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Charm Approval via My Inbox – SolMan 7.2 SP 7


Hi All,

We now have one of the greatest feature delivered by standard in Solution Manager 7.2 – Approval of Charm through My Inbox. I am writing this blog on how to set-up this application using Solution Manager as the embedded front-end.

This blog will help you to;

  1. Actions in the Approval assignment block of a change request document.
  2. Preliminary Import approval for Normal Change Document shall be done.
  3. Approve an Urgent Change document to be imported to Production.

Further, by introducing various logics in configuration, we will be able to achieve various approvals in Change Management through My Inbox or use it for processing changes from Mobile.



This feature shall be configured in Solution Manager from the release 7.2 and SP 7.

Add-On Components

Install the latest patch of the below mentioned Add-On components;

  1. UIX01CA1 – Release 200
  2. IW_PGW – Release 100

Creating RFCs for System Aliases

We will need an ABAP and a G Type Local RFCs. For the ABAP, we shall use NONE which will be available by default. The G type RFC must be created like below;

Maintaining the System Alias

You will be needing the below highlighted two Aliases. The LOCAL_SM would already be available by default, make sure software version is set to DEFAULT. Create another alias and make sure to mark the “For Local App” as shown in the screenshot and Software version as “/IWPGW/TCM”.

System ID and Client must be maintained for both the System Aliases.

In case you receive an error like /IWPGW/TCM is not found in /IWFND/I_COCCOL, please verify the below;

  1. if you have installed the latest patch of the IW_PGW component.
  2. If the below entry exists in the SPRO node shown below

If the above points are verified and still you receive the error /IWPGW/TCM is not found in /IWFND/I_COCCOL, navigate to SM30 and maintain the below entry in the table /IWFND/V_COCCOL.

Once this is done, System aliases can be created successfully.

Assigning Data Provider to Data Models

Navigate to the below SPRO path,

Maintain the below entry,

Activation of Services

Activate the below highlighted applications with LOCAL_SM as system alias.

Activate the below highlighted service with the system alias that is mapped to the G type RFC.

Mapping the Workflow Actions for Change Request

Navigate to the below highlighted SPRO node,

Maintain the below highlighted entry. This is the ID of the workflow for Change Request and the Approval step in IT.

Select the workflow entry and double click on the Decision Keys,

Maintain the below and Save,

To Approve Normal and Urgent Change

To approve the Normal and Urgent change through the My Inbox application you need to maintain a parameter in the respective action definitions. Navigate to SPPFCADM. Select CRM_ORDER and click on “Define Action Profile and Actions”.

Select the below two action definitions from Normal Change Action profile and Urgent Change action profile and maintain the parameter as shown.

Parameter to be set,

Configuring the Launchpad

Navigate to the launchpad customising page (/UI2/FLPD_CUST transaction) and copy the configuration of the below highlighted tile and create your own tile,

You can configure the Parameters in the configuration page with additional parameters as shown in the “Application Configuration” link in the Reference section of this document.

Once New catalogue and Tile is created, assign them to a Group and map them to a PFCG role and assign the role to the user.


Once the above steps are implemented, you will be able to use the My Inbox application in Solution Manager for approving Change Requests, Urgent Changes to Production, Preliminary Import of Normal Change to Production and also many more approvals by including own logic.

I have given below few screenshots of how the application would look like after the implementation.




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  • Nice blog Shalin.


    I have a question. In my case, I have a hub gateway (central FLP) that has the UIX01CA1 component and now I have to connect to a backend 7.2 SOLMAN.

    My understanding is to install IW_PGW component on SOLMAN so that I can add the odata service from Gateway and then add the AI_CRM services also from the backend.

    Please let me know if this is how you proceed?


  • It is very useful to configure My Inbox.

    So does it work to customizing status for ZMCR/ZMMJ/ZMHF? Just add below parameter?

    how about the situation if i add second Approval procedure for ZMCR?







  • Great blog! For the missing *TCM* entry, you can also implement SAP Note 2325795.

    However, the entry “ZTM_TGW_SVC_MODEL_0002″_BE for Software Version “/IWPGW/TCM” should be created automatically when crating the service for your System Alias in /IWFND/MAINT_SERVICE.

    PS. You’d also need to activate the SICF (ui5) service “ca_fiori_inbox” so the Launchpad app can start.