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Adopting ALM and getting ready for the Future

Application Lifecyle Management tools allow your IT Ship to get a clear heading through the challenges in the galaxy of Operations and Innovations; all the while combating competition. This is pretty much what SAP Solution Manager 7.2 provides and that’s the precise reason why approximately 7900 customers (including net new) have moved on to the new Application Lifecycle Management toolset provided by SAP Solution Manager 7.2. Ever since the launch of the newer version about 3 years ago, the product has established the interest of IT houses within each customer. Add to this the support provided by our partners in establishing services around the product and supporting our customer base. Many of our partners have established clear expertise in this domain and this was showcased at SolEd 2018 in Bangalore and Heidelberg; where partners like Robert Bosch, HCL and Horigine showcased their prowess.

The substantial change that we see from the past is the adoption of SAP Solution Manager for Build with Implementation projects. With Focused Solution Addon’s like Focused Build; the ease of Implementation and Ease of Use have enabled this momentum. Customers’ like Unilever have established IT Practices with SAP Solution Manager 7.2 which have enabled them to manage the Build and Run aspects of IT (case showcased at SolEd 2018 in Bangalore). They highlighted the overall adoption journey and the product Upgrade path. Adani Wilmar Limited was equally immersive with their showcase of how Focused Build addon of SAP Solution Manager 7.2 was used during their Digital Transformation Project (SAP S/4HANA) with remarkable success. (show cased at SolEd 2018 Bangalore). There are many such displays of success across various regions and many have been done so with great support and acumen from our partners as well.

Operations is one of the key pillars of SAP Solution Manager. It helps customers to reduce TCO by predefined content and centralized management tools for all aspects of operations. Going up the value chain, customers can make sure that core business processes run according to the priorities and costs for operating a solution remain at a reasonable level. To cater to the niche and advanced needs of customers as well as partners (especially in the hosting space); we have Focused Run which handles high-volume system and application monitoring, alerting, and analytics and advanced needs regarding system management, user monitoring, integration monitoring, and configuration and security analytics.

SAP Solution Manager is the “Swiss Army Knife” of the ALM world. With all its capabilities it caters to the end to end of Application Lifecycle Management. So, how do you best leverage these tools for your needs? That’s where you need to have a plan for Adoption. The right set of capabilities adopted in a planned manner is the key to aspect of how you can make it successful in your organization.

Please refer to this article: ( to see how you can embark on a journey to adopt the various capabilities of SAP Solution Manager 7.2.

It is all about understanding the AS IS, analyzing and listing the various IT Processes and how they can be enabled or automated with a tool (like SAP Solution Manager), creating a portfolio, targeting some clear quick wins to showcase benefits and follow it up with capability adoption having a clear short, medium and long-term roadmap. Whether you are embarking on a Digital Transformation journey or adopting new age methodologies like DevOps or venturing into the world of Cloud, ALM will be your partner in that journey and SAP Solution Manager a tool of choice.

At SolEd in Heidelberg, we announced the SAP Cloud ALM. This was a much-awaited announcement this year. Analysts in the market had already written about SAP Cloud ALM even before the launch; showcasing the interest in this new age solution. Read an analyst article on this topic ( by Joshua Greenbaum. You could read about SAP Cloud ALM on our support portal highlighting the nuances of the capabilities and the heading ALM world is taking to cater to the needs of the future.

TechEd is a great Technology Event connecting best of Experts on cutting edge Products leveraging Best Practices. It brings an opportunity for you to engage and understand the product roadmap, get questions answered, influence future product functionality.

At TechEd in Bangalore you get to experience some of the key capabilities for SAP Solution Manager and associated ALM products. This is an opportunity to meet ALM experts; be it customers, partners, or industry experts and you get to meet them all under the same umbrella.

To make it easy; I am listing few of the tracks (with links to the Agenda Builder) that may excite you and we look forward to seeing you at TechEd Bangalore.

Session ID Title Speakers
CNA107 Discover the Latest Requirements to Deploy with SAP Solution Manager 7.2 Rajeev Gollapudi SAP;
CNA212 Five Ways to Ease Management of Hybrid Applications on SAP Cloud Platform Love Arora, SAP
CNA234 Custom Code Analytics for Hybrid Landscapes Deepthi Prakashan SAP Labs;
CNA310 Use Focused Run Integration Monitoring to Support Hybrid Scenarios Umesh Jagadesh SAP;
CNA311 Performance Monitoring of SAP Fiori in a Hybrid Scenario with Focused Run Umesh Jagadesh SAP;
CNA313 Plan, Integrate, and Maintain Hybrid Landscapes with Maintenance Planner Priti Dhingara SAP;
CNA321 Application Operations for Hybrid Support with SAP Solution Manager Rashmi Vanaja SAP;
CNA326 A Scaled-Agile Way of Building Solutions with SAP Solution Manager Rajeev Gollapudi SAP;
CNA327 Manage a Hybrid SAP Solution Landscape with Business Process Operations Mustameer Ahmed Khan SAP Labs India;
CNA328 Business Process Improvement to Prepare for the Transition to SAP S/4HANA Mustameer Ahmed Khan SAP Labs India;
CNA329 Change Control Management Supports Continuous Integration and Delivery Rajeev Puthanpura SAP Labs India;
CNA370 Change Request Management Meets Continuous Delivery in Hybrid Scenarios Mohammed Suhaib SAP; Rajeev Puthanpura SAP Labs India;
CNA386 Process Management in Hybrid Landscapes with SAP Solution Manager 7.2 Sharath Shasheendran SAP; Jyoti Singh SAP SDC;
CNA387 Realize an SAP Model Company Project with Focused Build Sonal Kumar SAP; Jyoti Singh SAP SDC;
CNA388 Manage Test Automation for Hybrid Landscape in SAP Solution Manager 7.2 Sonal Kumar SAP; Sharath Shasheendran SAP;
CNA389 End-to-End Monitoring of Hybrid System Landscapes with SAP Solution Manager Rashmi Vanaja SAP; Mustameer Ahmed Khan SAP Labs India;
CNA812 Road Map: SAP Solution Manager 7.2 Rajeev Gollapudi SAP;
CNA813 Road Map: Application Lifecycle Management for Cloud-Centric Customers Rajeev Gollapudi SAP;

Sharath Shasheendran
Regional Lead India, Partners APJ
Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)
SAP Labs India

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