much, but as far as I can tell this will not come for any older SAP products in SAP GUI for HTML.

      At least one thing is certain: This cannot come in any older SAP Kernel release, because Belize was a massive development that would definitely cause a lot of problems in older SAP Kernel releases if it was downported.

      For SAP GUI for Windows the situation is different, because you are using the same SAP GUI version for all your connections. Therefore, we "only" had to take the existing Belize theme and make it compatible and look good for all products.

      Best regards,

  • Hello Frank,

    thanks, but…

    “...At least one thing is certain: This cannot come in any older SAP Kernel release, because Belize was a massive development that would definitely cause a lot of problems in older SAP Kernel releases if it was downported....”

    With SAP ERP 6.0 EHP8 we use already Kernel 7.53, but with NW750.
    Belize “Fiori 2.0 Visual Theme for Classical Applications” with SAP GUI for HTML need Kernel 7.49 > and NW 751 >.

    "...For SAP GUI for Windows the situation is different, because you are using the same SAP GUI version for all your connections. Therefore, we “only” had to take the existing Belize theme and make it compatible and look good for all products...."

    SAP GUI for HTML + Belize “Fiori 2.0 Visual Theme for Classical Applications” use other metrics and some other changes, so also DYNPRO applications must adopted slighty. (Done with S/4HANA).

    Therefore the question for  SAP GUI for HTML + “Belize without Fiori Features”.
    So, analogous to SAP GUI 7.60, no changes at application side are nessecary.

    Why this question:
    If customer use SAP Fiori front end Server 2.0/3.0 + different SAP backends and want use theme Belize consistently, they must it configured so, that für classic applications SAP GUI 7.60 is called and not SAP GUI for HTML.

    Kind regards



    • Hello Sven,

      right, theoretically such a development would be possible in SAP GUI for HTML, too (for those SAP Kernels which already contain the Belize theme). However, you would still have to consider that some development effort would be required (new metrics for example) and that this would not be suitable for delivered releases. In SAP GUI for Windows we are doing all of this in a new release only and I believe this is the only feasible approach.

      But again: I cannot comment on the strategy for SAP GUI for HTML.

      Best regards,


  • Hello,

    So, multi-monitors DPI awareness won’t be implemented in SAPGUI 7.6 but what about the other DPI problem?

    I’m talking especially about the last paragraph (titled “important update”) of note 2541592

    Does it means that SAPGUI 7.6 UI icons still won’t be properly upscaled when DPI > 100% is used in Windows?

    (Also, I never understood why the branding feature was never improved to be system-dependent)



    • Hello Emmanuel,

      yes, multi-monitor DPI awareness is not contained in 7.60, but we have started working on this topic. Since there are a lot of places to be fixed, I doubt that we can downport such a feature into a delivered release, but we shall see.

      >I’m talking especially about the last paragraph (titled “important update”) of note 2541592

      As mentioned in SAP Note 2541592 this feature is contained in SAP GUI for Windows 7.60.
      However, this has nothing to do with icons. This is just about the line height.
      The SAP GUI icons are displayed via an icon font since Blue Crystal theme and they are of course scaled. Even the old bitmaps in older themes are scaled - despite the fact that this is looking very ugly when using relatively high DPI settings. And this is one of the main reasons why I strongly recommend Blue Crystal or Belize Themes when using DPI > 100%.

      >(Also, I never understood why the branding feature was never improved to be system-dependent)

      Because nobody asked for it. So far the branding feature was used to apply a brand image and this is typically not different per system.

      What is your concrete idea behind this question?

      Best regards,

      • .. because one company could have several brands on different systems but not only.

        It would make branding usable for distinguish CLEARLY different systems!

        I mean, from now, you already have the information, but it’s almost hide, you can change SAPGUI color but among small choice of pastels colors.

        ie: Having your DEV set in light-blue and QUA in purple-light blue is not enough imo...





        them, offering only a small choice of pastel colors.




  • Hello Mr. Krause,


    you mentioned above that the SAPLOGON.ini will not longer usable under SAP GUI 7.60.


