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How to create and use data quality rules with SAP Master Data Governance on SAP S/4HANA 1809 (Part 2)

By following the instructions of part 1 you have created a data quality rule that is in status active and ready for evaluation.

Before you continue, ensure that there is corresponding product master data in your system, products that fit to our example score expression products of type finished goods (MARA-MTART = FERT) that also have a product number starting with ZDEMO (MARA-MATNR = ZDEMO*). It is fine to create a few products, for example using the app Manage Product Master Data. It would be nice though if some of the example data comply with the rule and some don’t.

After you are done with this blog series, you might want to have lots of data in your system to experiment with larger and different data sets. Have a look at MDG’s master data consolidation capabilities that also include the upload of master data in CSV or spreadsheet format.

Part 2 – Evaluating data quality rules

Create a data quality evaluation

  1. Launch the app Manage Data Quality Evaluations – Products.
  2. A list with previous evaluations is displayed.
  3. Choose Create Process.
  4. You can give your evaluation process a description, but can also just accept the defaults…
  5. … and choose Save.
  6. There are various parameters to clean up previous evaluations. Please keep the defaults.
  7. Choose Start.
  8. The status of the process changes to Initializing Process.
  9. After that the system starts the evaluation.
  10. Once done with the evaluation, the process is finalized.
  11. After that, it changes to the final state Completed.
  12. There are statistics about the evaluation displayed. These are rather to see of the evaluation itself run correctly. There as a dedicated app for the analysis of the evaluation result.
  13. Click on Back to return to the Fiori Launchpad


See the evaluation result for your particular rule

  1. Launch the app Manage Data Quality Rules – Products.
  2. Click on the Expand Header button to display the filter bar.
  3. Search for your rule.
  4. Click on your rule to display its details.
  5. Note that there is now a section Evaluation that displays a summary of the evaluation result of the rule. To see the details of the evaluation result, click on the score.
  6. You navigate to the app Evaluation Results for Products. You should find the example products that you created. We will have a closer look at this app in the next part.

Stay tuned…

Now, that you have evaluation results available you surely want to examine them more closely. And you might ask: how do I correct the erroneous data? Well, see the 3rd part of this blog series.

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  • Hi Andreas,

    Thank you for sharing valuable information on Data qualiy management on MDG on 1809 S/4HANA. Shall the Data quality tool on 1809 S/4 HANA configured for ERSA/PACK/INGR material types ? I mean indirect materials as well. Are we replacing material with product moving forward ?

    • Hi Suresh,

      it is not limited to certain material types. There is a set of tables that can be used as Base Tables for rules. These are a subset of the tables of the model we use for consolidation and mass processing. See the IMG activity Configure Process Models for details.

      Regardless what Base Table you choose, you can always do a Break-out in BRFplus, for example using a DB lookup expression.

      The applications to analyze the evaluation results are already based on the product CDS views.

  • Hi Andreas,

    On our S/4 HANA 1909 system, we are trying to  implementing Manage Mass Process - Products and Data Quality Evaluation Process applications.

    We have followed AS-IS steps that are mentioned in the above article. We were successful until step 8 (The status of the process changes to Initializing Process).

    We are unable to proceed further. The status is still showing the Initializing process as shown below.



    Kindly let us know if we are missing any key configurations.

    Thank you,

    Yugesh A


    • Hi Andreas,

      The above issue is sorted out after setting up the workflow. We were able to see the progress.

      In Mass Processing, we are unable to progress as we are unable to see the fields to edit. The status is showing as In Process(Edit), but we are unable to view the Fields to Edit.

      Kindly let me know if I have missed any configuration.


      Thank you,

      Yugesh A




    • Hi Yugesh,

      It seems, that the EDIT step is hanging. Please check the background RFC queues using transaction SBGRFCMON. It seems, that the EDIT step is hanging.

      If there are hanging queues, you can unlock them.

      If the problem persists, you should raise a ticket.


      Best Regards,