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There are few pre-requisites before you start contributing blogs in SAP Community. One of the pre-requisites is to follow tag of your choosing. However, the navigation to follow a tag can be quite a task if you are new to SAP community. I struggled to complete this pre-requisite and hence thought to write this blog to help others.

How to follow a tag

  1. Choose path  Community –> Blogs or click on link
  2. All Blogs page is displayed. On the right side, you see Popular tags section. Choose a tag (for example, MM) or click View All and then select a tag
  3. A page with all blogs in the selected tag will be displayed.
  4. Next to Tag name, you see a Follow link in the right side
  5. Click on the Follow link to follow the tag. The link will change as Following.
  6. Repeat the above to follow other tags

Useful links and navigation :

1. How to write Blogs and Blogger levels

You should read this first if you want to write blogs. It will also explain you about how you can move from subscriber to contributor of blog (first time bloggers in the community) or author (experienced member) .

Link :

Path : Community –> Blogs –> Tips for writing good blogs

2. Navigating user levels in the community blog

This is referred as one of the pre-requisites to reach contributor level. Click on the link below and click ‘Follow’



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