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Logging an Integration Issue for your Cloud for Customer Tenant

The purpose of this blog is to guide you on how best to log an incident with the C4C Integration Support team.

Firstly, when logging an incident with the team, please provide the following information where possible:

    1. Description of the issue.
    2. Is the issue reproducible? If yes, how?
    3. Which Interface is affected? Which direction (Inbound/Outbound)?
    4. What middleware is involved?
    5. Is this a Productive or Test Landscape?
    6. Do we have the approval for the changing/creation of data during our investigation?
    7. In the event where the issue involves issues with a web service, can you provide a message ID from Webservice Message Monitoring/ IDOC number?
    8. For on-premise issues, what is the Service Pack Level of the Integration addon on your system?
      *To check this on your on-premise system navigate to the following Menu; System -> Status -> Product Version details. (E.g. CODERINT, CRMPCD01, S4CORE) *
    9. If the issue has been logged with “Very High” priority, please outline the business impact and provide contact details for the designated 24/7 contact(s) for the incident.
    10. Has the logon data of the on-premise system been maintained, and is the connection open?
    11. In the event where a synchronous service is affected, and we need to debug can you please provide the integration user ID, which is configured for the on-premise integration.
    12. In the event where the issue is stemming from the on-premise system, have you created a test directory for the team to use?

Logging an issue with our support team providing these points of information really helps our support engineers when they are conducting their analysis and can also help our development team when their involvement may be required.

Now, there is presently two channels we use when checking Integration issues related to C4C.

For issues which are present on your Cloud for Customer tenant, you will be asked to create an incident via your C4C tenant. Please raise an incident from the affected tenant.

For issues which are present on your on-premise solution or your middleware, we would ask you to create an incident for these via the launchpad.
Dependent on your on-premise system, please log under the following components:

For ERP                       use component LOD-CRM-INT-ERP
For CRM                      use component LOD-CRM-INT-CRM
For S4Hana                 use component LOD-CRM-INT-S4H
For Hybris Marketing   use component LOD-CRM-INT-YMT
For Hybris Commerce use component LOD-CRM-INT-YCM

Dependent on your middleware, please use the following;
For CPI/HCI                 use component LOD-HCI-PI-OPS
For PI/PO                     Provide XPI trace logs as per SAP Note 1514898 and open a WTS connection.

As a rule of thumb, we would ask that the following logic is taken into consideration when raising an incident.

If the issue is created for on-premise system, please provide the URL of the corresponding Cloud for Customer tenant which is involved in the integration scenario.

If the data being passed from the sender system (received successfully) received and sent from the middleware (successfully) and is passed to the receiver system where an error occurs, please log the incident from the receiver system.

If the data is part of a synchronous call (e.g. pricing) throws an error message which displays the client name of the on-premise system/C4C system ID, this signifies that the error is coming from that on-premise system/C4C tenant, thus create an incident from the on-premise system/C4C tenant which is displayed in the error and include the details of the connected systems in the integration scenario.

Please note for certificate issues this may require access to your middleware system to check further, so please always be prepared to provision such access when logging an issue with the team / or if this is not possible provide a screensharing session with our support engineers.
An ICM Trace can also be carried out prior to logging an issue with us, to have this completed before logging an incident would help immensely.
Additional info can be found here on what and how it is carried out.

If you have any custom logic involved, please let us know how this works and how it interacts with the integration scenario.

If the issue reported is not an issue but it is in fact a new feature request, please follow these steps;

If you consider there to be a need for this to be changed within the system, you can submit your idea as an improvement request on our new website: Influence. Once submitted and up-voted, it will be considered by our developers, so they can check the feasibility and time frame for such feature:
We would kindly ask you to post your requirement on our Influence forum, under the following link

If the issue you have a reported is a custom scenario, which involves a nonstandard integration scenario, please raise the incident with our Integration team first, they can check this, and if possible provide advice on your specific case, in the event where they can offer no proposal you will be encouraged to approach our expert services team. They have a deep functional knowledge and technical product expertise and you can consult them how would be the best to approach your issue and they can advise what would be the most suitable solution for you.

Please also note we have some great information available on the SAP Help Portal and also please chck out the best practices guides which can be seen in this great blog written by Sapna

Taking all the above into consideration when creating an incident with our C4C Integration team will greatly help during the processing of your incident.

Kind regards,



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