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Error Handling with #BW4HANA

If you are unable to see screenshot below, Please use this link


With BW4HANA, SAP has decided to simplify/reduce the number BW objects required and PSA has been permanently removed from the product.

With PSA , we had the option of fixing load time error while extracting the data from the source. With BW4HANA, we don’t get the option of PSA, so how do we fix the load failures which are caused by incorrect data? Let’s find out.

We don’t use PSA anymore and the data gets loaded in target DSO directly, So we will simulate the situation to see how system responds to incorrect data and how can we handle it.

Please note that below example may not happen in live scenario but our aim is to see how error stack and error DTP works.

Step 1 : In general tab of transformation, we have chosen ‘ABAP Runtime’ in ‘Runtime Properties’ , error handling will not work with HANA Runtime.

Step 2 : We have created a field based ODS and mapped it to a Z Datasource. We have incorrectly mapped the date field with type INT1 field.

Step 3 : We have created a new DTP. Under ‘Update’ Tab of DTP, we have chosen ‘Request is set to success, error stack is written and valid records are updated’ * (Check foot note)

Step4 : Clicked on Activate button ( next to ‘Open DTIS Maintenance’). We see below pop-up, clicked on ‘Generate and Open editor’, this will create an error DTP.

Step 5 : Error DTP is created as shown below, activated it.

Step 6 : Ran the original DTP, and we see error as shown below.

Step 7 : With the help of SAP Note 2494151 , we edited the below error DTP and cleared the data for ERDAT, to make data load work.

Cleared the field in error stack.

Step 8 : Ran the error DTP, and it got executed without any error.

Please let me know your feedback about the article.

Foot note :

Please be aware that we have taken somewhat different route as the system I am using is not fully configured to view the error stack in web interface.

We have chosen ‘Request is set to success, error stack is written and valid records are updated’ , instead of   ‘Request is set to failed, error stack is written and valid records are updated’ because system is not allowing us to run the error DTP as it throws below error.

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      Author's profile photo Andreas Tidl
      Andreas Tidl


      Unfortunately all screenshots here have disappeared. So we can only guess whats shown here in system.

      Can you fix it please?




      Author's profile photo Vivek Jain
      Vivek Jain
      Blog Post Author

      HI Andreas,


      Thanks for bringing this to my notice.


      Please use this link for time being.


      Author's profile photo Alex Slagter
      Alex Slagter

      Hi Vivek,

      Most of our failures occur on the activation of the aDSO (when it creates the SIDs) as opposed to the DTP.  When this happens, we delete the request and edit the PSA.  How do you handle failed records on the activation of aDSO?  Do those records get pushed to the error stack?