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All you need to know about Branding A SuccessFactors Instance for clients


Branding in SAP SuccessFactors Instances for clients:

Branding for customers is important to transform the appearance of SuccessFactors products so that they meet the visual design standards that are part of their company’s brand requirements

SAP SuccessFactors provides with a set of prebuilt themes that can be used. If the client needs more specific needs, it needs to be built from scratch.

This document will guide you with the all the platform parameters that can be customized based on the requirements.


Theming allows Admins to apply custom or pre-selected visual design styles to the SuccessFactors User Interface (UI). Admins can create a theme by changing selected page attributes, such as background and text color. A theme can be as simple as a color shift in the background of the interface or it can be very complex. For example, Admins can include tiled images (patterns that create the look of textures).

What can be themed

  • Login page: login tab, login background.
  • Homepage: Background color, company logo, tiles
  • Employee Profile: Header background, Header text color


  • RBP access to Theme Manager
  • RBP access to Manage Homepage
  • Homepage v3 tiles enabled
  • People Profile enabled

Login page

Login page shows a responsive behavior, i.e., the login tab, username/password field, and SuccessFactors Logo floats and readjusts depending on the screen size.

Configuration parameters

Go to Admin Center > Manage theme manager > Login to make the following changes.

1 SAP SuccessFactors Logo Can be set as white, black or in color.
2 Login information

Standard text, can’t be changed.

Text color can be changed to white or black

3 Login parameters

Standard wordings, can’t be changed.

Text color can be changed to white or black

4 Login Tab

Tab color and text color can be changed.

Wordings can’t be changed.


Login background: One needs to be mindful when adding a background with text ( ex., lists all subsidiaries on the background) as it may overlap with the login details. 

Login information Placement: Cant be moved, stays in center. 

Image Specifications:

Company logo: – 185 x 34 px

Background image – 1900 x 1200 px


Configuration parameters

Go to Admin Center > Manage theme manager or Admin Center > Manage homepage to make the following changes.

1 Module Picker Change Text color/ Tab color
2 Tile


Theme manager: Change tile color

Manage homepage: to Custom Built tile ( Graphical / Text only tile)

3 Background Change color/add image
4. Logo


Theme manager

Manage company logo

5. Tile visibility Via Manage homepage

Image Specifications:

Tiles ( Square 1:1) – Min 90 x 90 px

Tile ( Rectangle 2:1) – Min 180 x 90 px

Company logo: – 210 x 40 px

Note: No changes can be made on the set of standard tiles. if the client needs different tile name/ add a background image to the tile, the tile needs to be a custom build. 

Employee Profile 

What can be customized: header background can be changed with client’s specific headers if needed.



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