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How to Model Custom SAP HANA Views for SAP Marketing Cloud in Your Browser


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Customers who have very specific requirements for Segmentation, Scores or Recommendations in  SAP Marketing Cloud sometimes need to create custom views for HANA modelling.

In the past this was done via Eclipse (including HANA tools) and you needed time to setup the whole environment, communication to the database and more. Nowadays you can do it purely in a ready to play cloud environment through SAP Cloud Platform.

In this blog article I will describe an approach how to do HANA modelling on SAP Cloud Platform and how to add a custom view to SAP Marketing Cloud.

This approach will save time, costs and makes collaboration between colleagues easier.

For the approach via Eclipse have a look at those really nice blogs:

Setup of Eclipse and HANA environment

Export of Custom views

Import of Custom views

You want to see this and more blogs from us? Click here

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  • Hi Mayank Agarwal ,

    a common example is additional logic based on CBOs or field enhancements, e.g. you load activity data from FitBit and want to sum up the total steps with the option to filter by date.

    The above example would require the usage of a custom hana view.

    Best regards, Anton

    • Hi Bruno!

      Sorry for the inconvenience.

      We are moving this article and other content to CX Works:

      You should see this article in the next weeks again on CX Works. Stay tuned for more articles to be published.

      Best regards,