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Search one or more dictionary types in the method signature of global classes (transaction se24)


In transaction SE11, you are using the standard Where-Used List tool. You note that it does not propose to search a DDIC type in the method signature of global classes (SE24). Despite you can search in the signature of function modules (SE37).

You can restrict the standard Where-Used List to the Function Module Interfaces (<=> signature) but not to the method signature of global classes


The standard Where-used list doesn’t propose such functionality.



Alternatives / Work around

A solution is to create a specific report. The ABAP source code can be found here


The report reads the tables where SAP is storing information on global classes:

  • method information (tables SEOSUBCO, SEOCOMPODF)
  • method signature information (table SEOSUBCODF)
Method information
Name Declaration level Exposure/Visibility
0: Instance method
1: Static method
0    Private
1    Protected
2    Public


Method signature information
Declaration level Type type
0    Importing
1    Exporting
2    Changing
3    Returning
0    Attribute reference (LIKE)
1    Type reference (TYPE)
2    Object (TYPE)
3    Object reference (TYPE REF TO)
4    See code
5    Boxed Components (TYPE … BOXED)




For illustration, we will search for example, methods that:

  • are having an importing parameter typed as MARA-MATNR


  • are having an importing parameter typed as SY-LANGU


  • are returning a type MAKTX (data element of MAKT-MAKTX)


The selection screen of the report looks like :

for type MARA-MATNR, the checkbox “Extend search to equivalent types (data Element only)” means the report will extend the search to MARC-MATNR, MATNR, LIPS-MATNR, etc…


It will display a result list :

3 methods are matching the Selection screen criteria s


You can click the expand icon to display the method signature


In the list, depending where you double click, you can navigate

  • to the source code of the method (column method name)


  • to the method signature (column parameter name)


For example, the method source is displayed after double-clicking on the method name:

the method signature corresponds to the selection criteria s




This tool can help to find existing methods of global classes (transaction SE24). It can give some ideas by reading existing ABAP code.


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    Nice code, but a question.
    Can you explain more the difference between your search and standard search by class ?
    (I guess your report search only in signature of classe / interface, in order to found all mehods available to perform some action, like in our example found method to read material descrption from material code and language)