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Don’t “Box in” your talent !

Utilize Talent Pools or People Grid via Presentations to facilitate Talent Reviews.

Ready to discuss talent but not ready to assign specific “boxes” or ratings like the traditional 9 boxes?

The SuccessFactors Presentations functionality has 2 types of live slide layouts that can be utilized to control the population to be reviewed and take the focus off of the “box” or rating.

Talent Pools:

Setup and Benefits –

The MDF Talent Pools aspect of the Succession module allows groups of individuals to be placed together, regardless of where they reside within the organization.

Benefits of Talent Pools:

  • Flexible setup
  • Multiple usage options:
    • Plan for future roles: Group individuals and assign readiness – Ready Now, Ready Soon, etc.
    • Identify high potential/high performing individuals: Employees that are vital to the success of the organization
  • Multiple users can contribute to the addition of individuals throughout the year
  • Nominations from talent pools can be displayed on the talent card for review from multiple places
    • Talent cards are accessible from the Succession Org Chart, Position Tile, Talent Search and Presentations

Review of information –

Within Presentations, the talent pool or pools can be added to a live slide in preparation for a talent review discussion. The meeting facilitator is able to take the group through a discussion of each individual included in the pool, reviewing details about each, displayed on a talent card. The talent cards can also be reviewed side by side for comparison of individuals. Should further information need to be reviewed, the talent profile is also accessible by clicking on the photo of the individual within their talent card. This approach could be used to showcase individuals within the organization for which some may have not interacted. Shining the light on potential successors or highlighting those deemed high potential also allows an organization to plan for development spend, including time and effort.

Image 1A shows an example slide from the Presentations functionality displaying the selected talent pools. Image 1B displays an open talent pool and talent cards being utilized for comparison of individuals. 

Talent Pools – 1A

Talent Pools – 1B

People Grid:

Setup and Benefits –

When reviewing smaller buckets of talent, the People Grid live slide within Presentations is another unique way to use the system to facilitate talent conversations without focusing on ratings or boxes. Talent cards are available for review on this live slide as well, meaning individuals can be compared and multiple details can be accessed.

Benefits of the People Grid:

  • Allows the end user to tightly control the population for review
  • Provides unique look at cross functional/company talent
  • Quick search capability during setup

Review of Information –

After adding the live slide, the end user would determine the layout and select individuals for review. The slide allows for at most, four buckets. Prior to the setup the facilitator should have a good understanding of what the audience or participants are expecting. The focus may be on successors in a certain readiness or incumbents that have been in their roles for a certain amount of time.  Other examples include dividing by an organizational feature – department, function, etc. or by nominations readiness – ready now, ready long term, etc.

Image People Grid – 1A show an example with users split by departments.

Aspects of the people grid slide:

  1. The end user chooses the name of the slide.
  2. The titles of each of the buckets are also open for edit.
  3. The population for each bucket is added by individual or by pre-determined groups.

People Grid – 1A

No matter how the end user sets up the slide, the People Grid layout provides a visual reference of any differences between buckets, potentially highlighting a gap that needs to be addressed. Any user can be selected and reviewed, allowing for additional data points to be present during the discussion.

Overall Benefit

The main benefit of both Presentation slide layouts is the focus on the individual without being distracted by box definitions or rating scales. The talent of the organization can be reviewed and compared by current or previous experiences, potential for the future, and feedback from those with whom the individual has interacted.

While some prep is necessary, utilizing the Presentations feature provides a semi-formal way to present the information to an audience while allowing a dynamic and interactive approach of reviewing the information within the system.

When your organization is thinking of reviewing talent, leave the boxes behind and try this unique approach!

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