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How to use/pass User Defined Table Function Parameters to BEx Variables

Purpose: I have requirement to use UDTF (User Defined Table Function) parameters in BEx report however I ended with lot of issues/errors and could not able to go further however finally I figured out proper steps to use UDTF parameters to BEx report.


Step 1: In UDTF I have used parameter called p_calday to pass date


Step 2. Create calculation view on top of this UDTF and map variable as like below


Step 3: Right click on “Input Parameters” and select “Manage Mappings” as like below

Step 4: Select variable p_calday and select copy and map 1:1

Step 5: After copy & mapping, you can see as like below

Step 6: Create Composite provider on top of Calculation view and create assignment in composite provider as like below

Step 7: Right lick on assigned parameter and select edit

Step 8: Assign proper InfoObject as reference to parameter

Step 9: Activate composite provider

Step 10: In Bex report drag & drop variable of 0CALDAY as like below.


Step 11: Make sure above 0CALDAY variable should have below settings then only it will work:

Note:  you can change variable represents to multiple however need adjust where clause in UDTF select query.


Thanks for reading.


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