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Author's profile photo Maik Offerle

Use SAP Cloud Platform to Host Landing Pages for SAP Marketing Cloud in 10 Minutes


Welcome to the blog posts of the SAP CX Services Marketing Practice.

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Customers who want to leverage the landing page functionality in SAP Marketing Cloud must handle the deployment of the landing page on their own. Typically, this involves setting up an additional web server for hosting.

Customers are responsible for hosting their landing pages. This is because web server setups are very specific to the customer’s requirements. Also, their security mechanism needs to be accurate to ensure no harm is caused to the general SAP Marketing Cloud setup.

In this blog post, you will learn how to set up landing pages in only a few minutes on the SAP Marketing Cloud and to deploy them on the SAP Cloud Platform. In this situation, no additional web server will be needed, and the SAP Cloud Platform setup will ensure a secure system environment.

You want to see this and more blogs from us? Click here

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      Author's profile photo Mayank Agarwal
      Mayank Agarwal

      Thanks Maik for the blog. We are looking something similar to this.

      Author's profile photo Saurabh Kabra
      Saurabh Kabra

      One of the most commonly used scenario and nicely written blog. Many thanks Maik Offerle !

      Author's profile photo Anton Peters
      Anton Peters

      Super nice blog. Thank you for sharing!

      Author's profile photo Christof Blaickner
      Christof Blaickner


      Hello Maik Offerle

      thank you very much for this post. If I have time a will give it a try.

      One question on that:
      If I do a change on the landingpage in the SAP Marketing Cloud  - all Hashkeys for the integrated fields are new generated.
      Do I have to adapt the files (css, ...) now once again with the new Hashkeys in the Web IDE? Or are those changes "recognised" by the API and the adaption are made automatically?


      BR Christof

      Author's profile photo Maik Offerle
      Maik Offerle
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Christof,

      no, you don't have to adapt css or java script files.

      But for sure you have to upload the updated HTML file.



      See the documentation and the picture below:

      Author's profile photo Sebastian Benchea
      Sebastian Benchea

      Thanks for the Blog Post Maik Offerle, really well written.

      Author's profile photo Naveen kumar mp
      Naveen kumar mp

      Nicely explained Maik !

      Looking forward to implement it in our project.


      Author's profile photo Amuktha Mallepula
      Amuktha Mallepula

      Hi Maik Offerle,

      I tried to configure the landing page. However, in web IDE while editing sapContentpage.js file i’m facing “parsing error unexpected token” error at the base path.

      I have configured the service url for eu region. Is it specific to the tenant ? If yes, Could you please suggest me the navigation path to get the service url in cloud platform cockpit ?

      Thank you..!!



      Author's profile photo Maik Offerle
      Maik Offerle

      HI Amuktha,

      you can find the country specific region links here:

      Landing Page country specific URLs



      Author's profile photo Amuktha Mallepula
      Amuktha Mallepula

      Thank you @maik Maik Offerle, . I am able to deploy the landing page now

      Author's profile photo Daniela Arndt
      Daniela Arndt

      Hello Maik,

      many thanks for this blog. I just have a question related to the documentation "Standard Form  Integration" to which you are referring to. There is a SCP elastic service mentioned. Is this something that needs to be activated in the SCP or is it automatically active? I have searched for more documentation without any luck.

      Thanks and best regards,


      Author's profile photo Christian Hackbusch
      Christian Hackbusch

      Hi Maik Offerle

      have you already had some experiences with this setup in Cloud Foundry environment instead of Neo?