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Put a Like on It, or, How to Encourage Bloggers to Post More Content You Want to Read

OK, I’ll admit it. I can sometimes get lazy. I’ll read a blog post when I’m not logged in, for example while I’m waiting at the airport, and I’ll enjoy the post, and instead of trying to log in on the spot, I’ll take the easy way out and tell myself “when you get back to the office and log in, you’ll go back and put a like on it.”

But then I’ll get to the office, I’ll log in, be confronted with some burning issue, and before I know it, I forgot to put that Like on that post after all.

I think one of my new year’s resolutions will be to make that extra effort to put a Like on a post in the moment, when I enjoy it or it provides value to me. And the reason I want to make that pledge is because I want to see more from that author, and receiving a Like is one of the best motivations authors receive for continuing to post good content.

What about Comments, you say? Those can also be good motivators, especially when an interesting dialog ensures between the blog author and the comment poster.

But a like is a real morale boost; it’s like a “thank you”, a recognition of the effort that went into the post (assuming it’s a good post, of course; I’m not suggesting putting a Like on everything you read, just on the ones that you thought were valuable or enjoyable). And recognition of our skills, knowledge, and viewpoints is really why those of us who contribute content do so in the first place.

I also appreciate when people I follow in the community put Likes on posts they value. I see this in my activity stream, and that is often how I discover blog posts I would otherwise not have noticed. I don’t see in my activity stream when they viewed it or read it; I only see when they liked it (or commented on it). So that activity helps me understand what content those members (whose opinions and content I value) are enjoying right now.

So Put a Like on It if you thought a blog post was useful or funny or it somehow brought you value, so you’ll get the chance to see more good content in the future. Thank a good contributor for their contribution.

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  • So I had to scroll down to find the like, but it was worth it.

    Most of the time my blogs don’t get likes, but that’s OK as I blog for myself 🙂

    Hopefully more will “like” in the future.


  • Wait, I get the liking (well worth it on this post) but Blockchain, seriously? 😉 well, you don’t need to wait till 2019 to learn something about it. (SAP Inside Track session by Ricardo J. Méndez)

    Greetings from Berlin!


  • Aren't the chickens great for the fresh eggs though? I've really forced myself to make sure I like more content (2019 we do want to show who likes as well) and to follow posts I find really interesting to so I can also see about the interactions that happen on it too!

  • "I’m waiting at the airport, and I’ll enjoy the post, and instead of trying to log in on the spot..." - but what is the issue? My Community ID/Password are saved on my mobile phone - I always browse Community logged.


      • By the way, after recent UI update social activity items were removed from activity stream (for people you don't follow):

        What is the reason to like blogs?

    • My problem is I go back and fourth between 2 IDs.  They are both linked to my work mail.  I'll be browsing as an S user after going over to "OSS" (not sure of the name now).  Then I make comments with my S-ID.  I'll normally log on with my P-ID.  Why?  Because I had issues when changing companies.

      I try to leave comments - sometimes with this ID / sometimes with the other.  I'm not sure it matters.  😉

  • Great blog communicating a very important point accompanied by some great resolutions. For me I have developed this habit(after lot of attempts) if i am doing anything on community i am logged on. This is because i tend to open multiple tabs and if I am not logged on then i have refresh each page after logging on one page.

    Secondly my feedback resonates 100% with you if some one has taken the pain to share his experience, then it becomes the community responsibility to encourage the OP with a like or comment. For some it can be beginner blogs etc but trust me a like/comment will go a long way in encouraging the person to contribute more and that too some crazy stuff.

    Once again thanks for the blog.



  • Love this blog!   You do an amazing job of recognizing all of us.   I don't know how you keep up.   The comments - well I do love a comment.

    Thank you for such a positive blog.  I couldn't have said it better myself.  😉