    Is the transformation from SAPLOGON.INI to SAPLandscape.XML still possibile under 7.60? And is the function working as in the older SAP GUI release's?



    We have a few SAPLOGON.INI's, which are permamently updated with new SAP Systems, afterwards the new SAPLOGON.INI will be distributed to the Users.


    best regards

    Tobias Blum

    • Hello Mr. Blum,

      yes, the "migration" is still possible and it is still working just like before.

      In the past SAP's IT department also distributed a saplogon.ini file, but we moved this to a centralized (server based) SAP UI Landscape file. This is more convenient for all involved parties.

      And we also have the transaction SLMT which allows the maintenance of SAP UI Landscape files within an SAP system.

      Best regards,



        Hello Mr. Krause,

        As far as i am concerd the transaction SLMT does not offer any multilanguage features for the landscape file. So every subsidary need a different file for the description field. Are there any plans to make the file multilangual ?

        Best Regards

        Torben Kuhnke

    • Hello Mr. Blum,

      In case of different SAP Routers for different Location we use one SAPUILandscape.xml shared on an Webserver for each location like


      This Server configuration File settings will be set for the users by Software deployment tools.


      Works very good and I choose the language per Location / Workspace

    • Hello Christoff,

      our plan is to do this on Monday, 25th of February 2019.
      Maybe you check our SAP Support Portal on the afternoon of 25th of February.

      However, as usual we will also push a notification via our WIKI page:

      Best regards,



    • Hello Barbara,

      that is a more complex question than it seems, because the SAP GUI DVD includes multiple components which support Office. Since I am only responsible for the core part of SAP GUI, I will only tell you about the SAP Desktop Office Integration ("DOI") which indeed supports Office 2019 (however, the DOI also supports this in SAP GUI for Windows 7.50). See SAP Note 722513 for more information.

      We also have a document on the DVD (in folder "DOCU") which lists all the dependencies to Office. I recommend that you check this document ("Microsoft Office Dependencies of SAP GUI 7.60 Components.pdf") as soon as the DVD is available next Monday.

      Best regards,

  • Hi Frank,

    I definitely appreciate the reintroduction of icons in SAP GUI 7.60! I am sure a lot other users will like this too. This option will really improve usability.

    Thank you. 🙂

  • Hi Frank,

    In package SAPGUI 760 Presentation - 7.60 Compilation 1 Presentation 1 (50148617_6.ZIP) I miss the SAPPDFPRINT, which was still included in SAPGUI 7.50.
    Also, SAPPDFPRINT 7.60 is not available in the download area, but in Note 2724788 is mention SAPPDFPRINT 760 Patch 0.
    Will it come at a later date or will it not exist anymore?


    Best regards,


    • Hello Peter,

      SAPSprint and PDFPrint will come at a later point ot time.
      I cannot tell when, because this is not under responsibility of the SAP GUI team.

      Best regards,

      • According to note 2775797 it is available in patch 2. I installed the 7.60 core and the patch level 2, but I can still not find any option to add SAPPDFPRINT. NWSapSetup.exe  from my installation only contain a list of already installed components. The patch does not give any installation options. Where do I find the new components to install?

        • Hello John,

          you will get this on the installation server (after importing the patch) or when installing on a PC which does not have SAP GUI installed, yet. The logic of NWSAPSetup is such that when you apply a patch it updates the installed components. The PDFPrint component did not exist in previous versions.

          We are presently discussing whether we could change the functionality so that when you lauch a patch on a workstation where the patch is already installed the component selection dialog is displayed. Then you could select additional components.

          Best regards,

  • Hi All,


    Any one facing performance issues with SAPGUI 760, we have noticed below .,

    1. In Objected orianted ALV custom buttoms are missing when we use Belize Theme .
    2. Performance of SE16n also have impact , while fetching results it is taking more than normal time ( 60 Seconds . When using SAPGUI 750 10 Sec)  even for 2 entries , and in trace we can see that OLEFLUSH is taking most of the time.


