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SAP Teched, SAP Fiori and Microsoft Office

A few weeks ago — just before SAP TechEd Las Vegas — SAP and Microsoft had published a first joint tutorial on how to integrate Microsoft services into an SAP Fiori / SAPUI5 application.

That was very interesting for me because during my life at SAP I was mainly talking to customers about how to integrate SAP data into Microsoft UIs (e.g. SharePoint, Outlook, Excel). While this is still a frequent ask, about 2 years ago the first customers start to ask whether it would be possible to integrate Microsoft data into SAP Fiori UIs. While we had first partners building solutions to integrate individual “Microsoft-tiles” in the SAP Fiori launchpad, it was always a project based approach.

In the tutorial that we build with Marius Obert and Maximilian Streifeneder we show in a very easy way how you can have an even better integration and do it yourself:

  1. browse purchase orders from your SAP systems,
  2. click on an entry and
  3. get related emails from Outlook in your UI5 application!

We showed this tutorial for the first time during the developer garage at Las Vegas and got some very good feedback.

During TechEd Barcelona we had an even bigger impact. We saw much more customer and partners running through our tutorial and even better — having some very inspiring discussions! Apparently our simple tutorial sparked some new ideas on what you can actually do with this kind of integration.

We were “just” showing how to integrate Emails from Outlook in SAPUI5, but this could also be data from SharePoint, Calendar information, discussions from Teams, … All of this is available directly via APIs from the Microsoft Graph.

So why do I mention all of this? Well, SAP TechEd Bangalore is right around the corner and you have again the chance to run through the tutorial while getting help directly from SAP and Microsoft experts! If you complete the full tutorial mission you can even win some prices! So make sure to check it out!

If you cannot attend SAP Teched, then you can obviously also try it yourself. The tutorial is available at  and we just published a video on Youtube, that guides you through the whole process.

Hopefully this is a good addition to the steps outlined in the tutorial.

I can only encourage you to check this out. Again, if you are at SAP TechEd Bangalore, make sure to connect with our experts. We from Microsoft have also a partner booth, a partner keynote and several sessions around SAP on Azure, Case-Studies and the ABAP SDK and also other reference customers.




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