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Lot Size of One and the Configuration Workgroup

Lot Size of One…

Every now and then we hear SAP talking about this concept of making something specific to an individual customers desire.

What functionality does SAP have that makes this even possible?

Quite a bit actually. There is a veritable alphabet soup of SAP acronyms that get bandied about the conversation around “Lot Size of One”..

LO-VC, AVC, IPC, SSC, CRM, and CPQ are just a few of those acronyms.

All of these acronyms represent functions or products offered by SAP. They all have a common goal.

  • To enable a SAP customer the means of presenting complex products in a simple way that enables a “Lot Size of One”.

Typically these different functions or products are referred to as “Product Configuration Software”

One acronym that doesn’t seem to get much attention is CWG.

CWG is an acronym that stands for the Configuration Workgroup. The Configuration Workgroup has¬† been around since 1994. The focus of the CWG is all about the various Product Configuration Software tools within the SAP landscape that make “Lot Size of One” possible.


The mission of the CWG is pretty simple. The CWG exists to provide SAP customers using the Product Configuration Software tools a place to accomplish;

  • Partnership-based coordination of interests and cooperation between users of the product configuration software and SAP SE with the aim of expanding and improving the software.
  • Influencing the development policy and orientation of SAP SE in the interests of SAP users in relation to the development of new products, and the further development of existing products, services and guidelines, particularly in connection with variant configuration.
  • Promoting the more effective utilization of the variant configuration software developed and marketed by SAP SE by means of a mutual exchange and the passing on of information and knowledge.


I’ve been a member of the CWG for many years. In fact, my first experience with this organization was in 1996.

On thing about the CWG has always amazed me.

On the main SAP company information website, the statistic of 431,000+ customers is shown.

SAP states they know of somewhere between 5,000 – 7,000 customers that use one of the various Product Configuration Software tools.

Yet the CWG only boasts 500+ member companies.

Why is that?

One reason is the all volunteer nature of the CWG as an Organization..

Another reality is that the CWG is, and has never been promoted in a manner such as ASUG or DSAG.

While I don’t expect this blog to radically change that, possibly, jut maybe, it can be the beginning of an awakening.

If you utilize any of the various Product Configuration Software tools offered by SAP but do not know about the CWG, I strongly recommend you visit the CWG website. Membership is free. You only have to be a SAP customer or partner.

Our next user conference will be held in Budapest, Hungary May 19-22.


We hope to see you there!




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