    Any suggestions on how to correct above ?



    Bhupesh A

    • Hello Bhupesh,

      the performance issue has been noticed by others, too. We are presently working on this.
      Regarding the icons I would suggest that you open an incident on component BC-FES-CTL for this. So far we haven't heard about such an issue and need to investigate this.

      Best regards,

    • Hello Pragnya,

      I guess you are referring to the "Direct Selection" group box.
      If this is true: This is an application issue.
      The issue is more obvious in Belize theme due to the changed metrics, but even in Blue Crystal you can see that it looks somewhat "compressed". The Dynpro size check (SAP Note 570861) shows a sizing conflict on the screen that needs to be analyzed and fixed within the application.

      Regarding CTRL + A: We are not aware of this and I cannot reproduce this for example in input fields. Please report an incident in the SAP support system if you can reproduce the issue and explain in detail how to reproduce this. Before doing this, you may check whether CTRL + A is working in other tools, because in some cases other tools installed on the client are "stealing" certain keyboard shortcuts.

      Best regards,

      • Hi,


        CTRL + A issue is fixed after I tried multiple options and finally reset it to defaults.

        but regarding the "Direct Selection" Screen box, it appears to be problem with the screen layout in 0300 and 0350

  • Does anyone know how “big” companies with lots of Sapgui users (+10000), package and distribute Sapgui and other SAP clients in a global environment? Is it with SAP installation server or Microsoft SCCM, or a combination of these 2. Or some other ways?

    • For creating the installation package EXE in the first place, I would imagine all companies use the Installation Server. For distribution, it all comes down to whatever system they have in place for mass-computer management, be it SCCM, Active Directory Group Policy, or a third-party tool like Citrix. However, from my somewhat limited experience in enterprise, SCCM is likely the most used by some margin.

  • I have tried out SAP Gui 7.6 + NWBC 7.0 and i have encountered 2 issues.

    1. NWBC 7.0 crashes if the browser control is set to chromium
    2. BEX tools bundled with GUI 7.6 do not work. they cannot start (on windows 10)

    I get the following errors from bex

    Application: BExQueryDesignerStarter.exe
    Framework Version: v4.0.30319
    Description: The process was terminated due to an unhandled exception.
    Exception Info: System.NullReferenceException
    at, System.String, System.String)

    Exception Info: System.TypeInitializationException
    at, BExDebugLevel)

    I also get this

    Faulting application name: BExQueryDesignerStarter.exe, version: 7600.1.0.799, time stamp: 0x5c6a5198
    Faulting module name: KERNELBASE.dll, version: 10.0.17134.1, time stamp: 0x149ab0fd
    Exception code: 0xe0434352
    Fault offset: 0x0010d722
    Faulting process id: 0x3598
    Faulting application start time: 0x01d4e4bb52028245
    Faulting application path: C:\Program Files (x86)\SAP\Business Explorer\BI\BExQueryDesignerStarter.exe
    Faulting module path: C:\Windows\System32\KERNELBASE.dll
    Report Id: 03eae58d-5403-4278-8df4-51df42e580fb
    Faulting package full name:
    Faulting package-relative application ID:


    Seems to be a problem with .NET framework.. has anyone experienced this?

  • Hi Frank,

    We have an ongoing issue with our existing SAP 740 version, SSL application (Spreadsheet Loader Excel based solution), we planned to replace SAP 750 version.

    We found an issue in the SSL application with SAP GUI 750 compare to the SAP version 740.

    When we connect to SAP system in few languages (Japanese, Chinese Etc.) then language related texts are not displaying properly.
    After a lot of analysis on SAP GUI 750 Patch Level 9, we are getting different results in Japanese languages compare to SAP GUI 750 fix 1 with SAP GUI 740

    Since, to fix this issue we've been working with SAP for quite a long time and now we have arrived at a point where we should consider upgrading to 760 instead of 750.

    What is your recommendation on this, do you have a plan on a working model with Spreadsheet Loader with 760 version.



