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Author's profile photo Dhruvin Mehta

Use Simple and very powerfull Data Model in Debug Mode for SAP C4C

Dear All,


As a C4C technical developer some times we develop somethings which can  be made available with the help of Rules like visibility , readonly!

PDI is very powerfull tool but with More power comes more responsibility 😀 and some times a Embedded component could lead to decreased system performce.

I had a requirement to make a URL mash up link only avaiable on display mode , and if some certian fields are filled. Again , being a developer my mindset is like lets do it via PDI but then later I saw a blog from Jerry Wang ( awesome tehchnical guy!) :

He used a Data Model field and made it avialble in EC to render the visibility.

We will do the same thing but not with EC , we will do it with Visibility rules

1.Identify the Fields and logic with which you want to change visibility.

Use Case : We have two URLs , a. Create , b. View.

I want Create to be visible if  C4C object is in display mode and if the external object is not yet created which is determined via a KUT dield.

I want View to be visible if the external object is created and C4C object is in display mode.

Lets start.

Get the techincal IDs of the field from data model

  1. Edit mode
  2. External object ID (KUT field)

Go to debugMode in your tenant. add a parameter debugMode=true in url

click on cntrl+right click on the field u want to make condition.


Same way get the KUT field from Data Model

Get as many fields you want based on your condition.

2. Now go to vibility rule for the field or any other object in my case its a URL Mashup link.

Edit the master layout.


create conditon


and thats it!! Just play aroud with it..:)

I hope it helps and reduce some efforts for the developers!

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      Author's profile photo Mauricio Pinheiro Predolim
      Mauricio Pinheiro Predolim

      Hi Dhruvin, Awesome post!

      One question. Let's say we are testing communication between external source payload and C4C using SOAPui. is there a way to debug the C4C communication arrangement to check in case we have errors?

      I'm using a valid payload from SOAPui and try to send the content to C4C communication arrangement but on web monitoring we just have an error like:

      "Error while processing inbound third party communication"




      Author's profile photo Dhruvin Mehta
      Dhruvin Mehta
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Mauricio, Sorry i missed this comment.

      I need to understand wht are you trying to do, Are you consuming a WSDL from C4C and in SOAPUI you are calling it?

      or the other way around.