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Monthly Update Call: SAP Best Practices for SAP S/4HANA Extensions

Summary (tl;dr)

Are you willing to get regular updates on the latest releases of the SAP Cloud SDK, its roadmap, and topics around extensibility of SAP Business Suite, SAP S/4HANA, and other SAP offerings using SAP Cloud Platform? We are hosting a new series of update calls for SAP partners and you can subscribe to these calls using the following link. The sessions will be recorded and will be available via the same link, so you can always catch up later even if you have missed an instance.

Update: Please note that starting from July 2019, we use a different format for this call and make the content public, so that everybody can register for the call and see the recordings later on YouTube. See more details and updated registration links here.

How did it all start?

Back in May 2017, we have released a very first beta version of the SAP Cloud SDK, which by then included Java libraries for developers and the Continuous Delivery toolkit to set up a CI/CD pipeline and infrastructure quickly. This tool is the product of years of experience of building cloud-native applications for SAP Cloud Platform integrating with SAP Business Suite and SAP S/4HANA. It takes away the burden of writing boilerplate code for security, connectivity, query building, and many topics, increasing productivity of developers.

At SAP TechEd Las Vegas 2018, we have celebrated one year since the general availability release of the SAP Cloud SDK. See more information on that in the interview with Wieland Schreiner, Executive Vice President SAP S/4HANA, and Benjamin Heilbrunn from the SDK team. So looking back, it was a great year for our development teams and our users, with whom we have been working closely since the very first Beta release in May 2017:

  • The SDK has got many adopters internally and outside of SAP. We have set up an effective collaboration with our development community, getting regular feedback, which helps us to prioritize requirements in the roadmap. See the SAP TechEd interview with our partners.
  • Based on the feedback, we have released many new features in the SDK for Java, documented in the release notes.
  • Also, one of the results from the feedback for our community is the release of the Beta version of the SAP Cloud SDK for JavaScript
  • In addition to our regular tutorial series, we have dedicated our effort into many deep dive enablement offerings for the SAP S/4HANA extensibility, including the Open SAP Course and the Book “Extending SAP S/4HANA”

Moving forward to 2019

Looking forward to new ideas and successful collaborations in the year 2019, we will continue keeping our partner community informed about the latest releases and the newest developments around the SAP Cloud SDK. For that, we are hosting regular update calls on the SDK in addition to the release notes and release blogs.

The purpose of these update calls is to give an overview of the latest releases of the SAP Cloud SDK. Each monthly call will cover the two latest SDK releases (due to the bi-weekly release strategy) and one additional topic around S/4HANA side-by-side extensibility and SAP Cloud SDK.

The first call of the series will take place on 11. December at 17.00 CET, please, use the following direct link to sign up.

In the first call, we will introduce the call series, the SAP Cloud SDK, cover the latest updates in the SDK, and give an overview of the current roadmap. We will also be open for your questions and feedback in the Q&A session.

We will then continue with new topics starting from January 2019. In addition to the SDK updates, we will be covering various extensibility topics with guest speakers, for example:

  • SAP Cloud SDK for JavaScript
  • Integration  of the SAP Cloud SDK with Application Programming Model for SAP Cloud Platform and WebIDE
  • Examples usage of the SDK in production
  • Application security
  • SAP S/4HANA Cloud and On-Premise connectivity
  • … and many more

These calls will be particularly interesting to partners who are building or planning to build application or SAP extensions in SAP Cloud Platform with SAP Cloud SDK.

Some instances of the series will be more technical and development oriented, covering deep dives into the inner working of the SAP Cloud SDK and development tools integrating with the SDK. Some topics will provide more high-level overview of existing features. We will inform you about the upcoming topics few weeks before each session.

You will find all the recordings of the past instances in the Learning Hub.

Where to learn more?

If you want to learn more about the SAP Cloud SDK, you can use the following resources:

Your feedback matters!

If you have ideas regarding the topics for the upcoming sessions, feel free to reach out to us via the SAP Cloud SDK email or directly in the comments to this blog post.

If you have any technical question while working with the SDK, please, use the direct channel to our development team and our community via Stackoverflow, tag sap-cloud-sdk.

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      Author's profile photo Mike Doyle
      Mike Doyle

      Thanks Ekaterina, integration of the S4SDK with the Cloud APM is an excellent next topic. It would be great to see some more content (e.g. blogs) in this area as I think it’s a compelling combination, especially for devs who have a general SAP ecosystem background rather than specialising in Java. And especially for those who want to consume their service in UI5 (for which OData is easiest). At the moment I believe we just have Deep Dive 12

      Could you clarify the time please - '11:00 (GMT (GMT -5))'?  Does that mean 11:00 GMT or 11:00 EST?  The former is do-able for me but the latter is 3AM in Sydney.

      FYI you would probably get more registrations for these events if it wasn’t on PartnerEdge.  I work for a number of customers with a number of partners.  My community account is linked to my personal email address and I can’t use that to log in to PartnerEdge.  I’m logged into the Community account in Firefox, so that in Chrome I can use my S-account for the customer (not the partner). So I have to open the PE link in an incognito window in Chrome and manually copy over the credentials.  I really hope that the Universal ID project makes things easier…..


      Author's profile photo Ekaterina Kruse
      Ekaterina Kruse
      Blog Post Author

      Hello Mike, thanks for your comment. The call will be happening at 11.00 EST (thanks for noticing, the update of the page is requested), it will be recorded and available after the session. We are also working on providing more materials demonstrating the integration of APM and the SDK, including joined sessions at conferences, such as SAP TechEd. In the update calls, we will inform you about new available materials.

      Regarding your last comment: this is an important feedback, thanks for that. For the set of the initial sessions (1-6), we will stick to PE, but we are considering alternative formats for the future.