    • Hello Sebastian,

      I am not aware of this issue and cannot comment that. I do not know what "the SSL application" is or who is responsible for it. This does not sound as if this belongs to SAP GUI, but that this is rather an application built on top. I could imagine that this might be related to SAP Note 2256415 (if this application is using the RFC controls), but that is just a guess.

      The right approach is to create a customer incident and follow-up on that.

      Best regards,



  • Hi Everyone,

    In belize theme for 7.60 is there any option of showing application server name beside SID in top menu like we have at bottom side in GUI 7.50.




    • Hello Mahesh,

      in Belize theme you can show either the SID or the application server name, but not both.
      We have added the application server name to the entries in the dropdown in the system information area so that a user who realy wants this information can still get it. You could use the option "Show system name in taskbar button", but that will only help you for inactive SAP GUI windows (because for inactive windows we display the title in the caption area as of 7.60 PL1 and the option adds the SID to the title).

      So for an activate SAP GUI window there is no way to display both SID and application server in parallel. The reason is that almost nobody needs to see both in parallel and permanently.

      Best regards,


      • Thanks for your information, Frank.

        But my colleagues and I strongly disagree your your regarding "The reason is that almost nobody needs to see both in parallel and permanently." That might be true if you manage a few systems. But you have to manage hundreds and some with the same SID, both information at the same time are extremely useful.

        So, thanks to your information, we're switching to other themes that still have SID and appl. server name.

        Thanks again


  • Hi everyone,


    Why SAP Have removed "system dependent theme" that is the best theme ?


    I don't understand this approach....



    • Hello Antonio,

      "System Dependent" is a theme based on Enjoy (family of enjoy, streamline and tradeshow themes). The theme is very old (1998) and it has severe technical limitations for example when working with high DPI (try it out - it is ugly). There are more than enough alternatives which are from my perspective looking much better, but that is of course a matter of taste, too.

      Additionally adding more and more themes to SAP GUI also comes at a price: More complexity and reduced performance as well as reduced maintainability. If we add something new we also need to remove something old from time to time.

      Best regards,

  • Tested SAP GUI 7.60 PL1 and it feels like it's quite far away from enterprise use, many issues spotted on the first day of use alrady, for me major issues related to problems with search helps as they are often not rendered properly or returns no data(with 7.50 works fine). Besides different themes also seem to behave differently.


    • Hello Walter,

      regarding F4 help: See SAP Note 2798263 "SAP GUI F4 (aModal) Control : F4 search result dialog is not displayed". We delivered a hotfix for this which is available since quite a while.

      Regarding the other comment related to the different behavior of themes: Can you be a bit more concrete?

      Best regards,

  • HI Frank,
    Wondering when we can expect full Office 64-bit support ?
    Nowadays, everyone should be on 64-bit Windows, so there is not really a reason to keep on developing 32-bit SAPGui with broken compatibility for Office 64-bit.
    Regard, Rob

    • Hello Veenman,

      I do not think this is going to happen soon.

      We have to realize the facts:

      • SAP GUI is primarily a maintenance topic at SAP
      • The investment for getting a 64bit version of SAP GUI would be very huge
      • Even if we developed and shipped a 64bit version, it would never be 100% functionally complete and therefore it could not replace the 32bit version.

      Presently I do not see any chance to make this happen.

      Regarding the "broken compatibility" we are presently investigating whether we can adjust Excel inplace so that the DllSurrogate approach that you probably refer to can be replaced.

      Best regards,


  • Hi Frank;

    for theme "Belize Without Fiori Features” following system buttons are not displayed at the footer right aligned (like Fiori 2.0 design):


    The currently displayed text buttons are too scattered and poorly arranged.

    Would it be possible to implement this as an option in one of the next PL's
    (similar to "Move Main Menu to 'More' button")?

    Kind regards




    • Hello Sven.

      thank you for the feedback.

