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Message center driven in-app notification is a consumer engagement game changer

Mobile push notification as an engagement strategy has been around for over 10 years now and in the period we have seen the surge in social engagement ; a steady growth of plain and simple SMS text messaging; a resurgence of email engagement and now voice and rich messaging regaining prominence as an engagement strategy with Alexa and RCS.

From SAP Digital Interconnect’s strategic perspective; Push notification is among a basket of communication services to improve engagement and conversion.

SAP Digital Interconnect provides last mile two-way connectivity to 95% of the global mobile user base using a mobile number as the common communication handle.Our differentiated value proposition for an intelligent push service is ; hence ; pivoted along the following dimensions :

  1. Design for failover or fallback (i.e Use an alternative channel ( preferably SMS) if there is lack of push engagement)
  2. Drive notifications into an in-app message center (i.e. Keep away from the clutter of push notifications delivered to a device notification center)
  3. Enable 2-way engagement on Push (Particularly useful to support location-based engagement during emergencies or events or survey-based engagement)

We deliver these capabilities for our consuming applications  using some simple design strategies, specifically for IOS device apps and also applied to apps on Android devices

  1. Lead users to engage app by using a banner / ping alert that delivers a simple header message akin to “you’ve got mail”
  2. Establish a secure socket connection between the app and SAP DI messaging service to deliver the core content “in-app” into a message center in real-time when the app is opened.
  3. Establish failover rules using an intelligent decision engine that delivers an SMS text message if a user does not engage the app “X” seconds after delivery of the alert

Push service from SAP Digital Interconnect is hence designed to achieve either mobile app engagement at the time of notification or message engagement using a failover channel.

Either way, it’s a win for consumer engagement.

It is also now well established that using a message center allows best performing apps to drive approximately 8x better read-rate*

*SAP Digital Interconnect research

Here are some illustrative use cases how customers and consuming applications use push service from SAP Digital Interconnect

Use Case 1: Personalized messaging for student success using an SAP student activity hub

Use Case 2 : 2-way in-app survey engagement with failover to SMS

Use Case 3 : Location based real-time targeted notification

Use Case 4: In-app coupon delivery

Use Case 5: One Time Passcode delivery with failover to SMS

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