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New Set Up Wizard for ML Cash Application Configuration


Note: This is the very fresh information, I will update if the setting has been completed successfully


As some of you may have experienced about the configuration for Leonardo Cash Application.

I faced many struggle since this week and put the information for others.

This  blog is described about,


The  behavior of Cash Application Configuration Wizard


Two types of PoC are exist for Cash Application

  1. Data Extraction PoC
  2. Full PoC 

Data Extraction PoC

Difference between the two PoC is, 1 is only extracting historical data and run benchmark Python scripts in ML environment. ( Just Ubuntu environment installed relevant Python library without SAP CP)

The data needs to be downloaded from customer S/4HANA or ECC EHP6(custom extractor) / 7 (implement pilot notes), via CSV format.

I have experienced some data extraction PoCs for several customers and it will be described in the other article, later.

  • Note 2613870 – Packages & DDIC Objects
  • Note 2609953 – Extraction Report Program

Today, I want to share the configuration for PoC which is actually combination of 1 and 2.

It has been changed since I got in March 13 2018.


Full PoC

For Full PoC, S/4 environment has to be connected to SAP Cloud Platform to request provisioning to raise OSS ticket to Cloud Operations team. There are few information available, and sometimes takes too long to complete the set up.

And the training data to be sent from S/4HANA or ECC EHP7 by running ABAP report. After the training is succeeded, send the open A/R items to run the Inference process.

Why the Data Extraction PoC has been offered because, it has very time consuming to connect with SAP CP server.

Then, most of the initial PoC for Cash Application has been done in Data extraction PoC.

It can be done minimum 3-4 weeks for 1 PoC.

You can see the difference of the PoC from the process in above pictures.

Now, I am supporting PoC for type 1 but with type 2 configurations.



  • Note: the below picture is SAP CP in general. Confirmed Cash App development that there is no inbound process for Cash Application, thus Cloud Connector is not needed. Sorry for confusion. (Updated 22th of March 2019)


  • Name resolution in customer network has to be enabled before doing the configuration below. There are two options to connect with SAP CP from customer’s S/4 OP. Via Cloud Connector or proxy server.

  • Enable HTTPS service in ICM to add the required parameter in Instance Profile (If not HTTPS server port is not configured. Instance restart is required.)


  • Activation of the WebDynpro Application

The following service for ML configuration in t-cd SICF needs to be enabled in advance.


Path: /sap/bc/webdynpro/sap/fpm_s4ml_config_wiz


  • When you purchased the Cash Application license and build new SAP CP server, it would  better to check the SAP Note 2718187 related on integration of SAP ERP/S4 with Cash Application. There is a link of SAP online help describing the step by step set up procedure also for SAP CP server. (added March 6 2019)


Preparation for Set up Authentication (as of 1809)

Upload SAP CP SSL client certificate files (received from Cloud Ops or ML development ) in STRUST (S/4HANA). SAP CP probably uses DigCert and if you have the client cert files, you might able to reuse it…

  • “SSL Client Anonymous”
  • “SSL Client Standard”.

Save the setting.

  • Upload SAP CP client certificate files in STRUST (S/4HANA)

Please, also read the remarks for previous way of authentication between SAP CP and S/4HANA.


The Endpoint Setting for Cash Application

There are the following 6 endpoints used for Cash Application (version 8), and was required to set manually in t-cd SM59 and STRUST.

  • Health Check
  • Training Data :

– Companies

– Cleared Bank Statement Items

– Relations

– Clear Receivables

  • Open Receivables
  • Payment Advices (CE1802)
  • Inference Job
  • Inference Result

Now, new ML Configuration Wizard has been delivered and no need to create HTTP connection destination manually in SM59.

The step of the wizard T-cd S4ML_CASHAPP_CONFIG

The wizard is a WebDynpro application to cover two existing transaction setups.

  • SM59 RFC destination
  • OA2C_CONFIG OAuth2.0 Client
  1. Paste the JSON scripts to “Create Destination” and OAUTH2.0 client setting.

This JSON scripts are provided by ML development team.

When you see the seven messages, all 6 HTTP connection destinations are created, and OAUTH are configured successfully.

2. Execute the “Test Connection”.

When green lights are shown, it has been configured successfully.



Previously, to enable the client authentication between SAP CP and S/4, it has to be exported client certificate and uploaded in both SAP CP and S/HANA. Since CE 1809 it is replaced to OAUTH2.0 authentication and not required to exchange the .cert files. However, it is needed to upload the certificate file shared by development to receive the response from Cash Application API via HTTPS.

The detail explanation provided by ML development are below:


For oAuth 2.0, certificate exchange is not needed. However, since our APIs are running on HTTPS, in order for customer ERP system to be able to decrypt response from SAP cloud, their STRUST store needs to contain certification authority’s certificates which we used to encrypt our response from SAP cloud.



(Added comment on April 3, 2019)

Note: The configuration wizard does not set with your proxy setting automatically.

If you are using proxy via SAPCP connection and not successful result of connection test, you should better to check your setting in t-cd OA2C_CONFIG. For further detail, to be written in another article.









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      Author's profile photo Hayat Yasir
      Hayat Yasir

      Thanks Yasuko for the information. Where can i find SAP Cash Application and is there any trial version available ?

      Author's profile photo Ignacio Kristof
      Ignacio Kristof

      Hi Yasuko,

      I have a question that you may be able to help. I have written  a blog with the information I found on SAP Cash Application, but I have some questions about the ERP Connector for Cash Application.

      Is this required or there are other alternatives? Thank you!

      Author's profile photo Raju Mammula
      Raju Mammula

      Hello Yasuko,


      Thanks for the detailed blog on how to integrate with SAP Cash applications, but i have a doubt on after extraction of data using Extraction program how do we feed that data to SAP Cash applications software which is located on SCP



      Raju Mammula

      Author's profile photo Mumtahzul Daudi
      Mumtahzul Daudi

      you have not mentioned anything about RFC destination to connect  payment advice