      In "Belize without Fiori Features" no buttons are displayed in the footer at all, because we decided to keep the positions of all buttons at the top (to be as compatible as possible). I do not think we should move buttons into the footer when not running Fiori mode, because often the most important buttons would not be displayed in the footer (since the "old" applications do not specify which buttons to move into the footer) and the users would be confused.

      Regarding the buttons at the top:

      • The "More" button is the overflow button. Where else should it be placed but where the buttons that cannot be displayed anymore disappear?
      • Exit and Logoff are the same buttons and are placed at the right together with the other generic functions (while the application specific functions are at the left)
      • The less used functions for Cancel and Scrolling have been moved to the left area so that they are moved into the overflow first and the other functions which are in most cases more important stay on the screen even for smaller windows.

      What exactly is your proposal?

      Best regards,

      • Hello Frank,

        thanks for your clarification.

        My proposal:

        Use more features from “SAP Fiori Visual Theme for Classic Applications”.

        And therefore I must correct me, concerning the button positions:

        • For “SAP Fiori Visual Theme for Classic Applications” the Back and Exit Button are at the same position like “Belize theme without Fiori Features”.
        • Only Cancel / Save button remain for the footer position.

        Probleme here is especially the actual position of Save button:
        At the same toolbar line and left from the Execute Button.

        Best Regards,



    • Hello Christoph,

      I would like to encourage you to open an incident for this.
      Without some good reproducible steps we will not be able to solve this issue.

      Best regards,

  • Hello Mr. Krause,
    as ABAP developer I recognized a new behaviour in SE80 regarding keywords, which actually is a bagatelle, but nonetheless somehow annoying:

    While entering code, even with autocompletion of keywords, the new SAPGUI does not recognize them instantly as such. It may take the "Pretty printer" in order to highlight the keywords. If you would press "Enter" afterwards, SAP would loose the formatting of the previous line, additionally starting the same behaviour with the new lines entered.

    In formatting options of the ABAP editor all relevant check boxes are activated of course.
    Did you already encounter this issue or has someone reported something like that?
    Will there be a bugfixing in upcoming patches?

    The chat log at least does not provide any information about this.
    Thank you very much in advance!

    Best regards,
    Markus Amann

    • Hello Mr. Amann,

      I am not aware of this issue and since the new ABAP Editor Control is presently not under responsibility of the SAP GUI team, I cannot even say whether we have related incidents as of now.

      In patchlevel 3 the following corrections for the new ABAP editor are included:

      ABAP Editor Clipboard Manager content may be incorrent, note 2806174
      ABAP Editor: syntax coloring error while editing, note 2813505
      Underscore characters in the ABAP editor may not be visible at certain zoom values, note 2807581

      However, none sounds like the issue you mentioned.

      Therefore, I would suggest creating an incident for this.

      Best regards,

      • Hello Frank,

        Currently i have this problem with sapgui 760, i use the theme Belice High Contrast Black, and in some popup the text color is not visible, the letters are black and the backgroud popup too. Do you know if this error will be corrected in the next patch?

        this popup works fine

        but not this one

        Thank you so much,




      • Hello Mr. Krause,
        thanks for your reply and i'm sorry it took quite a while to respond. In meanwhile we tested the new patchlevel 3 because OSS 2813505 sounded like a solution. And indeed, it helped. Keywords are highlighted as usual again.

        There's a further error which has not been solved with patchlevel 3: again in ABAP-editor, when using autocompletion e.g. for class methods, the tab-position shifts to the left. Again: just a minor error. Maybe a correction will be delivered within a later patch-level.....

        Markus Amann

  • Hello Community,

    I would like to provide a minor update on our features in SAP GUI for Windows 7.60.
    We originally planned to release this feature in the initial delivery, but during development a lot of challenges came up (like supporting this on older Windows versions). Therefore, we decided to delay the shipment of this feature until we are satisfied with the functionality and it works without limitations. This is now the case with patchlevel 3.

