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SAP Customer Checkout support for SAP BusinessOne Multi-branch

Hello Everyone,

This blog post informs you about SAP BusinessOne multi-branch support together with SAP Customer Checkout.

SAP Customer Checkout supports integration with SAP BusinessOne where multi-branch is enabled from Release 2.0 FP07 onwards(Released on 14th December 2018). This feature is currently available in beta version.

This feature is currently available in beta version. This means that partners should evaluate, test and verify the exact use-cases of the customer before implementing it at customers site.

You also need the B1if services for SAP Customer Checkout . The version of B1if services should be 3.4.74 or higher. You find these B1if services in our standard SAP Note

In SAP Customer Checkout configuration you maintain the branch id from SAP BusinessOne in the field Branch ID (Beta version). If you are not using multi-branch, just leave this field blank. Once a branch ID is maintained, SAP Customer Checkout uses this branch ID for all calls to SAP BusinessOne.
The AR Invoices or Incoming/Out-going payments are all created for this branch. In stock overview you see the stocks for only the warehouses which are assigned to this branch. When you fetch an AR Invoice for payment or Sales order or any other business document to continue your business process in SAP Customer Checkout, this is done only for the branch ID maintained in configuration.

It is NOT possible to fetch any business document in SAP Customer Checkout which belongs to a branch different than what is maintained in configuration. In summary, you can say that 1 SAP Customer Checkout belongs to a 1 specific branch and can perform operations only related to that branch.

Below a list of error messages that can occur in SAP Customer Checkout monitor when the system is not configured correctly is listed. The idea is that it helps you to quickly resolve the most common problems faced.

1. Error :999 – DI Error: (-5002) Specify an active branch [OINV.BPLId]-The di call #1 did fail.
Solution: When multi-branch is activated in SBO, but no branch ID is maintained in SAP Customer Checkout or wrong branch ID is maintained in SAP Customer Checkout, then in SAP Customer Checkout monitor this error message is shown.
SAP Customer Checkout supports multi-branch only from Release 2.0 FP07. If lower version then kindly update. If already on the right version than maintain or correct the branch ID in SAP Customer Checkout.

2. It is NOT possible to modify or edit the branch ID in SAP Customer Checkout monitor. This is as planned. We do not allow modifying system ID and branch ID in SAP Customer Checkout monitor.
In this case the partner needs to change the Branch ID, this needs to be done in SAP Customer Checkout monitor DB directly.

3. Error :DI Error: (-5002) 1320000257 – You are not assigned to selected branch ‘Frankfurt’ [USR6.BPLId][line: 1]-The di call #1 did fail.
You are assigning customers to branch. However the user which is used for creating this customer is not assigned to the branch used. By default for SAP Customer Checkout, the integration user B1if is used. Hence this user should be assigned to the branch – you want to use.

4. By defaults when customers are created by SBO. They are created for all branches to which the logged in user(like manager) is assigned. Which means for our B1if services, it will be created for all all branches to which integration user “B1if” is assigned.

5. Error :999 – DI Error: (-5002) Warehouse is not assigned to the same branch as the document [INV1.WhsCode][line: 1] , “201”-The di call #1 did fail.
Solution: BranchID in the transaction and warehouse used – no not match. Kindly assign the warehouse to the branch in SBO or correct the branch ID in SAP Customer Checkout or SAP Customer Checkout monitor.

6. Error :999 – DI Error: (-5002) 1320000258 – Select business partner assigned to specified branch “Frankfurt”-The di call #1 did fail.
Solution: Customer is not assigned to the branch which is used in the transaction.

7. Error :005 – B1 Error (0010000108):  Exception : DI Error: (-5002) Account is not assigned to the same branch as the document [ORCT.CashAcct][line: 1] , “511402”- The di call #1 did fail
Solution: PettyCash or GL Ledger account used is not assigned to branch.

8. Error :005 – B1 Error (0010000108):  Exception : DI Error: (-5002) Ensure selected branch is the same as the branch of documents to be paid [ORCT.BPLId][line: 0] , “Swiss”
Solution: When you try to pay an Invoice which belongs to a different branch. This is not supported by SAP Customer Checkout

9.Error999 – DI Error: (-2028) No matching records found (ODBC -2028)-The di call #1 did fail.
SolutionThe user used in the B1DI connection in the B1if > SLD is not assigned to the branch. Refer to the KBA #2884690 for further information

In this blog, you have learnt about what is supported in SAP Customer Checkout for multi-branch scenario of SAP BusinessOne and how to resolve common configuration issues.

Hope you enjoyed the blog. Best of luck with your SAP Customer Checkout journey.

Feel free to comment and give feedback about the blog.

About me: 
My name is Bikash Bansal. I work for SAP SE, Germany. My current role is of Product Owner for SAP Customer Checkout.
You can find more blogs from me about SAP Customer Checkout here .

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    • Hello Amarjargal,

      Before we started supporting, multi-branch(beta version), it was not possible in the standard solution to connect SAP Customer Checkout to a SAP BusinessOne with multi-branch enabled.

      Best Regards,


  • Thanks Bikash for the update, it came at a perfect time as I was preparing to launch a CCO solutions in a B1 multi-branch implementation. I did find a bug in the scenario packages though for HANA. In the helper.xml file there is a reference to the BPLId field (Package version 3.5.80 line 2923)  that is not wrapped and results in errors with some scenarios.  What is the most effective way to report these kinds of "bugs" for development?

  • Hi Mr Bansal,

    I have a database in SAPBO with active branches and when I send a receipt from Customer Checkout I get the error 'Specify an active branch'.
    I have tried the solution indicated to change the BPLId ('select BPLId from PointofSaleReceipt where PosKey = 'xxx'') but I don't exist the BPLId field in the PointofSaleReceipt table of the Customer Checkout database.

    As you said in the post I have made the update of the B1if services to the latest version (3.8.93) but in step 3 of the SAP note 2163033 I do not see any data in the '' Partner Step '' field of the window ' Integration Framework - Table Editor '.
    Still I continue with the installation and it seems to be done correctly but when checking the Checkout Monitor the data of the previously created receipts have been deleted.
    I have verified that I have configured the necessary data for branches in SAPBO (Users, Business Partner, Warehouses, Employees, Senior Accounts, Numbering Series)

    I would appreciate very much if you can help me.

  • Hello Bikash Bansal ,

    There is another possible issue that can occur when SAP Customer Checkout is integrated with SAP Business One multi-branch.

    Error: 999 - DI Error: (-2028) No matching records found (ODBC -2028)-The di call #1 did fail.

    Solution: The user used in the B1DI connection in the B1if > SLD is not assigned to the branch.

    Refer to the KBA #2884690 for further information


    • Hello Blessing Chivave

      This can happen if you are re-using the same SAP Customer Checkout manager initially in test set-up and then finally also in productive environment.

      You can change the number range(sequence numbers) so that new receipts can be posted:
      In SAP Customer Checkout manager, we do not allow duplicate receipts.


      Bikash Bansal

  • Hi Bikash,

    I see that in the latest release FP10 PL04 the branch feature is still marked as "Beta version". Can you please elaborate why this is the case and what possible gaps/missing functions still exist or what exactly is the reason that this is still beta?

    I am just asking because we plan to implement a customer with activated branch feature and are collecting all available information. During this I also discovered that in the official help documentation none of this is mentioned ( )

    Thank you kindly!