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SAP has come up with the latest version of GRC 12.0 SP01. In this document I am going to highlight some of the major points that has come up with this upgrade.

The biggest change in this version is the look and feel to enhance User Experience.

  • SAP GRC will have a Fiori like front end (users can still keep on using NW if preferable)
  • GRC 12.0 Navigation is based on SAP Pesonas, For better navigation, Classic screens are replaced with simpler screens and to enhance data quality.
  • Updated architecture for GRC Access Control 12.0 (Figure: 1).

(Figure: 1)  


SAP GRC 12.0 Access Control Architecture Overview. 



  • Can run risk analysis for FIORI, new FIORI rule set — Rule set for risk analysis integration with Fiori Apps on S/4HANA On-premise systems.
  • GRC 12.0 now allows to use on Mobile devices as it is SAP Persona based personalisation application.
  • Integration with cloud platforms and new SAP products like SAP Ariba, SAP Concur, Success Factors and S/4HANA cloud. The above can be achieved with IAG, which connects as a bridge with all cloud based applications (SF, S/4HANA, Ariba, etc.)

IAG(SAP Cloud Identity Access Governance)

New Parameters related to IAG 1090, 1091 & 1092 were introduced.

IAG Parameters 1090, 1091 & 1092.


  • SAP Cloud IDM is integrated with SAP Access Control: Access analysis service enables customers to connect to cloud applications from on-premise SAP Access Control to bring those cloud applications under the access governance umbrella. It enables users of the access control on-premise solution to leverage the capabilities of the cloud access analysis service.
  • Integration with Employee Central Payroll system (Refer 2167337)
  • Based on the User preferences SAP will be Improvising Existing Fiori Apps & will be launching new SAP Fiori apps.
  • Extended EAM functionalities in to HANA
  • MASS ROLE METHODOLOGY UPDATE – Reapply role methodology for multiple roles at a time, As previous versions do not have an option for Mass update of Role Methodology.


Why not GRC 11.x instead 12.x!!!      






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  • Hi Sandeep.

    How are you?

    Do you have any guide with step by step to execute the configuration on SAP AC for S/4 hana to share with me please?


    Best Regards

  • Hello Cleide,


    Sorry to say, I do not have any guides setup with me.
    Probably, SAP sites can have the best guides for AC configuration with S/4.

    Thanks & Regards,

    Sandeep Voruganti.

    • Hello Passang,

      • AC 12.0 is deployed as a stand-alone system on NetWeaver 7.52 (AnyDB or HANA)
      • AC 12.0 for S/4HANA is co-deployed on an S/4HANA system or installed on a stand-alone NW with an SAP DB (HANA, MaxDB, SAP ASE)
      • Both variants can connect to S/4HANA and Business Suite systems.
      • Both products have identical functionality

      Hope that clarifies,


  • Dear All,

    We upgraded GRC from 10.1 to 12 and we are very disappointed. Several Fiori GRC applications are not based on real UI5 technology but on webdynpro (still with flash plugin).

    Also, lot of bug ! It's good to work to improve the frontend, but most important for customers is to have an app that does what it is asked to do. There are some critical bug in the assignment of roles and in the User Access reviews.

    we are seriously thinking about a return back to the version 10.1


  • Hello Sadeep,


    Good day,


    Thanks for the message.


    I am working on Ariba GRC integration by using IAG tool here SAP suggested to activate 1090 parameter  for cloud risk analysis but after activating the parameter we have problem in S/4 risk analysis we are not generating any risks in S/4 after role assignments.


    can you please suggest feasible solution.