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Text Types Usage

With the 1811 release you will see a warning message in SAP Cloud Applications Studio like the one below.


This warning is shown when you use the ‘Text’ data type for field definition. It’s an unlimited text data type and allows you to save as much text as you want. Because of the unlimited nature of the data type, certain users save binary content like PDF files or XML or images in this field. The data type is not designed to save such content and because of this it affects the database performance.

In such cases where you want to save PDF files, images etc. its recommended to AttachmentFolder (refer section in the SDK Help Documentation for more on AttachmentFolder). Further, if you wish to store unlimited text then its recommended to use to use the TextCollection DO (refer section in the SDK Help Documentation for more on TextCollection).

We also support text data types with limited character length. It highly recommended that when you define the text fields you one of the following data types.

Field Definition in Custom Objects




Field Definition in Extension Objects


Field Definition in Custom Nodes of an Extension Object

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  • Hello Gaurav,

    Thank you very much for the valuable information.

    I’ve tried on “LongText” on extension BO and it seems unlimited.
    But when I use that in absl logic, it showing the warning message [“Please ensure the value doesn’t exceed 120 characters, otherwise it will be cut off at runtime.”]. But although I insert over 300 characters in logic (get the value from TextCollection and put to this), seems no problem on screen and showing all chars.
    So it is OK to assume that “LongText” can be used as unlimited in XBO?


  • Hello Gaurav,

    Thank you very much for the valuable information.


    I’ve currently tried what May Thitsa Oo mentioned and I is not (anymore?) possible to insert more than 120 characters for LongText.

    Apparently there is also a problem with field definition of extension objects. It is not possible to adjust the field size, ReadOnly and/or DisplayType. So the fields look unpleasant (huge).

    I’ve created an incident 499641/2019



  • SAP answered the following to my incident:

    • DisplayType is not adaptable anymore for extended text fields –> they suggested to use embedded component as a workaround
    • ReadOnly can not be adjusted anymore by setting the “is display only” hook –> you need to adaptvia extensibility explorer