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My personal recap of SAPTECHED 2018 day 3 in Barcelona

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Day 2 recap

Day 3 of SAP TechEd 2018 in Barcelona has started.

SAP WebIDE and Application Programming Model

My first session of the day was one about SAP WebIDE by Keren Rotenberg. I already new a lot of what she talked about. For me the interesting part of this session was the live demo of a fullstack application she created leveraging the new application programming model. This was a perfect follow-up of the session from Daniel Huetzel I visited yesterday. Now I’m even more convinced to start with this programming model as soon as possible

FLP Extension

I haven’t thought about extending the Fiori Launchpad since I was asked to do so in a customer project. For this customer I’m currently extending the FLP and Enterprise Portal Fiori Framework Page with information from Enterprise portal and the connected backend system. Maybe I write another blob about this project cause I can imagine that this might be also interesting for other customers even those that are on FLP at R3 or FLP on Cloud Portal.
Carola Steinmaier gave a quick and good overview of the possibilities. Unfortunately I had to learn that the extensions my customer requests are not realizable without modifications.

Networking / Community

After these first sessions a time of networking started. I met a lot of people and talked to them about this and that. Cause this also was on my personal SAP Teched agenda I could also check-off this item of my todo list.

One important topic I take away from this is something Oliver Kohl (SAP Community chief officer) inspired me to. Oliver told me that my “famous SAP Community tag browser” (quote from Oliver) is no longer needed cause they build something similar into the community sites. He also showed me some new features and I will definitely go more often to the community sites in the future.

Various topics

In the afternoon I watched a presentation about testing on SAP Cloud Platform from which I took home that I should have a deeper look at this too cause SAP has to offer interesting things here.

Then I went to a roadmap session about Enterprise Portal and Cloud Portal by Aviad Rivlin. The takeaway of this session was that Cloud portal is not based on or an enhancement of the Enterprise Portal and there will be no simple way to migrate. So if customers want to move to the cloud they have to think about it seriously.

I shouldn’t forget a talk about Fiori 3. This was so packed with people that I couldn’t sit and hear very well. So I only got half of the information. But what I saw and heard is great stuff. The UX guys from SAP are totally up-to-date and not even that. They work on topics no one who, like me was tortured with SAP GUI many years, could imagine. E.g. we can speak to our SAP systems or our SAP Systems analyze our well-being and then give us recommendations for the next tasks (see here for details). That’s science fiction, isn’t it? No, I’ve seen it.

It’s now 6 p.m., the halls are slowly getting empty and I also prepare myself for a last night in Barcelona.

Thank you #SAPTechEd. It was a great event. I enjoyed it and my confidence in SAP as one of the key players not only in business software but also in software technology has strengthened.

About this ABAP thing in the cloud, see part 1, we talk at another day 😉

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      Author's profile photo Jeremy Good
      Jeremy Good

      I enjoy how your 3 part blog series came full circle with ABAP, and I am quite pleased that TechEd has redeemed itself in your perspective of cost vs. benefit (not trying to put words in your mouth here, but it seemed to me that it was a great week overall for you).

      I'm not sure how I would react if SAP IT starts requiring us to wear the EMOTIV would need to be Skype certified and a significant fashion style upgrade on the Jabra headset I'm currently wearing...

      Yes, the world famous Tammen Tag Browser - what exactly has replaced it - the topic browse page?

      Author's profile photo Helmut Tammen
      Helmut Tammen
      Blog Post Author

      Absolutely Jeremy. SAP TechEd is back at the list of events that one should visit from time to time.

      At the page there are the Popular Tags at the right. If you click at "View all" you get to a page where you can search for tags.

      I have to admit that I'm a little bit sad that my Tag Browser is not needed any more. It could have made me unforgotten in the SAP community 😀

      Author's profile photo Jeremy Good
      Jeremy Good

      Well, it looks like the community team didn't forget about you quite yet:

      I see that we have the following ways to discover tagged content (which I rarely do since I'm already following the pertinent tags for my normal activities):


      I look forward to the future enhancements where tags evolve to the overarching glue that binds topics and all related content into cohesive 'spaces' 🙂


      Author's profile photo Witalij Rudnicki
      Witalij Rudnicki

      Thanks for sharing your experience and your observations. Always interesting to know how others see the same things. Regards.