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Author's profile photo Craig Cmehil

100 Days of Community Q&A

Imagine my surprise last week when this tweet hit my notifications, at first I thought holy cow what did I miss? But after a short conversation with Nabheet, I realized I had come across a really cool idea and initiative that I wanted to support!

So not only did I book mark the search link to follow along I also jumped into the Q&A system myself and started to do the same.

Now my journey I think will be quite a bit different as I don’t have the opportunity to actually work directly with SAP software as often anymore but I can get my HXE system running in Docker quite quickly and so my #100DaysOfCommunityQA is focusing around new features and functions of SAP HANA through my SAP HANA express edition.

To get started I followed the tag I wanted to learn about in particular or rather in general.

Then I began hunting through both the answered questions and unanswered ones to see what areas I could learn about and things that have changed since I was an active SAP HANA Evangelist. Granted this was the easy way out since I lived and breathed HANA for quite awhile and to truly do the challenge I think I should pick a topic I’ve not actually worked with before! Chances to learn are abundant regardless of the tag, chances of me answering or being able to answer though I think lay squarely in the realm of where my most recent knowledge lies and even that is approaching the 6 months since last used mark.

Day 1 I spent a lot reading about JSON document store and fuzzy search and day 2 around NodeJS and different connectors. Some awesome learnings there – now to try and maybe answer some of those open questions about it.

What about you? Up to the challenge?

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      Author's profile photo Florian Henninger
      Florian Henninger

      Now, that you know a lot about json document store, what about the challenge to make Karl Kessler implementing it in #abap ?
      OK... Maybe not your primary goal for this challenge... And for me a little to fancy goal?


      But hey, I need to find my own


      Author's profile photo Craig Cmehil
      Craig Cmehil
      Blog Post Author

      Come on Florian Henninger you know that last time I touched ABAP was years, well actually I did do that little mashup using the Amazon Echo and a service via SEGW with Gregor Wolf but still.... I'm sure you had a chance in the Mentor channel to push that tidbit of a request through to them to consider 🙂

      Author's profile photo Nabheet Madan
      Nabheet Madan

      ThanksCraig Cmehil for blogging about it.  The intent of me for starting with it is as follow

      • Whatever i am today its all because of SAP community. If it would not have been there 110% sure i would not have survived as a SAP ABAP consultant.
      •  Secondly this 100 days stuff has subtle intention of giving it back to the community which has been helping me since i started my career.
      • I generally like to keep things to me but off late i think what is the point of knowing something if it is not shared with the people, because with sharing you understand things more better. So off late the intent of tweeting about it was simply to motivate just one person at least, more the merrier.
      • I myself have tried few #100Days target, whether i was successful in all of them no i was failure in most of them but important thing was the journey which actually helped me in learning a lot.
      • If we are willing to learn i will say challenge it with a target then only we will realised how committed we are to the intent.
      • Last but not the least I know for sure continuous 100 days will be tough, does not matter if i achieve those 100 days in 200 important intent is to learn , share and repeat.

      PS: Giving back to community is something which was a real talk which happened between by my very good friend named Ishmeet with his father.  During one of our late night outs he told us about the same.. His father asked him only one question son you have taken 25 years to reach where you are thanks to the community, when will you start paying back? This is something which actually had a deep impact on mine ideology in a very positive way. 100 days is just one of the way to pay it back we can N number of different ways. Hoping someone else might also get motivated.



      Author's profile photo Craig Cmehil
      Craig Cmehil
      Blog Post Author

      Nabheet Madan fantastic motivation, my own first experiences with technical communities I was only 12 and convinced my parents to let me hook the phone (yes the physical phone) to the computer so I could remotely connect to others, then later while I ran my own BBS for them to connect to me. Over those 30+ years many individuals have left a lasting impression on me in terms of sharing knowledge most notably here in the community were DJ Adams whose original article on RSS enabling ST22 showed me how to apply the skillset I had to the SAP world and Gregor Wolf who took the time to help me understand terminology of the SAP world which led to so many others over the years. This community was the reason the Enterprise Geeks ( Rich Heilman and Thomas Jung to name two) formed together, as well as strong connections to the outside world like Dennis Howlett whose recently returned to share his own perspective.

      Author's profile photo DJ Adams
      DJ Adams

      Happy memories 🙂