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Author's profile photo Antony Johnson

“Edmin” The Community Bot – Launched Dec 2018

We have launched 19th Dec the SAP Conversational AI technology into the into the S/4HANA Customer Community.


Deployed scenarios


Edmin will pick-up unanswered questions in the community using its knowledge base. There are Lob Q&A bots working in the forums; General Q&A, Finance, Sales, Cross Area and Manufacturing. These bots have over 350 known solutions to common problems


The community users can have conversations with Edmin in the chat window. Should this conversation result in a technical question it is forwarded to a Lob-Bot

Further planned scenarios for Q1 2019

aims_outcomes.png #3.png The bot to sort questions into different LoB pages depending on the context of the question.
#4.png If a question has not been answered within 48hrs it will escalate it to a moderator or contributor to that relevant forum
#5.png Launch Q&A bots for forums Supply Chain, HR, Procurement, Asset Management and R&D

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      Author's profile photo Gerard Magorrian
      Gerard Magorrian

      Great to see Edmin answering some Sales questions already!

      Author's profile photo Priyank Kumar Jain
      Priyank Kumar Jain

      Sounds great. Looking forward to some complicated questions for the "Edmin" 🙂

      Author's profile photo Mateus Blume
      Mateus Blume

      It's cool to see "Edmin" answer the questions.

      Author's profile photo Ryan Muller
      Ryan Muller

      Looking forward to seeing Edmin's evolution.

      Author's profile photo Sandeep Kumar
      Sandeep Kumar

      Edmin is getting smart by time!

      Author's profile photo Ryan Muller
      Ryan Muller

      Antony Johnson I've seen Edmin post answers to some questions posed, how do we mark whether Edmin's answers are correct or off base to help it learn? I've only seen that we can mark its answer as best, what if it is incorrect or not on topic?

      Author's profile photo Eva Stergiou
      Eva Stergiou

      Hi Ryan, If an answer is wrong you just leave it and we will make sure it gets deleted. We will launch some new features soon which should deal with this issue most of the time.

      Author's profile photo Ryan Muller
      Ryan Muller

      Eva Stergiou Glad to hear it and excited to watch and participate in Edmin's evolution.

      Author's profile photo Nancy Guo
      Nancy Guo

      Eva Stergiou Danielle Beeken Hi Eva & Danielle, do you mean you will delete the wrong answers from Edmin? Is there any update on the feedback functionality to Edmin's reply?