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SAP Cloud Integration – Search in Message Mapping Editor


SAP Cloud Integration version 2.48.x comes with support of search in the Message Mapping editor. This blog explains about this new enhancement.


Search option in Mapping

To support the nodes/elements search, a new text field has been introduced. Below screenshot provides UI enhancement details in the message mapping editor.


  1. A text field to add the text to be search for the nodes/elements of source and/or target mapping structure
  2. Search button along with up/down arrows to browse through the search occurrences.


You can enter the text with which you want to search for the node/element of the source/target structure and press enter key. The search results will be highlighted. Sample search and result screenshot is given below

Added birth as search text and by pressing enter key, results will be highlighted as shown in below screenshot

Pressing the down arrow, next occurrence of the search result is highlighted.

Below screenshot shows the search results of the target mapping structure for the search term id.



Message Mapping editor now comes with the support of search option. This enhancement will be useful to search and locate the required node/element especially in the complex mapping structure.

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