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Jennifer enjoying flexible and convenient mobility in Prosumer City

Hi, I am Jennifer. My boyfriend, Rob & I moved to the new Prosumer City 2030. Prosumer City has a great residential area and it’s a cool and smart place to be! One of the main factors when we decided to move to Prosumer City was the ease and access that we could get in terms of mobility.

Commuting to work, access to leisure and entertainment as well as traveling in and out of the city was an important consideration. We are also conscious of climate change and our ecosystem. Hence, we use sustainable products and services and contribute to green city goals of our new home – Prosumer City.

CityMove, the mobility service provider of Prosumer City fits our needs: sustainable and flexible mobility on demand services with options to select according to our needs covering public transportation, car sharing, ride sharing even bike and e-scooter options for moving around in the city center and dense areas.

All of these offers from one single source, complemented with additional services like entertainment and ticket offers, loyalty programs – all carefully selected to match our lifestyle. Our Mobility app always knows the best route and what mobility option will get us to our destination. Want to join us for a ride? Come experience how we get around.

Mobility on demand

Tomorrow Rob will attend a meeting at ‘NewTown’ and I am going to my office located in the financial district. We entered our destinations and targeted arrival times in our Apps. Based on our preferences and supported by machine learning algorithms CityMove created the best travel itinerary. Rob and I will take the subway nearby from our house to the mobility hub.

For all the legs of our commutes, we did not have to purchase any individual ticket. The mobility package covers all modes. We only had to use the right media to notify our presence to the right system.

When we arrived at the subway, our smart phones’ Bluetooth was picked up by TransUrban’s system and the turnstiles opened, and we went in without any hassle.

At the Mobility Hub, we picked up coffee by waving the QR code of the order we made while on route through the CityMove App. CityMove App even offered us a coupon to try the new smoothies available from our favorite coffee shop at the mobility hub. Now this is how a great morning can start.

Rob’s Journey

Rob received a notification where he can pick up his electric car OASIS as he headed out to NewTown. When Rob travels, he always opts-in for the rideshare program, and this time, Mike, a pianist did reserve a rideshare to ‘NewTown’ as well and CityMove matched them on their route. Ride Sharing offers multiple benefits – it’s a more suitable commuting option, and is at the same time is a great new way to network.

Rob is excited to have a pleasant ride and chat about music with his ride share partner.

Jennifer’s Journey

I am taking an e-scooter to work as it is a short ride from the mobility hub to my office. The scooter was a Dockless one, and I picked it up from my usual place by the exit of the mobility hub and I left it right by the nearest designated area near my office complex for bikes and scooters.

Evening plans

Rob called me during lunch and updated me on the offer that he received from Mike, the pianist. Mike is playing tonight at a roof-top-bar and he has invited them to his show. Happy to hear, I accepted. I then went about to order that nice dress I saw online. The dress was in stock, and the options to deliver by tonight was also available. Seeing this, I ordered and requested the delivery to happen at my office at 18:00. I was curious to know how such a delivery could happen that fast and I learned that Prosumer city does have a very futuristic underground freight network system. And for final delivers to customers, they use autonomous cars on roads.

My dress arrived on time via a Rinspeed autonomous car, and I had ample time to change and head to the concert.


I opened my CityMove app and selected the destination to the concert and for that time and destination, the best suggestion was to use a Robo-taxi. I booked my mine, which was scheduled to come in a couple minutes.

Rob decided to take the high-speed train on his way back to finalize the notes he took from his meeting in NewTown. Soon as he arrived back at the Mobility hub, he was picked up by a Robo-Taxi that his CityMove already booked ahead for him while on route.

Mike was a talented pianist, the atmosphere at the roof-top-bar was full of positive vibes and they all enjoyed a wonderful evening.

CityMove is truly providing us with flexible, convenient and sustainable mobility options matching our needs and preferences. Not owning a car took a little bit of getting used to but now we are completely convinced that smart mobility tops all our wishes.


Would you like to find out more about how intelligent SAP Solutions can support the future of urban mobility? Visit us at the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona, from 13-15 November 2018 at booth C349. Looking forward to seeing you in Barcelona

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