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Author's profile photo Vivek Jain

The definitive guide to Fiori based SAP #BW4HANA Cockpit

Like few users if you are unable to see the attached images then please check the blog here.


Latest BW4HANA (SP08) release has brought in new Fiori based BW4HANA cockpit with slicker UI and web interface.We will be going bit deeper into various features it has.

For start, you need to get the Fiori based BW4HANA cockpit configured with the help of your basis team (You can refer the SAP help link to configure it ).

Once configured, you have to run the tcode BW4WEB. The tcode shall open the BW4HANA cockpit with help of your browser.

This is how the Home page looks. You can see Manage, Model and Monitor tabs.

Under Monitor tab, You can click on Process chain Dashboard Tile to get birds-eye view of all the jobs in the system. This view is very handy in order to gauge the system load status. You can also search for specific PC.

With Aborted and Failed Process Chain tile , You can directly access failed PCs and take action on them.

With Manage DSO/Infobject Tiles, you can go to data load details of individual ADSOs and Infobject and monitor the status . It also gives you the option to check the load monitor from web interface itself.

Modeling Tile gives you option to create PCs in BW4HANA cockpit itself. Starting with ‘Start’ process you can add various steps (along with Collector/Decision) and execute the chain from the cockpit.

Step by Step creation of PC in cockpit can be covered in separate post.

The process chain monitor shows us, time each step took and status of the steps.

Last but not the least , When you click on Home button on top, you get variety of different options for different tasks.

This post is first in the series of future #BW4HANA posts which I will be posting in coming days, Let me know your feedback.



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      Author's profile photo Marc Bernard
      Marc Bernard

      Not sure if this qualifies as the "definite guide", but it's a nice intro to the SAP BW/4HANA Cockpit.

      SAP HANA Competence Center

      Author's profile photo Vivek Jain
      Vivek Jain
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks for the feedback Marc.

      Definitive in terms of range of areas covered with respect to the cockpit.

      Although each area is not covered in detail, I plan to take that in upcoming posts.

      Author's profile photo Stanislav Ukolkin
      Stanislav Ukolkin

      Thanks for this very useful guide!

      But I still have a question. Is it possible to use this cockpit instead of SAP Fiori Launchpad (for business users) or merge these two launchpad's to a single one?

      Author's profile photo Vivek Jain
      Vivek Jain
      Blog Post Author

      I am not sure I understand the question correctly. This cockpit is not for business users, this is for technical team.

      Author's profile photo Stanislav Ukolkin
      Stanislav Ukolkin

      I do understand that this cockpit is intended for technical users.

      But what technically prevents its use as a classic fiori launchpad, deploying new tiles there and delimiting the visibility of technical tiles with the help of groups and authorities? Is there any functionality in the classic fiori launchpad, which is missing in bw cockpit?

      thank you in advance,


      Author's profile photo Vivek Jain
      Vivek Jain
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Stanislav,


      I got your point now, Your suggestion is valid and I think this must be doable but I have limited knowledge on fiori, so will not be able to comment.




      Author's profile photo Rukmambara Ananthula
      Rukmambara Ananthula