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SAP Cloud for Customer : Launching S/4 HANA Customer -360 App

with 1808 release, SAP Cloud for Customer offers the possibility to launch customer 360 app offer by S/4 HANA from the account’s details view.

Key Business Benefits

  • Call the S/4 HANA customer 360 app to get a complete overview of the customer’s data in S/4 HANA.
  • For example, you can look at invoice data. Delivery data etc. directly from the customer 360 application.



With this app you can get an overview of one specific customer by reviewing aggregated sales data from the past and the present.

  • Navigate to several apps such as Manage Sales Quotations, Sales Orders,Sales Contracts, and Resolve Sales Order Issue, and use the features of each respective app
  • Display the list critical documents like sales quotations ,sales orders ,sales contracts and also create these transactions by navigating to related apps
  • you can also list and search for customer returns, credit memos ,debit memos ,and billing document for this customer and navigate to the process flow.



Set-up Details

  • Look for URL Mashup “ S/4 HANA 360 Object Page” in the mashup authoring work center under administrator.
  • Replace the dummy URL with the URL for your S/4 system


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    Thanks a lot for this blog!

    Just a question, when you write "Replace the dummy URL with the URL for your S/4 system";

    is this a general URL or a specific one for the 360 app? Where could I find this?

    Thanks a lot in advance!



    • Have generated an URL which is close, but only works when we enter a specific customer number

      But how do I set parameters to replace actual customer number in the URL to make it generic for all accounts and enter it into Sales Cloud?