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Intelligence will be the Engine for Cities to Prosper and Improve

Blog written in collaboration between Mavoco and SAP

Smart Cities – Connected, Intelligent, Data Driven

Many people are talking about it, a lot of cities are already doing it. Turning traditional cities into smart cities.   By 2050 up to 70% of the citizens of developed countries are expected to live in cities. Those cities will only cover approximately 5% of the world’s surface.


All this development is creating a growing number of challenges, which will have to be solved by public institutions, society and technology companies working together.


The urban revolution – Cities turning into Smart Cities

Let’s think about the leaders and best practices of the transition into Smart Cities. On one hand, there is Barcelona, the second biggest city in Spain, and one of the global leaders in this movement. Barcelona is not the host of the Global Smart City expo by accident. It’s one of the cities that uses the Internet of Things extensively to collect and measure data such as the one provided by sensors embedded in streetlights. They also connect their garbage bins to improve waste collection, monitor parking  to reduce carbon emission and improve traffic congestion and many more.

Other cities, like Singapore, Helsinki, San Francisco focus on collecting and distributing data to governmental and non-governmental entities alike.

By turning their services into “intelligent” services, cities are becoming more efficient and are simplifying how citizens can benefit from those services available to them. Moreover, cities are not only enabling their citizens to benefit from digitization, but also helping companies create new business opportunities and generate new jobs.


We step on stage to simplify smart city transformation

The Internet of Things is becoming relevant to an ever-growing number of areas within the public sector and commercial environments within the smart city ecosystem including connected homes, buildings, wearables, infrastructure, assets, cars and meters.

A major focus of every city is be to provide citizens with the tools that facilitate the adoption of smart city services while simultaneously being good stewards of their money and improving the citizen and customer experience.

The optimization of local workflows for everything from utilities, waste collection, irrigation, traffic, multi-modal transportation, emission reduction or access to cultural or health facilities will require the full engagement of municipalities and their ecosystem partners.

MAVOCO empowers customers to introduce and scale smart services, while putting them at the fingertips of every stakeholder in the city ecosystem.  Our platform is a state-of-the-art, cloud-capable system that delivers a critical part of that connected ecosystem.  We capture, manage and rate service usage events and enable advanced functions related to those events including controlling usage in real time, rule automation and capturing data for analysis.

We help all the players in the connected world to generate usage events (energy, safety, transport, sensors & meters etc.),

MAVOCO Software has been built around the central idea of connected services.

Connected services provide detailed information in real time and create bridges between users and providers.  MAVOCO’s customers are empowered to:

  • Converge and manage information from different service-resources including sensors, smart meters, access gates, etc.
  • Monitor online Usage of provided services in real-time
  • Share and distribute information through powerful application program interfaces or integrate multiple systems
  • Create individual price plans and charge all types of units needed to run your business, like electricity, water, gas, telco and many others
  • Give your customers or citizens full control and access to their data within one platform

As new technologies and innovation come hand in hand, countless possibilities are emerging to provide higher value and better service to citizens and customers in the future. We solve the challenge to consolidate, manage and monetize the endless amount of service usage that will underpin that future.

Does the consolidation management and monetization of service usage rank high on your agenda?





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