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Author's profile photo Chris Franz

Advantage Database and Delphi

Advantage Database Server was first released in August 1993 and has had a long history over its 25-year history. What started out as DBXcellerator a product for increasing the performance of Clipper Applications evolved into a full relational database management system.

Advantage began supporting Delphi version 3 in 1997. We built a full tTable descendent that included TAdsConnection, TAdsTable, TAdsSettings, TAdsBatchMove, TadsStringField. These components allowed Delphi developers to quickly adopt Advantage using programming skills they already had.

Over the years many more components were added to the Advantage TDataSet Descendant. Native SQL support was added in version 5 which brought out our TAdsQuery component. Our DataDictionary was released with version 6 and we added a TAdsDictionary component for managing databases.

Additional relational database features were added which brought the need for TAdsStoredProc and TAdsEvent components. Like the other components, these provided familiar and convenient ways for developers to use the latest features and functionality of Advantage.

As we move into our 25th year of Advantage Database Server we have reached version 12. With this release, we provided a way for mobile developers to continue using Advantage. We released our Delphi Odata Client. This communicates with our Advantage Web Platform to provide access to data from virtually any device. Like the other components created for Delphi, these are simple to use and integrate into your applications.

We have enjoyed a good partnership with Embarcadero and the Delphi community for over 20 years. Our components currently work with Delphi 10.1 Berlin and we continue to work with Embarcadero to support the latest Delphi updates.

You can get more information about Advantage by visiting our forums

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      Author's profile photo Joachim Dürr
      Joachim Dürr

      25 years is ways to young to die ... or get murdered by it's owner.


      Author's profile photo Karl Middelberg
      Karl Middelberg

      I think it's time to open source ADS. Maybe a community will do what SAP apparently won't do: further development of this really good database. Leave it free rather than let it slowly die.

      Author's profile photo Edward Hass
      Edward Hass

      If SAP believes it is too expensive to keep on supporting Advantage, Open Source would be a better alternative than just closing it down.  I'm sure that there are many, as I, who've been using Advantage for twenty years or more.  Don't let us down.

      Author's profile photo Andreas Neumann
      Andreas Neumann

      If to talk about Delphi, I know that these tools are really decent and worth to be mentioned here -  Delphi Data Access Components 

      Author's profile photo Shane Thomas
      Shane Thomas

      Hi, my company produces software that uses the SAP Advantage Database and I am trying to download the latest version of the Advantage Delphi components.

      Can someone point me to where I can download the Component please.

      We Develop using Delphi XE2, Delphi Rio, Delphi Sydney and Now Delphi Alexandria.

      As far as I am aware SAP are not upgrading the component sets as they should be and the lastest available version is for Delphi Berlin, which can be hacked to also work with Rio.

      Anyway if anyone knows where I can obtain the latest versions of the components that would be great.

      Also it would be great if SAP could make these more readily available, and provide developers with access to the components when required.

      Thanks in Advance.