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New Product Roadmap for SAP Application Interface Framework (AIF) Available

SAP Application Framework, popularly known as SAP AIF, is a framework that you can use to easily implement and monitor interfaces. It provides a capable monitoring tool that you can use to fix errors in messages and retrigger them. You can also configure alerts for different errors which drastically improves the response time for error correction & improves the efficiency of the end-to-end message processing. For more information, see SAP AIF page on

The AIF product roadmap is now available for you to understand how the product will evolve in the coming months & plan your business implementations accordingly. It includes the recent innovations, planned innovations, the product direction & vision.

Here’s the direct link: SAP Application Interface Framework Product Roadmap. Please note that you will need to login with your SAP Account to view the roadmap. If you do not have an account, you can easily register for one with your email ID here.

Overview: Areas of Future Investment

The biggest change that you will see in the coming days is the improvement of usability of AIF powered by SAP Fiori UI technology. You can expect easy-to-use Fiori applications that provide all the capabilities of AIF that makes it an indispensable monitoring & error handling tool. You will also see that AIF offer integration with SAP Cloud Platform services like SAP Cloud Platform Integration, Integration Content Advisor for SAP Cloud Platform Integration, SAP API Management, & SAP Business Rules Management. This broadens the monitoring and troubleshooting capabilities of AIF by providing additional, customizable functionalities for integration scenarios, especially in the context of S/4 HANA Cloud Systems. In addition, AIF will continue to be offered as the standard monitoring & interface hub for SAP S/4 HANA and SAP S/4 HANA Cloud applications.

You will see two versions of the roadmap, one for S/4 HANA Cloud release and the other for S/4 HANA release, which is the on-premise edition. AIF is available in both editions of S/4 HANA. The major difference is that the cloud edition is shipped quarterly whereas the on-premise edition is shipped annually. Due to this reason, we provide you with two versions of the roadmap.

As you can notice, the roadmap for cloud version showcases the planned features & innovations to be delivered in the next three releases.  The roadmap for the on-premise version is more forward-looking with product direction and vision highlighted, owing to the nature of its release cycle.

SAP S/4 HANA Cloud Roadmap Summary

The focus will be on enhancing message monitoring and error handling functionalities using SAP Fiori apps. In addition, interoperability within the other Fiori apps will also be focused on to provide a seamless user experience. Integration with Focused Run for SAP Solution Manager is also in the pipeline, in addition to OData enablement and integration with Integration Content Advisor for SAP Cloud Platform Integration. For more information, see here.


SAP S/4 HANA On-Premise Edition Roadmap Summary

Message monitoring and error handling will be improved in the on-premise edition of AIF. In 2019, the message monitor will have a new UI powered by SAP Fiori. Integration with Focused Run for SAP Solution Manager and SAP Cloud Platform Integration is also planned in addition to adding more features to core AIF functionality of monitoring and error handling. In 2020, the focus will continue to remain on integrating AIF with SAP Cloud Platform Integration and this theme will continue for 2021 as well. For more information, see here.

AIF at the Core of Digital Transformation

As you already know, SAP as an organization is committed to the goal of digital transformation and intelligent enterprise owing to the changing business & technology trends. In the context of AIF, we move from a ERP centric product roadmap to a S/4 HANA centric roadmap to adapt to your changing business needs & provide easy-to-implement and use solutions that are ready for the future.

You can access the SAP Digital Transformation Navigator for more information here. You need an SAP Account to access this, which you can create here if you don’t have one.


The vision for SAP Application Interface is to make it the standard monitoring & error handling hub. The already implemented innovations showcased in the product roadmap clearly demonstrates that AIF is evolving in that direction & also adapting new technology trends to provide improved ease-of-use without disrupting your existing business implementations. Our goal is to deliver future-proof applications that you can easily use to solve your business needs.

Talk to Us!

Please let us know your feedback and thoughts on the new product roadmap in the comments below. It would be great for us to hear what you think and how the new roadmap fits your needs.


SAP product roadmap is a reliable source of information. However, this information is an overview of the current state of planning as of the date this blog is published. SAP retains the right to change this planning information at any point of time without notice. For more information, see Legal Disclaimer.

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