    Import and export of SAP GUI settings (available as of SAP GUI for Windows 7.60 Patchlevel 3)

    The SAP GUI Options Dialog now supports the export and import of all relevant SAP GUI settings. This is for example relevant when a user receives a new PC and wants to take over the previous settings easily. The settings are exported as content of a password protected archive which can be transferred to the new PC and then be imported via the “Import” button. Importing settings overwrites the present settings and requires a restart of SAP GUI / SAP Logon (Pad).

    The following settings are exported upon clicking the “Export” button on:

    • SAP Logon items created by the user (user specific SAPUILandscape.xml)
    • SAP GUI settings changed by the user (SAP GUI options stored under HKEY_CURRENT_USER in the Windows registry)
    • SAP GUI security rules created by the user (user specific saprules.xml)
    • Input history (user specific SAPHistory<UserName>.db)
    • Local tab order definitions created by the user (user specific SAPLocalTabOrder.db)
    • New ABAP Editor configuration files (content of folder “ABAP Editor”)
    • OKCode field history (stored in the Windows registry)
    • As of patchlevel 4: "Color Settings" / "Colors in System" defined by the user for displaying SAP GUI windows in individual colors per SAP System (stored in the Windows registry)

    Please note that this feature is not intended to deploy default settings. For achieving this, you can use central configuration files or make use of features available in NWSAPSetup. The feature is purely intended for the individual end user.

    Best regards,

    • Hi Frank,

      This produces password protected ZIP files and we are therefore unable to interogate the contents of the backup.

      Can you advise what password is used (or how it is formed – I believe user ID is included somehow) please?



  • Hi Frank,

    I would like to appreciate the f icons in SAP GUI 7.60! I am very sure that a lot other users will like this too. This option will really improve usability. Once again i appreciate the icons in SAP

    Thank you.

  • Hello Frank,

    we are about to roll out SAP GUI 7.60 SP2.

    We have following issues, where I didn’t found a solution.

    Issue 1:

    SAP GUI 7.60 PL2 (also with PL2 Hotfix 1 I tried both) crashes without any information (also by increasing of tracelevel) also the saplogon crashes at that time .


    After logged on in a SAP-System. If you try to save a list. e.g. SP01 –> System–> List –> save–>save. By pressing the last Save no popup appears with saving to filesystem (list with unconvertet, Text with tab … HTML Format …). SAPGUI and SAPLOGON crashes without any message.

    What is really curios. After crashing and you start saplogon again. And try it again it works. The list appears and you can save.


    If now than you stop SAPGUI (anyway stopping saplogon, or not stopping saplogon but closing sapgui) login again in a SAP-System and again trying to save a list it crashes again.


    Issue 2:

    Unfortunally I am awaiting information how reproducing the issue myself.

    When you start a transaction that opens Excel, Excel is open and contain the data needed. But there is no save button aktiv it is not possible to do anithing with the resulted excel-sheet.


    Do you know one of that issue, can someone look if it you can reproduce the issues?

    Additional information:

    I tried with a local installation. On Citrix I didnt tried myself, but users said it is the same issue. (actually don’t know if also on citrix it will work once after crashed like I described)


    Thanks in Advance




  • Dear Frank,

    we're rolling out SAP GUI 7.60 PL2 and unfortunately we have faced some performance issues. The performance lack is not related to certain transactions or options e.g. "F4 Help" or "ALV Grid" and also not very dramatical. However all in all the GUI 7.60 is slower than the 7.40 or 7.50 version. I wonder if SAP can give us a recommendation on how to configure or set up the 7.60 to get the best performance? We are using SAP Signature Theme as a default theme. Appreciate your help.


  • Has anyone experienced problems with the installation of Version 7.60 comp 1?  I had to install it from a usb flashdrive for it to install.  It seems to be a Windows 10 version 1709 security feature.



  • Dear Frank


    Thank you for providing your insights into the GUI with this article.  Reading through the comments it's interesting to read of applications areas with the screen rendering and functionality mis-behaving or illogical menus.

    As a customer, I raise defects with SAP Standard code for them to be fixed.  For me the Belize Theme is a fundamental in the direction of travel so if the screens are misleading, broken or failing to deliver on the intended productivity it's reasonable that they are fixed.

