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Author's profile photo Nil Peksen

A Scholarship Winner Second Day Experiences At Teched Barcelona

Second day my SAP Teched Barcelona experience was literally awe-inspiring too. (Third day blog will probably start with same expression). I am having a huge trouble about finding an other expression for reflect my exact feeling than ‘awesome – inspiring’!

Second day was pretty intense than first day. My agenda was full in the morning, nearly had no break. However nothing happens without a reason, some roadmap sessions and hands of sessions was full before on time and had no chance to attend then i had noticed that my other mission which is community networking.
It was really good experience networking sap techies all around the world. I’ve also tried to find a Norwegian peers for have a cup of coffee but no chance. They were all hidden 🙂

Here is my second day highlights about sessions that I had a chance to attend;


Introduction Predictive Capabilities in SAP Analytics Cloud – Richard Mooney
The session gave me was a closer look to Smart Assist, Smart Discovery, Context Driven Predictions and Smart predict tools. Today’s current challenges about data discovery and machine learning solutions lack adoption problems vs why there is planning, bi, and predictive is one platform. It was good choice, smooth and straightforward session for start second day.


SAP Analytics Cloud Planning and Predictive time Series Forecast – Jeanne Bigonnet
This demo session had we had actually three speakers. Jeanne Bigonnet -Planning in SAC, Robert Macgrath- Predictive in SAC planning and Veronique Venditti- Predictive in SAC.
Session was also is a quick introduction to smart predict for me.
During the session predictive scenerios supported forecast and actual dashboards on smart predict.
At the middle of session it looked like there were no BPC requirement.
Behalf of other participants who were questioning same I’had just asked where BPC stands in this picture.In the presented scenario, if consolidation part was not mandatory there were no need for BPC.But experts answered me as kindly no, this scenario works on BPC and there must be embedded BPC.
Smart Predict is new SAP Analytics Cloud feature that I really love.I’ve also found free trial after finishing this blog post my first job will be deep dive into it.


Virtual Reality Experience – Future Workplace at SAP powered by SAP the Intelligent Enterprise
Because of no avaliable seat sessions i had free time to visit developer area than I found myself at #SAPCommunity Lounge of the Developer Garage and experienced VR.
It was totally crazy experience for me. For 10 maybe 15 minutes (i am not sure), i felt like I am Batwoman and having a trip at Gotham City. It was the coolest VR experience that I ever had.
Thank you Oliver Kohl  for your guidance. Without your directions probably I would be first fallen down person from the top of the building. I had so much fun and my out of use experience don’t mislead you. Here is the link about original purpose of future workplace with virtual reality 

Hands on Experience with Using SAP Analytics Cloud for SAP BW/4HANA –
 & Jens Hertweck
This session was one of the reservation required sessions. With 5 min latency I lost my chance for find an available computer. Just watched the sessions first hour, then jumped to another available session.


Next Level Working At SAP: The Intelligent Enterprise – Sebastian Lang
Sebastian Lang presented this session with his iPhone and Apple Watch. Quick introduction to new technologies and collaboration tools. Totally impressive session about how to transform companies into a intelligent enterprise.There were also some impressive. future workplace virtual reality presentations.


What is new in SAP Business Objects Business Intelligence – Maheshwar Singh
BI suite release 4.2 SP6 flexible and scalable self service BI makes it easy for users to discover. Announced improvements looks magnificient on #webi and #sapbi platform and shared insights in real time.



Data integration and Data Modelling in SAP Analytics Cloud – Abassin Sidiq
This meet up was really like round table session. I was so lucky that, i found a avaliable chair.
All participants are so close to Abbasin Sidiq and we all had a chance to ask our questions.It is impossible to forget Abbassin and other participants gaze when i gave an example about my Lumira predictive usage.Yes, that was true story and I had to use Lumira for complex predictive calculations.At the end of the session, I had a chance to tell the reason and truth of the story to Abbasin.At least he doesn’t think I’m crazy 🙂


SAP Analytics Cloud For Data Discovery on Import Data Sources –
Henry Banks & Sabrina Ruck
Another reservation required session. This time, i was there before 5 minutes on time. (lessons learnt). With this hand hands on session we upload data, explored and created visualizations and did some basic calculations.Really helpful for understanding how easy to discover data, visualize, plan and predict all in one place.


Female Influencers Fireside Chat
Everyone on the session is shining stars in their ecosystem and i’d like to thank all influencers being amazing role models for me and for other female techies.
After the session, i had also found myself questioning about what do i want to be known, starting from there and continuing what I really want! At the end of the day, i think i found my really passion with questioning this.
I’d also to special thank to Meredith Hassett  for remembering just be authentic self.
My scholarship winning story started with her tweet and I really appreciate her influence on me.
At the end of the session I didn’t have a chance to say thank her, please accept my gratitude from here:)


There were also some sessions and experiences (Mindful UX) that I need to write more but every blog post going like crazy long…

I’d like to finish my second day post with 4 Clubs 4 Vibes 4 U Session
Fun and joy o’clock! After arriving the beachfront area, i nearly forgot my all exhaustion.
This was a fabulous experience – just so much fun!
It was memorable evening with gathering with friends and also good opportunity for make new friends.Turned back to hotel with lots of pictures and unforgettable memories.
Thank you everyone!



p.s: This post will be edited due to grammar fails 🙂


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      Author's profile photo Audrey Stevenson
      Audrey Stevenson

      Nilay, I enjoyed reading this post as much as your first one. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us.

      Author's profile photo Nil Peksen
      Nil Peksen
      Blog Post Author

      Thank you for courage that you are given.
      Like most skills, writing becomes easier on every blog post. Everyday learning so many things. Yesterday i read your and dj adams blog posts about blogging.
      Inspired, i will keep on blogging ?

      Author's profile photo Svea Becker
      Svea Becker

      I can only agree with Audrey. This is again a nice reading. I like that you have chosen the possibility to explore new worlds ("Gotham City") instead of hurrying around desperately as of not getting a seat in all your favorite sessions. Sometimes it is better "to let you guide" 😉

      Author's profile photo Nil Peksen
      Nil Peksen
      Blog Post Author

      Thank you Svea, just tried to reflect what literally i really felt 🙂
      While experiencing VR, Oliver Kohl  was directing me like, you are in the wrong way! turn back to office! follow the lines etc. At that moments, i was literally focused being a Batwoman and trying to get top of the longest building. He probably laughed so much to my expressions but i don't care, this is my crazy side 🙂

      Author's profile photo Svea Becker
      Svea Becker

      Like it! I almost had the same experience in Las Vegas. It was obviously one of the gratest things I ever tried! 🙂

      Author's profile photo Michelle Crapo
      Michelle Crapo

      Nice reading!

      Author's profile photo Nil Peksen
      Nil Peksen
      Blog Post Author

      Thank you, third day is on the way 🙂