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Payment Terms, Incoterms Enhancement For Tickets

With the 1808 new feature release, we have got an additional option to view Payment Terms, Incoterms, Incoterm Location, Delivery Priority within tickets.

These fields are seen within Integration Section of Ticket Overview Facet.The Integration Section usually means the data will be replicated to ERP.

The tickets only display the information on User Interface, provided necessary configuration to replicate the data between ERP and C4C is made.

  • The above fields are associated with “Sales Data” of Account.
  • For any Account , for which a follow up ticket is created , should have the Sales Data maintained.

  • The Ticket Party Role – “Sales Unit”, determinations within “Ticket For Customer Support / Employee Support” Activity List should be enabled to fetched data from “Account Sales Data” (Step 25)  as a first priority

  • Then, when we create a follow up ticket, for the above account, the data from Account Sales Data will be displayed on Tickets , within Integration Section
  • These fields could be added via Adaptation mode
  • Currently, these fields could be seen in Fiori, HTML(only in Quick Create view)

  • These fields are updated only when there is an update to the Sales Area of Ticket.

These fields could further be used in Ticket Approval, Ticket Workflows. This data within tickets helps in Product up-sell and cross-sell scenarios


Vani Dammalli

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  • Hi, I want to add these fields in Ticket layout, I adapted the screen and added the fields in my layout, but no data coming to the fields, I saw your screenshot and the values for incoterms, payments terms and incoterm location are also not ful filled. The note said that :

    • These fields are updated ONLY when there is an update to the Sales Area of Ticket --> I also edit the sales data but the fields are still empty  🙁

    Do you know how to get information in that fields?

    Thanks a lot,