    With Reference to: SAP Fiori Visual Theme for Classic Applications –looking at the proposed benefits on page 5, it states “It speeds up the user’s workflow’ as it is ‘easier to find what you are looking for’.  And on p.8 it states ‘helps users to focus on the most important tasks’.

    From reading your comments this is for SAP Application Teams to take ownership for and fix.  And I am seeing that in some areas, but not all.

    For example, the Workflow Transaction SBWP when you highlight a line in Belize it is no longer clear to identify the selected line compared to Blue Crystal.  I've been told to change to Blue Crystal for our organization.  And also to register for a Customer Influence event that appears to be neither open nor upcoming. 

    My question is what guidance and engagement and expectation has been gifted to the Application teams to deliver on the expectations of the Belize Theme.  So as customers we can refer to that guidance, as it feels like it's not the preferred strategic choice when raising a defect.  


    Thanks for any further information to help genuinely and consistently improve the UX with Belize when it's highlighted from customers.


    Kind Regards






    • Hi Frank!

      Thanks for advising via my SAP query which I'd used the component for Workflow not the Windows GUI to upgrade to 7.60 Patch 5 Hotfix 2.  Where a "frame is re-instated" in Belize theme around the active work item.  I honestly didn't notice on first or second glance the subtle fix - for me this doesn't go far enough 🙂  But appreciate the acknowledgement the contrast it feels is the underlying issue for this transaction.  Thanks for trying, Cheryl7.60%20Patch%206

      7.60 Patch 6

    • For me it also represented the optimal usage of desktop screen area, which is of course important if you are a desktop user and especially a developer. Belize makes all the elements very big and are, in my opinion, rather wasteful. I assume it is geared at users, but was not designed with consultants in mind.

    • Also interested in this! Recently upgraded our SAP Personas to latest SP and got a Quartz-theme adaptation (colors) on what is basically Belize-theme. Feels a lot more modern without the all the baby blue color!

  • Hello Frank Krause

    Has anyone pointed out or has this been discussed: the Windows 10 window snapping feature does not seem to work in Belize themes 7.60 PL4 versions. If you switch it to any of the other themes (Signature or Blue Crystal for example), it works fine. Is that something being looked at or possibly a setting somewhere I cannot find?


  • /
  • Why themes "Enjoy / Streamline / Tradeshow / SystemDependent" have been removed ?

    Do we still have an alternative to Belize ?

    Will you preserve the diversity of the themes in the future ?

    Or will the hegemony of Belize be imposed even by coercion ?


    PS :

    I think many users are attached to these old themes.

    I think that Belize interface is very poor compared to old themes. Its adoption is rejected by a significant number of users.



    • Hello Chaouki,

      Quote from this blog:

      "System Dependent" is a theme based on Enjoy (family of enjoy, streamline and tradeshow themes). The theme is very old (1998) and it has severe technical limitations for example when working with high DPI (try it out - it is ugly). There are more than enough alternatives which are from my perspective looking much better, but that is of course a matter of taste, too.

      Additionally adding more and more themes to SAP GUI also comes at a price: More complexity and reduced performance as well as reduced maintainability. If we add something new we also need to remove something old from time to time."

      You cannot expect that something which has been created in 1998 continues to work without any issues in changed environments after 23 years and that more and more themes are added without any impact.

      Do we still have an alternative to Belize ?

      Did you count the number of available themes? In both 7.60 and especially 7.70 we have more themes than ever before and this also includes older themes like Signature, Corbu and Blue Crystal.

      Will you preserve the diversity of the themes in the future ?

      For the same reasons mentioned before, old themes will fade-out also in the future.

      I think that Belize interface is very poor compared to old themes.

      Its adoption is rejected by a significant number of users.

      Well, that is a matter of taste to a certain degree, but maybe you would like to try the Quartz themes in SAP GUI for Windows 7.70 (which I consider much better).

      Best regards,