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S/4HANA 1809 – New features for Cash Management and BAM

Hi all!

The objective of this blog is to show a short  debrief of what S/4HANA 1809 version is delivering for Cash Management and Bank account management.

I think that people looking for a summary of this process area, will find it useful.

Disclaimer: The information was obtained from public SAP presentations, FIORI Library and SAP Help site.



1.New applications released for Bank Account Management

-Monitor Bank Fees: Enables to get an overview of bank fees , details for statements and validation of charges.

Graphic view:


Image from SAP

Table view:

Image from SAP

-Import Bank Fees: This app enables to import BSB files (Bank Services Billing), and delete files that are no longer needed. BSB is a statement to report on the corporate customers’ usage of financial services and their related charges.

-Manage Bank Fee conditions: Maintain the different conditions for bank fees, for example “Unit Pricing”.

Image from SAP

2.Bank Correspondence 

This functionality uses templates to generate automated  notifications or correspondence to the bank, for changes in master data. Example, signatories change can be notified through e-mail, pdf, etc.

3.New Cash Pooling tab in BAM

Enables new fields in the bank account master data, to manage the inclusion of the accounts in pooling.



1.Cash pooling functionality. Enables new apps to manage Cash Pooling:

-Manage Cash Pools: Allows you to create , delete and display cash pools.

-Manage Cash Concentration:  With this app, you can initiate cash concentration in physical pools for the cash sweeping between header accounts and subaccounts. You can realize automatic simulation of funds transfer and monitor the status of cash concentration and payment request generation

-Cash Pool Transfer Report:  You can get a daily report of cash transfers in a cash pool. You can then track the concentration amounts between header accounts and subaccounts in a specified period of time.


Image from SAP



2.Cash Reconciliation with Intra Day Bank Statements

Reconcile Cash Flows – Intra Day Memo Records: You can manually reconcile intraday memo records that were generated automatically by intra day statements with forecasted cashflows. you can easily identify unfinished and unknown payments in time. It also helps you get rid of duplicated items in forecasts to gain a more accurate account of your cash positions.

This is done with the new app Reconcile Cash Flows

Image from SAP

Image from SAP


3.Release Cash Flows functionality

Release Cash Flows:   This app allows Cash Manager to release cash flows from different sources ( like remote systems or non-SAP systems ) if specified in configuration. The objective is that Cash Manager can trust the information that gets pulled into the Cash Management system.

The data is integrated through a SOAP Webservice (CASHFLOW_IN)

Image from SAP


4.Snapshot from Cash Management:


This functionality allows end user to check a historical version of Cash Flows with a time stamp, in order to understand what has been forecasted in a certain point of time, and then compare with the actuals.

This was introduced in cloud version for 1802, allowing end users to check an historical version of the cashflows.

This Snapshot functionality has to be enabled in configuration.

If you see screen below, Cashflow Analyzer App now has a field that allows you to select the snapshot time.

5.Cash Flow Comparison Actual/Forecast

This new application allows to compare forecasts with actuals, and different versions in time of forecasted actuals as well. It helps you understand the accuracy of your past forecast records and assists you in improving your cash flow forecasts continuously.

This report has 2 versions, with some different features:

-Webdynpro version: This version is visible in the standard launchpad by default. “Cash Flow Comparison Actual/Forecast” with foot note “Accessible”.

Features on this version include:

  • Save selection criteria as your favorite or default value.
  • Show information in hierarchical view of date.
  • Filter , sort, download to file, etc.
  • Configure the report layout in navigation panel by selecting many enable dimensions.


-Design Studio version: This version needs to be searched in the App finder , as it is not visible in the standard. It also does not have the “Accessible” foot note.

  • Show the information in the hierarchical view of date.
  • Chart and Table views.
  • Configure the report layout in the left-hand panel.





 Thank you! Feel free to add comments and suggestions!



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      Author's profile photo Daniel Araújo Santos
      Daniel Araújo Santos

      Excellent job, keep it up!


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      Aditiya Hakim

      Very nice article... !


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      Stefano Bellachioma

      I agree!! Excellent job!

      Author's profile photo Amarnath Raveendranath
      Amarnath Raveendranath

      Excellent write up Thanks...

      One question, on the Cash Flow Comparison Actual/Forecast App:

      The prompt has a mandatory field "Value Date (Hierarchy)" Ex: Year/Qtr/Month/Day etc.,

      Where is this defined?

      Author's profile photo Raghavendrarao Lagadapati
      Raghavendrarao Lagadapati

      Nice written

      Author's profile photo Chris Schutte
      Chris Schutte



      How can cash concentration be implemented in S4 where the bank, and not S4, executes the cash concentration activities?


      Kind regards