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Author's profile photo Haythem Souayed

S4/HANA Migration Cockpit: How to modify migration object template file

In this post, we’ll try to have an idea how to add a field to the standard data migration template file.

We’ll take as example the quality inspection plan. It will be a simple example without any ABAP coding.


  1. Issue

Standard migration template of inspection plan does not provide the field SPC criteria, which is an obligatory field for Characteristics relevant for SPC.



To download and display the standard template

  • Open the migration cockpit

  • Open the migration Project.Take note of the “Mass Transfer ID”. We’ll see later how to use it.

  • Then open the migration object.

  • Download the template

If you check the field list and the relevant sheet, you’ll not find the required field.



  1. How to

To add a new field and map it:

  • Open the object modelizer

  • Search the required object. Here, you’ll check the object name terminated by the “Mass Transfer ID” already mentioned above

The object contains several sub objects. We’ll focus on what is useful for the topic of this post.

The source structure is the structure of the template (the sender).

The target structure is the “receiver”. It contains all possible fields required by the BAPI executed during the creation of the master data. In our example, it’s BAPI_INSPECTIONPLAN_CREATE.

We could find that in the target structure, we have already the required field. Then our task will be to enhance the source structure and provide the correct mapping.

We’ll proceed as follow :

  • Check the data element as per in the standard table

For this field we don’t have any specification/domain/conversion. It will not be required to link it to a specific one.

For other fields, and if it’s the case, it will be better to refer to such specification (standard data element) in order to not explicitly add a rule and write the conversion routine.

As example the supplier code: you need to choose a field name referencing the standard domain, in order to inherit the “ALPHA” conversion.

  • Add the field it in the source structure

  • Go to “Field mapping”


  • Drag and drop the SPC criterion field from the source structure to the destination field in the target structure.

The mapping is done, but we still need to generate the object after the modification.

After each modification the status of the object will be set set to not “generated”

  • Now Regenerate the object

Status will be “Generated”


We’ve completed the new mapping!

You could verify it by downloading again the template, and check the existence of the new field in the template.


You could use the above steps with any migration object. The prerequisite is to have the required field in the target structure.



In this post, we had an overview how to manipulate the migration cockpit, the object modeler and some of its components.

It’s not the hardest step in your project. It’s simpler than “how to fill the migration file with the right data ”.

You could continue the migration and good luck for the rest!

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      Author's profile photo Vanessa May
      Vanessa May

      very interesting

      Author's profile photo Mukesh Kumar
      Mukesh Kumar

      Haythem Souayed, thank you for sharing the detailed step-wise guide. I haven’t fallen into such a  situation so far where I need to add an additional mandatory field not available in the template but offered by the BAPI (an issue?). But who knows when you need it!

      Author's profile photo Rajushan R
      Rajushan R

      Hi Haythem, Nice document this is for adding standard fields could you please help on sharing for adding Z fields in the template.