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Author's profile photo Johan Gooding

Now Featuring: Focused Run for SAP Solution Manager, Version 2.0

In a world . . . where your business runs high-volume monitoring and alerting, one focused solution with the full power of SAP HANA is back. From the people who brought you FP03 innovations and based on true stories of customer feedback – this is Focused Run for Solution Manager, version 2.0.

Previously in Focused Run . . .

Focused Run became famous for being the system that caters to customers with advanced needs regarding system management, user monitoring, integration monitoring, and configuration and security analytics.

It can run side-by-side with an existing SAP Solution Manager. If you want to familiarize yourself with Focused Run before diving into the version 2.0 features, check out the Focused Run support page.

The Documentation Experience

The support page is also your starting point for screening demos. Whether or not you’re the type who tends to prefer book versions, anyone can enjoy finding answers to Focused Run 2.0 questions on the Focused Run help portal page. I’ve found release notes, end-user documentation, and master and security guides to be helpful reads.

New Production Highlights

Without further ado, here are my personal top 5 action still-frames of Focused Run 2.0’s new features:


This is the metric page for system monitoring. Since you can now simultaneously display the metric history for multiple managed objects, how fast can you identify hosts with the highest CPU-utilization rates?



Here is a montage of cloud service management features. The words may be blurry in this picture, but it’s clear you’ll benefit from the cloud product-specific entry fields. Now you can follow guided steps for defining cloud services and associated endpoints. The beauty here is in the simplicity of the process.



The complexity here is under the surface. This system anomaly prediction, with its overview colors and its metric chart, is the result of deep integration of Artificial Intelligence capabilities in existing use cases such as System Monitoring and System Analysis. These understated powerful images help customers proactively predict anomalous behaviors and avoid critical situations in managed systems.



The tactical dashboard is newly-designed for cross-application dashboards. It’s designed for large and very large landscapes. It provides KPIs for systems and trend analysis. This dashboard is special because it delivers flexibility for you to set up and customize the views for your needs.



Finally, here’s another example of a view from the tactical dashboard, which is both uncrowded and packed with useful information. This one regards availability.

To Be Continued

So that’s the end for my five favorites list. Yet when you select the above links for more information, your discovery of favorite new features for your business is just beginning.

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      Author's profile photo Venkatesh R
      Venkatesh R


      The predictive application looks like in the attached screenshot when systems are configured. Currently, HANA Out of Memory and HANA Database Hanging situations can be predicted.



      Author's profile photo M Depa
      M Depa

      Hi Venkatesh,


      I am trying to setup predictive analytics for metric forecasting and System anamoly prediction.I need guidence on checking prerequisites.

      1.  Application Function Library (AFL) and the SAP HANA Automated Predictive Library (APL) do I need to do this manually or integrated in Focused run installation

      2. Install R and integrate with HANA - please guide me here I am not able follow the document. T his task is done by a developer or BASIS


      Author's profile photo Norman Schmidt
      Norman Schmidt

      HI SAP,

      we are implementing the System Anomaly Prediction function to evaluate its use - however the central correction note has long been blocked:

      SAP NOTE 2706805 Central Correction Note - System Anomaly Prediction in Focused Run for SAP Solution Manager 2

      Is SAP working on extending this or is the functionality not longer supported?
      A request via Ticket for information has been ignored for quite a while, maybe others are curious as well.

      Kind regards

      Author's profile photo Johan Gooding
      Johan Gooding
      Blog Post Author

      This question made me curious too! The product experts promised me today that you will get an answer. Informally, they explained to me that the note is no longer relevant as a correction note when the new process for notes were introduced. The plan is to get it edited in the Master Guide as a consultation note until the FRUN Expert Portal is in place. Please look out for the official answer to your ticket.

      Author's profile photo Norman Schmidt
      Norman Schmidt

      Hi, thanks for the information - my ticket was updated:

      "The note has been released and it has been converted to a consulting note. This will be updated in the master guide too. Kindly note that the corrections related to System Anomaly Prediction is available in notes  2729778 and as part of composite note 2724543 now."

      Kind regards

      Author's profile photo Tord Westerlund
      Tord Westerlund

      Have Anyone installed and run FocusedRun for a while and seen what the size of HANA have grown to ? ; Since that is the based for the license I want to get some hints on how much a general FR system gets on HANA size.

      I know the size is highly related to how much data is stored and number of Satelite systems/Agents, but if anyone can say humber of days/month and and agent perhaps a calculated guess can be made.

      Or is there somewhere a matrix that can give me a hint ?


      Author's profile photo Johan Gooding
      Johan Gooding
      Blog Post Author

      Here’s a hint taken from the Master Guide (Chapter 3.1 Planning Information): SAP provides customers with the SAP HANA used memory calculation as well as with the hardware sizing for the Focused Run project as a follow up of the Focused Run positioning workshop. For more information, see -> Get Focused Run.

      Author's profile photo M Depa
      M Depa

      We have requirement to develop machine learning for BPM to perform predictive analysis in Focused Run, what are the steps need to be followed to complete this task...

      Author's profile photo Johan Gooding
      Johan Gooding
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Esha,

      After some initial research, we'll want to take this one off-line to help you with a personalized answer. The experts will recognize your question if you mention you first posted it in this blog. Here's the contact info: Contact Focused Solutions. If you think of any, please include additional details you feel relevant to your specific requirement.

      In-person SAP events are also a great way to discuss similar planning issues. Check out what's coming up this fall for the ALM community.