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Deep Thoughts – Thanksgiving and the SAP Community

So there is a US holiday – Thanksgiving it is a time to give thanks for what you have.  (Or at least that’s how my house celebrates it)

So here is my Thankful list to you, the SAP Community:

I am thankful for all the questions you have answered.  Past and future.  They have helped me so much in my different positions I have held.

I am thankful for all the questions you have asked.  Past and future.  They have helped me so much in my different positions I have held.  If you didn’t ask them, I wouldn’t have found them via a search.

I am thankful for open sap.  I really like training for free.  BONUS!

I am thankful for all the tutorials.

I am thankful for Coffee Corner.  The discussions are interesting.

I am thankful that SAP the company is firmly invested in the network.  I can see things being done.  I also see a lot of posts from SAP employees.  That to my mind is a bonus.

I am thankful to learn a small bit of a new technology!  It goes into my tool belt.  At some other time I may need it.

Oh so many friends that I have met here.  A lot of them are still virtual.  Some I have gotten to meet.  All inspire me in different ways.

I am thankful people take the time to write blogs.  Someday, I’ll be able to read more again.  It’s a goal for me.  To get back out here again.

Thank you!  Yes, you the reader of my blog.  it’s great you took time to read it.

I am thankful for all the comments to different blogs.  It’s fun to learn from a different perspective or just ” hear” (read)  what they are questioning.

A HUGE MONSTER thank you (thankful) to the people behind the scene, keeping the SAP Community up and running.  I’m very thankful they take the time and effort to keep us moving forward with our changes.

So really as I look through this list, the SAP Community has done a lot for me.  I’m sure it will continue to help me.

What about you?  I could write a huge list of all the things I’m thankful for, and never get done.  So I choose to just write about the things I’m thankful for the community here.  If you take JUST the SAP Community, what are you thankful for?

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  • I’m thankful for Members of the Month (such as you ? ) and all of the people who give so much to SAP Community.

    I’m thankful that positivity is growing within SAP Community (after years of dealing with persistent pessimism.) This post is a great example of the change in attitude that puts a big ol’ smile on my face.

    I’m thankful that SAP Community gives me a job which allows me to write for a living. (And I’m thankful that I manage to force too much alliteration into my writing. For example: persistent pessimism. And: Jerry Janda.)

    I’m thankful that I wake up every day to work with awesome SAP colleagues dedicated to SAP Community (too many to @mention here).

    And…I’m thankful that Netflix is keeping the Turkey Day tradition alive by releasing new MST3K episodes tomorrow. (OK, that’s not community-related…but I gotta think there are plenty of MST3K fans around here… ? )

    Happy Thanksgiving to all of my SAP Community friends in the U.S.!

    • Jerry, your alliterations and just overall humor are part of what I'm thankful for. And I see a(nother? was there one before?) CC post about MST3K in the making, if you're so inclined. What's not to love about robots and campy movies?

  • Canada celebrated our Thanksgiving in October, and here's wishing all our US colleagues and fellow members a Happy Thanksgving holiday!

    I'm thankful for all the members whether they contribute regularly or visit our community to find answers to their questions. I'm also thankful we have this place to share and exchange knowledge and experiences.

    Thank you Michelle Crapo! I make it a habit of writing down one or two things I learn from the people I meet. Since our first pesonal conversation sitting on the floor outside one of the session rooms at TechEd LV, I've learned you have a positive attitude. Many people think positivity means being happy all the time, but what I mean is your executive to focus on solution rather than problem, about actions and not about words alone.

  • Michelle, thanks for writing this and then letting us express our gratitude towards the community as well. By the way did you miss, SAP Support team in your list!

    Jason Cao - I have a very pleasant experience after meeting you in the last TechEd. Thank you!

    Definitely, not possible to mention everyone individually here, but everyone associated with this Community should be thanked for making our lives easier. Thank you!